The Brief Guide On Job Application Email Subject

According to Forbes, about 80% of the job offers are not posted online because most companies still rely on word of mouth and reference. Therefore, a cold emailing application can work as a great way to get a job even when it is not online. However, it is essential to choose what to put as the job application email subject.

Job Application For Current Available Positions

Before getting to the cold email application, let’s review the basics of the traditional job applications.

How To Check Available Positions?

Typically, companies will list and update the job vacancies on their official websites. If you have checked out their website and found no available job vacancies, try to search on other job posting sites. Companies can use well-known job posting sites to reach a larger pool of prospective employees. 

The postings often include detailed requirements and direct contacts of the human resource department. Therefore, applicants can apply directly by sending their resumes and cover letter to proceed. Be careful about the application deadline to ensure your application will be legit and the company will process it. 

The Brief Guide On Job Application Email Subject
You can search for available jobs on social media. Image: jobstreet

What To Send When Applying For A Position?

A standard job application would require both a truthful and tailored resume and a cover letter. For example, if you have multiple previous roles working in different fields, you need to highlight only relevant ones. State the critical details of your responsibilities and the skills you have accumulated at similar positions to the one you are applying for. This shows your employers that you can perform effectively as an employee.

Moreover, your cover letter should be addressed correctly to the company. There is a risk in reusing cover letters because you might miss out on information from the previous application. Hence, send a tailor-made cover letter in which you are specific about how you will be an asset to the company and why you want to work there. Writing the cover letter is also an excellent way to rehearse these reasons to use them in the upcoming interviews.

What To Include In A Job Inquiry Email Subject?

Your email subject should be crystal clear and precise. Pay extra attention when you are writing your email subject because a typo in the subject will tell the recruiters that you pay no attention to details. And that is not a good way to start your job application process.

What To Include In A Job Inquiry Email Subject?
It’s advisory to tailor your job inquiry subject line. Image: federaljobs

The three ways to write your email subject are:

  • Mention the job ID and include the position title: Some companies identify their job openings by an ID number. The ID number consists of the position’s requirements, agreement terms, and conditions. Imagine you are applying for an entry-level social media job. In this case, your email subject can be “Social Media Assistant, ID# 155823 + John Hobbs”.
  • If there is a professional credential, make it clear: This way of writing an email subject is most appropriate for occupations where applicants need specialized training and qualifications. For instance, nurses or accountants will have specific professional credentials which indicate their occupational training and expertise. Therefore, a nurse applying for a job can use the email subject “Nurse Case Manager I – Nancy Luther, RN (Registered Nurse)”.
  • Use important keywords to describe the position: The email subject needs your name and the position for which you are applying. Marking it as “Job Application” or “Job Candidate” at the beginning of the subject line can help a lot. Therefore, the final subject line for the designer position will read, “Job Application: Peter Howard – Junior UX Designer”. The email receiver will immediately get the crucial details and know what to do next with it.

The Basics Of Cold Emailing Application.

The Basics Of Cold Emailing Application.
Do your research thoroughly to find all leads available – job application email subject. Image: scoir

What Is Cold Emailing?

Cold emailing application is the act of reaching out to the company you love, which may not list any job vacancies at the moment. To enhance your chance of winning a job, you should have direct contact with someone working in the company who actually can help you with the application process. Let’s call this person “the contact”.

“The contact” might be a connection of yours on LinkedIn or a mutual friend in your network. Once you have the correct information of “the contact”, send them a short but tailored email with your application. Remember that you should mention how you have got their contact details and why you are cold-emailing them. You should explain your interest in the company and particularly your field of expertise.  

How To Draft Your Cold Email?

When you cold email someone, you should put in work to research thoroughly about their organization and the role you like to fill. One way to get them to respond to your email is by showing them how much you care about the job at the company. Without vigorous research and a spot-on subject line, you are not getting a very positive outcome out of this job application.

Specifically, your cold email needs to be short and well-tailored to the position of your interest. Instead of a full-page cover letter, be mindful of the receiver’s time and send them a brief but carefully written message. The more you tailor your email, the more genuine and passionate you will appear. Remember to state your contact and also your resume as an attachment to the email. It is advisory to make it very simple for your receivers to forward the email to the responsible parties.

Tips To Write The Perfect Cold Emailing Subject Line

Truth be told: cold emailing is so much more complicated than the traditional job application process. Hence, to successfully cold email, you need to pay attention to your cold emailing subject line. 

Now imagine that you are connected to a person on LinkedIn working in the company of your interest. You have his/her email address and drop him/her an email. Your subject line should mention his/her name and what you know about his/her LinkedIn profile. For example, you can write: “Mr. Mathew, I am humbled to see your career advancement throughout years at ABC Intel.” It has been shown that mentioning the recipient’s name in the subject line can increase your open rate by 22.2%.

If a friend of yours knows someone working in the company and gives you the person’s contact details, you can draft a cold email whose subject lines mentioned your friend’s name. It could be something like, “Mr. Mathew, Jessica Connor recommended I contact you.” This subject line implies that you have emailed Jessica, explaining how you are interested in working in this company. And that’s how Jessica gave you the contact of Mr. Mathew, hoping that he would be able to help.

Tips To Write The Perfect Cold Emailing Subject Line
People will care more if their name appear on a cold email – job application email subject. Image: digitaltrends
However, if you really can not find a connection with the receiver, try not to use their name too abruptly.

Some people are concerned with personal information leakage, and your cold email could trigger that feeling. In such cases, your chance of successfully applying for the job can plunge as a result. Therefore, avoid including the recipient’s name in your cold email subject line unless you are connected, or a third person introduces you to him/her. 

A common issue with cold emails is that people may think of it as spam and never really read it.

Try to put specific details in the subject line to prove your email is not spam. These details can be about a project the company is launching, and you would like to be enlisted. You can also mention the department that fits your expertise and experience.

The Final Thought Of Job Application Email Subject

Either you are applying the traditional way or cold-emailing your resume to the employer, the job application email subject is a decisive factor. A concise email subject with enough information will attract receivers’ attention and not get lost in spam. The good news for you from Woodpecker is that personalizing your emails can double your reply rate. Hence, instead of feeling anxious about the cold emailing applications, you need to customize them as best you can. Your passion and genuineness will speak for you.

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