Is Psychology A Good Major: Benefits Of Obtaining A Psychology Degree

Is psychology a good major?

Psychology is one of the most lucrative medical professions to get into. There are myriad career paths for you to take if you decide to get a degree in psychology, especially if you achieve a high-level degree like a master’s or a PhD. If you are seriously considering getting a degree in psychology, then you need to take a little time to research first, just so that you can figure out which direction you will take your career in.

This post on Jobandedu will tell you about the different career paths and benefits of obtaining a psychology degree.

Career Paths And Benefits Of Obtaining A Psychology Degree
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Types of Psychology Degrees

If you are going to university to get a psychology degree, you probably already know that there are a few different types of degrees you can get. Undergraduate degrees are the most basic kind. After acquiring one’s undergraduate degree, the next step is a master’s degree and then a PhD. If you want the best shot possible at getting high-level jobs, you should pursue your PhD. Many people pursue their PhD whilst simultaneously working for a company in psychology.

Benefits of a Psychology Degree

A psychology degree is very prestigious. One of the main benefits of having one is that you will never be short on work, especially since so many people in the public sphere are emphasising the importance of good mental health today. The prestige of a psychology degree will help you to find work in a variety of different industries. It’s worth noting that it’s actually possible to get a job with your psychology degree in the entertainment sector since there are a lot of television shows hosted by mental health professionals. A psychology degree will give you lots of options.

Creating Your Resume

When it comes to applying for jobs, you need to create a resume that’s high-quality and showcases all of your talents, skills, and most importantly, your degrees. According to the employment experts from Solutions Driven, companies use hiring processes supported by data and intelligence. Put simply, this means that companies use things like artificial intelligence to find candidates that are suitable for roles in their company. If you create an easy-to-understand and concise resume, then it will be easier for large companies to find you, when they are using automation and artificial intelligence software and programs.

Creating Your Resume
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Different Career Paths You Can Take

Clinical Psychologist

With a psychology degree, you can work as a clinical psychologist. A clinical psychologist is an individual who works with people suffering from mental health problems. A clinical psychologist’s purpose is to reduce their patients’ psychological distress and improve their sense of well-being. Working as a clinical psychologist can be very lucrative since they tend to charge much money per hour. You can work independently as a clinical psychologist, or you can work with a professional company or mental health service.

Prison Chaplain

If you are a person that’s religious or are ordained as a priest, imam, or rabbi, then you will be able to get a job as a prison chaplain. It is usually a requirement for prison chaplains to have psychology degrees or at least some kind of understanding of psychology so that they can properly interact with and understand the issues of prisoners. You should be aware that working as a prison chaplain does come with some risks. It’s not uncommon for chaplains to have to break up and prevent fights between prisoners, which can be very dangerous depending on the mental state of the prisoners involved.

Military Psychologist

It’s not uncommon for soldiers to experience PTSD and other mental health conditions as a consequence of the things that they have seen in combat. Unfortunately, PTSD in soldiers has gone ignored for a very long time. The military is now realising the detriment of PTSD and other mental health conditions on soldiers, and because of that, military psychologists are becoming a lot more common. If working in a military setting interests you, then you could get a job working with soldiers and helping them overcome their problems. Also, high income is one of the reasons why many get involved in military career.

School Mental Health Counsellor

Children and teenagers, like adults, can suffer from mental health problems. Working as a mental health counsellor for schoolchildren can be very rewarding because you can help young people to build and develop strategies that will help them to deal with their mental health issues for the rest of their life. If you intend to work in the education sector as a mental health counsellor, you can also work with teachers. It’s more common for mental health counsellors to work with teachers in large universities than in colleges or elementary schools.

Psychology thus becomes a demanding industry. Nowadays, the number of people having stress at work is increasing at an alarming rate, leaving severe mental-health issues with common questions like: “May your boss make you feel incompetent and make you downbeat?” 

Forensic Psychologist

Forensic psychologists work with law enforcement agencies to help them develop criminal profiles. Forensic psychologists create these profiles based on common psychological traits. A forensic psychologist’s main job is to study criminals and understand why they behave the way they do. Psychologists in general and forensic psychologists, in particular, earn a lot of money because their jobs are very intense.

You can get a job as a forensic psychologist with more or less any and all law enforcement agencies, though the FBI and CIA pay the most. Studying the theory of forensic psychology at a university is also possible, rather than working with law enforcement agencies and aiding in the capture and arrest of criminals.

Life Coach

There you have our valid career advice – the answer to “is psychology a good major?” and benefits of obtaining a psychology degree. A life coach is an individual who works with people and helps them to achieve their goals. If you are a person who likes to help others and wants to help people achieve their dreams, you may want to consider working as a life coach. One of the main advantages of working as a life coach is that you can work freelance, which means that you don’t have fixed hours and can work when you want to. You can also choose how much you charge.

A psychology degree is something that’s definitely worth obtaining if you want to have lots of different career paths to choose from. All of the career paths outlined here pay very well, which is even more of a reason why you should pursue a degree in psychology.

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