Top 14 Powerful Jobs That Are Creative With Appealing Income

You indulge in dynamism and innovation. You aspire to be a marketing director or user experience designer with a diverse set of skills and chances for imagination. Oh, and those are just two of the 14 jobs that are creative for you. Maybe after reading this post of Jobandedu, you will try a new role at once. Let’s rejuvenate yourself with a profession you adore. 

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User Experience (Ux) Director – One Of The Highest-Paid Creative Jobs

Top 14 Jobs That Are Creative With Appealing Income 2021
You may wonder whether the position of user experience (Ux) director is your target? Source:

UX directors will often be responsible for monitoring user interface and software resources for an enterprise. As usual, they evaluate user experience research to boost the products’ quality or create a better software application.

A user experience director has to maintain customer satisfaction and brand loyalty by making the user experience positive.

In fact, A UX Director’s annual midpoint salary is estimated at $ 130,500. This is a high-paying job that many people are aiming for, and it will also provide an innovative and experienced working environment with cutting-edge technology.

What Makes an Effective UX Leader?

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Creative Director

What about the role of the creative directors? What exactly do they do? The creative director is responsible for ensuring the projects’ quality in the creative department. They will oversee each project’s production from beginning to end, all marketing and promotional documents. The creative directors also ensure that visual communication standards are met across various media platforms.

You will need some qualifications and at least five years of experience to be a creative director. Besides that, you might have strong creativity with a specific aim aligned with the company’s marketing vision and strategy. Writing skills, copywriting skills, and excellent design background will be appreciated by most employers.

You could earn more than $ 117,000 if you have at least five years of experience(average annual salary of creative directors). To achieve a high pay rate, you have to get on well with various project teams and other relevant departments. Having strong IT knowledge and being skilled at developing top-level strategies and solutions play a vital role in your daily work.

Creative Director
What about the role of Creative Director? Source:

Demand Generation Manager

Demand generation managers have to develop programs for email marketing or digital ads to improve product revenues and boost sales opportunities.

To increase revenues, you need a deep understanding of consumers’, buyer’s needs, and products’ benefits. It would be best if you also collaborated with managers and other departments effectively.

The average annual salary for professionals in this industry is $ 89,250. Most enterprises would prefer candidates with a bachelor’s degree in media, marketing, advertising, business administration, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software experience, and a minimum of three years of experience in marketing.

Marketing Director

Marketing Director
They could earn a midpoint salary $ 109,000 per year. Source:

Marketing directors will be in charge of their company’s entire advertisement and marketing campaigns. What’s more, they have to set up annual marketing plans, schedule activities, budget plans, and analyze markets and competitors. A marketing director may work for various organizations, including private businesses, government agencies, and non-profit NGOs (non-governmental organizations).

What’s more, good communication skills, marketing, design, and business knowledge are required for this role, and an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree is a big plus. A director could earn a midpoint salary of $ 109,000 per year.

Front-end Web Developer

Front-end Web Developer
Front-end web developers – who are they? Source:

Front-end web developers help bring web design and UX ideas to life, making them vital in digital design and marketing. These experts will code for mobile- and web-based apps to develop an appealing and efficient online experience for users. They also need to understand the entire website development process, from design to development and implementation.

Besides, these experts should be wizards in coding programs, like CSS, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, and experience with content management and software programming systems, like Adobe Creative Suite. In reality, these web developers can get a midpoint salary of $ 88,000.

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Advertising Account Director

The average annual salary for an advertising account director is $ 103,000, which is a fantastic deal! So, what are their responsibilities and duties? They are frequently responsible for managing several accounts within a single advertising agency and ensuring that the quality of advertising demanded by customers is met. They must also keep track and ensure that the advertisement accounts they monitor are profitable.

A successful advertising account director needs creativity, entrepreneurship, inspiration transferring, leadership, and problem-solving skills. Candidates applying for the position of director must have a bachelor’s degree and at least seven years of experience in the advertising or marketing industry.

Public Relations (PR) Director

Public Relations (PR) Director
PR directors will collaborate closely with executive managers – Jobs That Are Creative. Source: mediabistro

They are in charge of corporate public relations and conventional operations. PR directors will collaborate closely with executive managers to develop overall public relations plans and policies, guide public relations committees and monitor budget expenditures to ensure award-winning solutions and programs are implemented as planned.

Furthermore, since they must actively develop and maintain relationships with media practitioners, media professionals, press, key opinion leaders (KOLs), influencers, and celebrities, public relations managers must have outstanding oral and written communication skills.

To promote the company’s brands, products, and services, they must also plan activities and hold interviews for internal and external publications. Since this work is directly linked to and has a significant impact on the brand, PR directors need to value their reputation and the company’s image.

Overall, with a midpoint salary of about $ 98,000 and promising career prospects, the Public Relations (PR) Director is such an appealing position! A PR director needs to have a bachelor’s degree in journalism or relevant majors and at least seven years of public relations or advertising experience.

User Experience (Ux) Designer

User Experience (Ux) Designer - Jobs That Are Creative
An entry-level User Experience (Ux) Designer will earn up to $ 98,250 on average annually. Source:

Design and technology are two fields that are rapidly expanding and highly competitive. With the advancement of 4.0 technology and the current global networking pattern, the demand for user experience (Ux) designers is on the rise. An entry-level user experience (Ux) designer will earn up to $ 98,250 on average annually.

Ux designers need to navigate a product or website for customers and create the best user experience. Imagination, technical skills, and problem-solving abilities are essential for designers to be more competent in their careers.

Their key responsibilities include overseeing, monitoring, and executing the entire design process (from research, concept creation, development to implementation, prototyping, and evaluation). To complete a significant amount of duties, they will work closely with customer support, sales, design, and technical teams.

A solid understanding of design concepts and wireframing tools like InVision, Sketch, Axure RP, and Balsamiq is compulsory for a user experience (Ux) designer.

Marketing Analytics Manager

These experts convert analytics into important data reports that are mainly used to support the marketing team’s business strategies and objectives. To incorporate analytical solutions, they must also define a company’s data sources and metrics.

Marketing analytics managers must have expertise in both reporting and data collection and knowledge of CRM software, and a background in market research to do their jobs well.

The majority of candidates in this position must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, mathematics, or a similar field. A marketing analytics manager’s average annual salary is also very high, at $ 97,000.

Interactive Art Director

Interactive Art Director - Jobs That Are Creative
This is a job that encompasses design and execution – Jobs That Are Creative. Source:

The Director of Interactive Art takes a leading role in the research, development and launch of new web-based products and services to market and promote their company and provide branding solutions. In larger companies, they will oversee the Graphic Design staff and collaborate with Web Developers on a wide range of interactive properties. Moreover, they will develop and design websites, mobile apps, and social widgets and are likely to work with Product Managers, Marketers, and Digital Strategists.

They need a deep understanding of concept development, scripting, copywriting, and cross-platform work with various presentation devices. Moreover, knowledge of IT, SEO, online design, ActionScript, Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.), and some coding languages are essential to use in work. The interactive Art Director’s midpoint annual salary is $ 92,500.

Brand/Product Manager

Brand/Product Manager - Jobs That Are Creative
A brand manager specializes in strategic branding and program promotion. Source: nextinymarketing

The brand/product managers specialize in strategic branding and program promotion for a product or service for corporations and enterprises. Their tasks are establishing and implementing marketing, advertising strategies and monitoring and protecting brands’ copyrights.

They also conduct market analysis to forecast the level of competition. These innovative experts will be in charge of a product’s branding strategy and programmatic marketing and translate customer attitudes into new branding directions.

Brand managers coordinate pricing, sales, inventory supply, and product growth to achieve strategic goals. The ability to write well, handle relationships, and tell stories are essential for this role. Many brand managers have earned a bachelor’s degree in communications, marketing, or business administration. A brand manager’s median salary is $ 90,500.

Art Director

They are the creative department’s leading experts in terms of artistic creation, and their work is directly linked to the advertisement and promotion of public print, electronic, and radio publications.

They’ll also supervise the work of photographers, graphic designers, development artists. Moreover, they have to work with illustrators and partner with copywriters and advertising/marketing departments to come up with a series of ad translation strategies.

With five to eight years of design experience and knowledge of creative software like Adobe Creative Suite, an art director can receive an average annual salary of up to $86,000.

User Experience (Ux) Researcher

A UX researcher is created by combining the skills of a marketer, sociologist, and anthropologist. These creatives look for what motivates clients to purchase a product and how they use it in order to assist market researchers. They’re in charge of planning, conducting, designing, and analyzing usability testing and user design.

To analyze data and collaborate with users to collect the data, user experience researchers must have outstanding analytical and communication skills. Also, to inform and perform their research, create recommendations, and control outcomes, they will need experience with various research methods and tools and a thorough understanding of the market. UX researchers make an average of $89,000 a year.

Mobile Designer

Mobile Designer - Jobs That Are Creative
Their annual salaries are also very high, totalling $ 86,500- Jobs That Are Creative. Source: miro.medium

There are many types of creative jobs, and the final one we will discuss now is the mobile designer. This role is another work that needs skills to improve engaging, interactive experiences on mobile devices. Their annual salaries are also very high, totalling $ 86,500.

In reality, designers for the web and mobile platforms must be well-versed in the development and graphics elements of HTML5, iOS, and Android.

Most employers will prefer applicants who have a degree in interaction design, graphic design, interactive design, and programming, UX, and responsive design skills.

Sum Up – Top 10 Jobs That Are Creative

‘’Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That’s because they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things. And the reason they were able to do that was that they’ve had more experiences or they have thought more about their experiences than other people.” – said Alfred Adler. 

All in all, go to new roles to improve your reputation if you are confident in your skills and have a creative mind. We’ve just mentioned all 14 jobs that are creative with the highest-paid income you can’t skip in 2021 above. I sincerely hope that these few words will assist you in taking a better move forward in your future career.


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