Kenny Lattimore Net Worth: How Much Money Does He Own?

Recognized for his romantic, smooth, and pleasing music, Kenny Lattimore has an extraordinary career and has gained quite a fandom. But do you know that Kenny Lattimore net worth is also very impressive? Indeed, it isn’t less than any artist nowadays.

Thus, if you’re wondering how much money Kenny Lattimore owns, today’s post is for you. We’ll also reveal some interesting facts about this excellent vocal so keep reading!  

Kenny Lattimore And His 3-Decade Career

During his three-decade career, Kenny Lattimore has gained lots of fame for his soothing, low-key, and sentimental R&B songs.

The singer/songwriter rose to fame in the mid-’90s thanks to the Kenny Lattimore (1996), a solo album that achieved great success thanks to”Never Too Busy” and “For You,” with For You winning a Grammy award.

His extensive song catalog includes albums like Things That Lovers Do (2003), Timeless (2008), and Anatomy of a Love Song (2015), and also independent-label works like Vulnerable (2017) and Here to Stay (2017). 

Early Stage

Kenny Lattimore’s birthplace and hometown are in Washington, D.C., where this talented grew up with his also very talented siblings (Audrey Lattimore and Trinita Lattimore). 

Before reaching adolescence, he attended talent contests at his junior high school and sang songs spanning from traditional to R&B during his high school years. 

Kenny Lattimore Net Worth: How Much Money Does He Own?

Kenny Lattimore – a talented singer and songwriter. – SoulBounce

Despite his passion for music, he studied architectural design and urban development at local Howard University. Although he wasn’t concentrating on music, he hadn’t decided to give up on it and had entered the singing club Maniquin throughout his first term.

Maniquin debuted with Epic in 1987 and achieved outstanding results 2 years later. This featured productions from Charlie Wilson, Ronnie Wilson, and Charlie Singleton.

Lattimore departed Maniquin over a year of performing worldwide and penned tracks recorded by Glenn Jones and Jon Lucien. He subsequently performed on a recording by Dem Twinzz, which pique the curiosity of famous record companies, but he chose to pursue recognition on his own. Soon later, his single demo resulted in a record deal with Columbia.

“From the Soul of Man” Period

His first album (Kenny Lattimore) is released in 1996, featured a recording by Kenneth and Keith Crouch, Kipper Jones, and Dave Hall, among many artists, and had six pieces co-written by him.

It was a solid performer within the following decade, finally awarded gold by the RIAA, thanks to the success of “Never Too Busy” and “For You.”

Then “From the Soul of Man” got released in 1998. This album features even more unique compositions and a couple of renditions, notably a romantic take of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.”

Lattimore subsequently signed to the Arista company. He recorded Weekend in 2001 before teaming up with his spouse Chanté Moore for the 2003’s success Things That Love, in which the two offered two covers and two new songs.

The 2006 double-CD Uncovered/Covered, co-released by LaFace and Verity, integrated adaptations alongside originals and mixed it between commercial love tracks and modern gospel.

“Back 2 Cool” Comeback

Lattimore reentered the industry as a solo singer on Verve in 2008, releasing the all-covers Timeless. His original materials comprise tracks by Stevie Wonder, the Beatles, Jeff Buckley, and Eddie Floyd.

After a five-year break from the business when he and Moore parted, Lattimore decided to return in 2013 and released the originals-focused Back 2 Cool.

After a low-key launch, he remade it into 2015’s more widely disseminated Anatomy of a Love Song, which included all 10 of its compositions as well as 4 additional compositions.

Following the release of A Kenny Lattimore Christmas for Motown Gospel, he went solo in 2017 with Vulnerable. He, later on, agreed to work with another small company, SoNo, and released Here to Stay in 2021.

Kenny Lattimore Net Worth: How Much Does He Worth?

Kenny Lattimore’s net worth is enormous. He certainly has made quite a fortune in the music biz. 

According to Celebrity Net Worth, he possesses an approximated net worth of roughly $2 million, which includes his riches and private assets. This is more than his ex-wife – Chante Moore net worth of $1.5 million but less than Music Soul Child net worth of $9 million. During his singing career, he has also amassed considerable wealth from many bands and activities.

Kenny Lattimore Net Worth: How Much Does He Worth?

He currently owns $2 million dollars. – Qobuz

His outstanding long-term business as an American singer and composer is his biggest stream of money. In addition, his industrial experience has won him both reputation and recognition.

Kenny Lattimore is currently enjoying a joyful and affluent life thanks to the earnings from his private company. With several enterprises under his title, his net worth and yearly income would undoubtedly climb in the upcoming period.

Kenny Lattimore’s And His Gorgeous Wives

The first wife of Kenny Lattimore is the singer Chant Moore. Their wedding took place in January 2002 in Jamaica before Moore became the mother of their baby boy, Kenny Lattimore Jr., on April 10, 2003. However, this couple confirmed their divorce in July 2011.

Kenny Lattimore’s And His Gorgeous Wives-kenny lattimore net worth

Kenny Lattimore with his ex and current wife. – MadameNoire

And then, on March 8, 2020, Lattimore had his second marriage with the American judge Faith Jenkins.

Wrapping Up

Although Kenny Lattimore net worth is currently a bit behind Blac Youngstar, Yo Gotti, Tory Lanez, or Moneybagg Yo, the property he possesses is still a dreaming fortune for lots of artists. And the good news is that his business will get bigger and bigger, promising an even better net worth for the singer himself!

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