Kate Chastain’s Net Worth: How Is The Reality Star After Leaving Below Deck?

If you’re a long-time fan of Below Deck, you know the beautiful Kate Chastain. She has been a member of the show since Season 2 and played a significant role in its success. In return, Kate Chastain’s net worth benefited greatly from the show. Thus, her decision to leave made some of us truly shocked. 

Keep reading if you want to know how much she earned and why she left Below Deck (even with such a good payment).

Who Is Kate Chastain?

Kate Chastain is a reality TV sensation and stewardess born and raised in the United States. This beautiful star is widely recognized for her role in the Bravo reality television show Below Deck, which she joined in 2013. Besides, Kate has also appeared as a cameo in Watch What Happens: Live.

Kate Chastain is the famous reality TV sensation who starred in Below Deck.
Kate Chastain is the famous reality TV sensation who starred in Below Deck. – Bravo TV

At the age of 24, she began her career in the yacht business as a laundry lady and ultimately rose to the position of the head stewardess. After gaining recognition from the show, Kate Chastain has also gained over 125,000 fans on Instagram, offering her a few advertising deals and campaigns.

Kate Chastain Basic Information

Real NameKate Chastain
D.o.B19 July 1983
Age37 Years
BirthplaceMelbourne Beach, Florida, US
HometownSacramento, California, United States
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Height 5′ 4”
Weight  56 kg
Dress size6(US)
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlonde

Kate Chastain’s Net Worth: How Much Does She Earn?

Kate Chastain lives a glamorous and lavish lifestyle. Her fortune is currently estimated to be about $500,000, the same as her coworker’s, Hannah Ferrier net worth

Most of her money is the result of her being on Below Deck. As a head stewardess, she makes around $75,000 annually. Furthermore, the revenue from her book and business ventures also contributes to her incredible total wealth.

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Kate Chastain And Her Domestic Violence Charge

Many celebs have publicly talked about their sexual preference. And so did Kate Chastain. 

In front of all the cameras, Kate once revealed that she is bisexual. The television personality has been caught in relationships with both sexes ever since. However, do you know that one of her past girlfriends has really gotten the star arrested?

According to PEOPLE Magazine, Kate and her ex-girlfriend, Rocio Hernandez, were not getting along. Moreover, it’s no surprise that Chastain knows how to have fun, and obviously, drinks and anger don’t end well.

Kate Chastain and her then-lover, Rocio Hernandez
Kate Chastain and her then-lover, Rocio Hernandez – Reality Tea

Thus, she ended up being convicted on suspicion of physical violence. After Chastain and Rocio returned home from a nasty bar night party, this event occurred.

Rocio stated that Kate threatened to change the keys and throw her out of their apartment. Yet, when she refused to do it, the event escalated into violence. Kate reportedly nipped her forearms, inner biceps, and knees while sitting atop of her – a strange fight in any means.

Rocio also charged her with pushing her and strangled her till she choked. On the other hand, Kate wrote on Twitter about the unfortunate circumstance. In her tweet, she thanked all the people that believed in her through the terrible and embarrassing time, adding that the truth would prevail, and she looked forward to reclaiming her peaceful life.

The situation then quieted down and was forgotten as the court lowered her charge to a violation. In a 2018’s interview with PEOPLE Magazine, she also claimed that she had stopped all the contacts with her ex Rocio and would zip her mouth regarding her personal dating life.

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Kate Chastain Left The Show: Will She Ever Come Back? 

Captain Lee was taken aback when his long-time head stewardess Kate Chastain announced her decision not to be back on Below Deck Season 8. Kate had been working for Captain Lee since the second season and had performed an excellent job. She contributed to the success of all the previous seasons.

However, it appears that she is fed up with her current position as a head stewardess and chose to explore different interests. She ultimately left the show and embarked on a career change on land.

The famous Kate Chastain began serving on yachts years before the show exposing the lives of contract yacht personnel premiering. While on the show, she had also tried authoring a book regarding her yachting journey, Lucky Charming, which she ultimately completed and released in 2016.

Kate, of course, treasured a few of her stays and moments on the show and found her beloved staff to work alongside (notably Kat from Below Deck). Yet, for now, she has different goals she wants to accomplish, so she retired from work on the oceans. 

Kate and her bestie coworker, Kat Held. - kate chastain's net worth
Kate and her bestie coworker, Kat Held. – Bravo TV

She announced on Instagram that she would be quitting the show, mentioning in the same post that one of the reasons she left the program was to break free from financial dependence. The star also shared that the only thing that might change her mind was a huge paycheck.

So, what is Kate Chastain up to these days? 

After Season 7 finished, Kate left Florida for New York and launched Unapologetically Kate Chastain, a SiriusXM weekly program. In addition to her radio program, she is also running her show-making business named Remotely Possible Productions, according to TV Shows Ace.

She also owns and operates the Genesis Boutique, a non-profit secondhand shop in Florida that contributes directly to Genesis House, a shelter for homeless women and kids. 

Wrapping Up

Indeed, the famous show Below Deck has helped with Kate Chastain’s net worth. Yet, apparently, she has made enough money to start pursuing her dreams and business. Although Below Deck’s fans miss the girl a lot and want her back on the show, all we can do is hope for the star to achieve her dreams.

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