Kayla ‘Are You The One’ And Other Cast From Season 1: What Are They Up To?

It feels like a dream that I was chilling on my couch just this time last year while watching The Circle. 

Headed into 2021, the future of reality TV shows is grimmer than ever due to the impact of COVID-19. Sure, many audiences still got to enjoy their favorite The Bachelor. RuPaul’s Drag Race’s success was a highlight, and Big Brother created quite a hit. Still, season 2 of Love Is Blind was postponed and couldn’t be on-air within this year. Furthermore, we are still not sure whether The Circle season 4 will happen. The well of unscripted shows begins to run dry while all of us are thirsty for more. 

In that situation, many people choose to come back to Are You The One? (AYTO?), which began to stream on Netflix in mid-December 2020. Of course, I’m one of them. This drama-filled series, for all of its possibilities and predictabilities, will always be my favorite. 

Among all, season 1 is the gold standard. The cast members, with a certain level of naivete, were amusing and likable. Since it was the inaugural season, all of them had no idea what they were getting into, which made the whole thing original and exciting. 

Kayla ‘Are You The One’ And Other Cast From Season 1: What Are They Up To?

Are You The One Season 1 Cast – Source: Are You The One? Wiki

One of the most controversial contestants from season 1 was Kayla ‘Are You The One’. On the show, she depicted several signs of mental issues that made people questioned whether AYTO was a safe environment for her. Let’s have a glimpse at the current life of the cast members, including Kayla, to see which couple is still together and how they are doing now. 

Ethan And Amber ‘Are You The One’ 

It is hard for viewers of AYTO not to root for Ethan and Amber. Sure, they did have a few hiccups along the way, with Amber doubting her feelings toward Ethan and Kayla, revealing that Ethan kissed her a few days after the group moved into the house. This caused a lot of drama, but eventually, they fizzled things out, and Amber was right back in Ethan’s arms. Even until now, they are still regarded as “the golden couple”, even “the cutest AYTO couple” by Redditors. 

Ethan And Amber Cut – AYTO Ep 4

Looking at all of their affectionate interactions in AYTO, you might be surprised to know that Amber wasn’t so into him at the beginning. In an interview earlier this year, she revealed that Ethan was “much like her exes” and shrugged him off. Eventually, as the two talked, she “immediately felt like at home”. For the first few days in the house, Amber thought that Ethan was the only one she could relate to among the cast members. From there, their relationship kept growing. 

After the season ended, some fans feared that they might separate at one point because there was no such thing called “magic of reality TV love”, but the couple soon proved them wrong: They didn’t only stay together but also got married and started a family. At the reunion special, Ethan eloquently proposed to Amber, and of course, she was more than glad to say yes! 

The couple got married in the same year. Until now, Ethan and Amber got two kids together. In September 2020, Ethan shared a post on Instagram marking their second anniversary and said that he was looking forward to the next few decades together. Simply put, they are just way too adorable! 

Chris T. And Paige ‘Are You The One’

Despite being paired with Paige as the “perfect match”, Chris T. and Paige didn’t seem to work out since they were in the show. Right from the first few episodes, Chris was quickly drawn to Shanley, and the two became a favorite couple for viewers. Later on, the house separated them by voting for Chris into the truth booth with Paige and sent the two to live together away from the rest. 

At that time, though, Chris insisted that he already had a thing for Shanley, so there was nothing but respect between him and Paige. As Chris and Paige got to know each other, he understood why they were the perfect match, but that wasn’t enough for him. “There was a lot of stuff on paper that made perfect sense”, he said, “and it led to good conversations, but it didn’t feel right for me”. 

After AYTO season 1 ended, he went on to date Shanley, but their relationship did not last long due to distance. Chris revealed on the reunion that while he was taking a break from Shanley, he texted Paige several times, but nothing more. In 2017, Chris married a woman named Jamie and is now a dad of two. He is working as a car dealer and still active on Instagram, @ctolleson. 

Paige Worries About Chris And Shanley

Although Paige didn’t find her soulmate from AYTO, many viewers acknowledged her as a “sweet and kind soul”. Despite knowing that Chris was her perfect match, she still worried about Chris and Shanley. She is now married to Daniel Keats. Paige does not reveal much about herself on social media, but looking at her Facebook and LinkedIn, we know that she is working for GrubHub as an Enterprise Sales. 

Dre And Simone ‘Are You The One’ 

After AYTO season 1, Amber held a live stream on Instagram with some other cast members. It was revealed that Dre and Simone knew each other before the show. Apparently, they went to the same college, but it didn’t make their interaction during and after AYTO more intriguing. In fact, Dre and Simone admitted sleeping with each other when they finished filming, but the two had no intention to pursue a relationship. 

Dre And Simone ‘Are You The One'

Simone ‘Are You The One’ – Source: MTV

Since then, Dre had disappeared from the spotlight and even deleted his Instagram. He does update on Twitter once in a while, though, and we know that this guy is a workaholic. Dre even took part in a theater production in Atlanta. 

Simone Kelly, on the other hand, chose the path of an MTV star. You can see her on three different seasons of The Challenge (Battle Of The Exes II, Rivals III, and Dirty 30. She also pursues her career as a dancer, singer, and composer. In 2017, Simone gave acting a try and played a role in Happy Hour. How versatile this lady is! 

Adam And Shanley ‘Are You The One’

Shanley and Adam were the perfect match, but they didn’t realize each other. Adam was hooked up with Brittany, while as mentioned, Shanley was head-over-heel with Chris. 

In 2015, Adam came back to MTV as a contestant in Battle Of The Exes, where he once again met Brittany. The two were sent home in episode 7. Later on, he once again partnered with Shanley in ‘Are You The One: Second Chance’, but there was still no luck. He now resides in Austin, Texas, and seems to be doing well. Adam stopped updating his Instagram since 2019, but he still posts a story update once in a while. 

As for Shanley, after the breakup with Chris, she is now in a relationship with Cameron Porras. She told In Touch Weekly that she is enjoying her best life. Looks like Shanley pursues her career as an influencer, too, considering her 200k followers on Instagram. 

Adam And Shanley

Even though there was no romantic spark between Adam and Shanley, the matchmaker had a point with this pair because they established a strong friendship. According to Shanley, the two are now besties and still chat at least once a week. 

Ryan And Jessica ‘Are You The One’

Well, this is another unlucky couple. Even though Ryan and Jessia were a perfect match, neither of them realized each other. Ryan’s main relationship throughout the show was with Kayla, while Jessica was involved with two guys, Anthony Bartolotte and Layton Jones. She even went to the truth booth with Brandon Tindel for, of course, nothing. 

Ryan And Jessica ‘Are You The One'

Ryan ‘Are You The One’ – Source: The Nikkisin

After the two found out that they were the “perfect match”, Ryan and Jessica didn’t pursue a romantic relationship. Ryan might not find his soulmate, but he found the path he wanted to walk, which is being on TV. As he left Are You The One, Ryan hosted Game Of Thrones’ post-show discussion on AfterBuzz TV. Furthermore, he also starred in Netflix’s Really High, My Dead Ex, and The Wedding Year, which was released in 2019. His career as an actor has just begun, but this young man has a lot of potentials. 

Jessica got married and is now a mother of two kids, which she is very proud of. Interestingly, she and her husband dated each other even before Are You The One took place. The two rekindled their relationship shortly after and eventually realized that they could not live without each other. As shown on her LinkedIn profile, Jessica is working as a Sales Specialist. 

Chris Scali And Jacy ‘Are You The One’ 

Despite his perfect match being Jacy, Chris Scali spent most of his time with Paige. This created quite some controversies on the internet after Chris said that he was just playing games with Paige. As he found out that Jacy was his perfect match, the two attempted to start a relationship, but it ultimately failed. 

Scali & Jacy Moment

After the show, Chris Scali returned to Brooklyn. New York. He worked as a hotel concierge for a while but soon started a business of his own. Now, Chris is the founder & CEO of the WOMME app, standing for Words Of Mouth Me. He is still active on Instagram and Twitter, but only to promote his growing business. 

Meanwhile, it is unknown where Jacy resides now since she’s been moving from place to place: Florida, Puerto Rico, and then New York. One thing we know is that she still looks gorgeous with her Kardashian-esque curves. 

Dillan And Coleysia ‘Are You The One’ 

Dillan and Coleysia were one of the fan-favorite couples. Not only did they suit each other, but they were also the perfect match, which the two found out in week 5. During the show, Dillon confessed that his newfound conviction in Christianity had prompted him to live a life of celibacy prior to being married. Fortunately, Coleysia agreed with this statement. That’s why during their “Honeymoon Suite” episode, Dillan and Coleysia spent most of their time having deep conversations and watching television. That helped them become a fan-favorite, as the two share the same belief. 

Dillan And Coleysia ‘Are You The One'

Dillan And Coleysia – Source: The Cinemaholic

Unfortunately, fans were disappointed that their relationship didn’t work out in the long run. After Are You The One, both Dillan and Coleysia didn’t reveal much about their private life. It is still unclear what the reason for their breakup was. 

As seen on his Instagram profile, Dillan is now well-known as a Barry’s Boot Camp instructor and Prevail Boxing trainer in LA. It took him a lot of time and effort, but he eventually became the co-owner and COO of the exercise app UTrain. Interestingly, Dillan also kickstarts his acting career with a role in Brunch So Hard. 

Coleysia’s earlier aspiration of working for NASA has been put on hold. In Alabama, she worked as a business analyst for a logic and supply chain company. She has also established herself as a social media influencer and a businesswoman. Having just given birth to a lovely child, Coleysia proudly claimed to be a “single mama.”

Wes And Kayla ‘Are You The One’ 

By the time Kayla ‘Are You The One’ joined the show, she was dealing with several mental problems due to her previous relationship. When Wes Buckles was crowned the winner of the “Bringing Sexty Back” challenge, he asked her on a date. From then on, the two remained a match until the final episode of “Truth Booth”. Fans saw an attractive couple with complementary personality traits and qualities: Wes was bright, positive, and always caring, while Kayla was a sentimental Southern Belle who needed someone to cheer her up and help her join the fun.

Wes And Kayla ‘Are You The One'

Wes And Kayla ‘Are You The One’ – Source: Hotty Toddy News

Unfortunately, during her time in the show, Kayla had her eyes set on another housemate: Ryan. To make things more awkward, the one she had a crush on was matched with Jessica. 

In the end, things didn’t work out for Ryan and Kayla. Some fans still had hopes that perhaps she would come back to Wes, but that didn’t happen as well. Kayla even further hurt Wes by saying that she “smashed” Ryan multiple times as she visited his home after filming. At least they still remained in an amicable term, despite every awkward moment that occurred. 

Since 2018, Wes has been working as a pharmaceutical representative. As seen on his Instagram, he remains the happy-go-lucky we all loved. Kayla, on the other hand, disappeared from social media after the wedding with football player Brock Bertucci. Currently, she is the lead marketing professional at Children’s Hospital of New Orleans in New Orleans, Louisiana. Seems like Kayla finally found the happiness of her life. 

A Final Thought

That’s it, everything you need to know about the life of Kayla ‘Are You The One’ and other cast members as they walked out of the show! Don’t forget that the first two seasons of AYTO are now streaming on Netflix, so you can binge-watch them whenever you miss the drama. 

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