“If You Were an Animal, What Would You Be” – How to Answer

If you’ve been to a lot of interviews, you’re probably used to hearing the same questions asked over and over again. On a lovely day, though, you could be asked this interesting question: ‘If you were an animal, what would you be?’ is an interview question that possibly throws people off. It may surprise you to hear that question, yet it is more often than you may expect. And in this article, we’ll be discussing how to answer this question.

Why Do Interviewers Ask This Question

The ultimate goal of the question “what animal would you be?” is to see how well you know your personality and explain why your traits make you a good fit for the job you’re applying for.

While many candidates go off track by thinking, ‘What animal do I look like?’, the essential is to give out an accurate depiction of your genuine nature and respond appropriately.

Why Do Interviewers Ask This Question
Most Common Job Interview – Source: www.inc.com

Let’s take a deeper look at some of the key characteristics that this inquiry might disclose about a candidate.

Internal Reflection

Self-awareness is a highly valued capability for the job. Emotional maturity is demonstrated by your capacity to judge and reflect on your own character.

Emotional maturity is necessary for forming cohesive teams and fostering mutual respect among coworkers. Reflecting on your character demonstrates that you are aware of both your strengths and flaws to develop yourself to fit other team members.

Creative Potential

The question, ’If you were an animal, what would you be?’ is frequently used to separate candidates from the pack.

Stop memorizing things you memorized at home. This question is a fantastic chance to show off your creative abilities and think outside the box.

Interviewers are searching for applicants that have a creative spark and provide unique responses that set them apart from the pack. Consider how you can make the interviewer grin and allow your imagination to go wild with an answer that grabs their attention.

Technical Comprehension

One of the major reasons interviewers ask this question is to determine how well you understand the role and duties of the position. While it’s simple to relate your personal character to that of an animal, the winning responses will go a step further by matching the role’s unique needs.

If you’ll be working in a huge group, use the example of the ant’s capability, which has been compared to that of the hardest workers on the planet. Moreover, in order to collect such a large amount of food, they must use their collective strength in coordination.

If your job requires you to travel alone to meet important leads, try to think of a response that compares squirrels to top commanders because of their impressive and daring tactics with powerful tricks to survive. They adapt well to their surroundings and never go hungry because their nests are always full of food.

On-The-Spot Agility

 Interviewers frequently ask curveball questions to catch you off guard and watch how you perform under pressure. And this intriguing question may make you anxious and cause you to stutter in front of them. Therefore you must prepare a list well and customize your response to demonstrate that you can think fast and react to high-pressure situations.

You should avoid a robotic response that ruins the natural flow of your discussion. It’s necessary to prepare different scenarios. The interviewers can pose the question in a way that makes specific answers more relevant than others.

Personal Qualities

In the end, this question is meant to indicate how you see yourself as a person.

While interviews may get a little tense when it comes to the job details, many employers will ask, “If you were an animal what would you be” as a conversation starter to lighten the mood and reveal your genuine nature.

How To Answer The Question ‘If You Were an Animal, What Would You Be’

Below is a collection of some of the most interesting animals in interviews. And what traits they have that can help you with ‘If I were an animal what would I be?’, as well as why you chose that animal. It’s worth noting that if you reply to the interview question with an animal, the interviewer will almost certainly ask, ‘Why did you come up with that animal?’ As a result, make sure you have your follow-up answer ready as well.

"If You Were an Animal, What Would You Be" - How to Answer
Answer tough questions in the interview – Source: nipponlinkvn.com

Sample Answers with Possible Scenarios


“I’d be a dog because I enjoy being in the company of others. I’m happiest when I get to interact with others, and I like helping those around me, much like a dog.”

Although a dog is one of the most popular responses to this question, it may be a meaningful answer for virtually any work position, and it’s a good fallback if you can’t think of anything else right now. Most people consider dogs to be man’s best friend. Therefore, if you can relate a dog to the traits required for the job, you can’t go wrong with this response.


“I’d be a dolphin because I enjoy interacting with others and working as part of a group.”

Dolphin is a very clever creature that gets along well with others. A dolphin is another common answer to this topic, and it’s particularly effective when applying for a career that requires a lot of teamwork. If you’re looking for a leadership position, it might not be the most relevant answer.


“I’d be an elephant since they’re powerful and charismatic leaders. Elephants like to stay in small groups, yet they are fiercely devoted to individuals in their vicinity.”

Although an elephant may not appear to be the most elegant creature, it possesses several outstanding characteristics. Elephants are a wonderful choice since they are powerful and calm animals. Elephants are naturally polite to members of their own herd as well as other herds. They’re regarded as an exceptionally intelligent animal that has been documented displaying sophisticated problem-solving skills as well as empathy, grieving, and self-awareness (Scientific American).  


“I’d be a horse since I’m focused and can work solo or in a group.”

Horses are graceful creatures and adopting one as your spirit animal is a fantastic way to demonstrate that you are hard-working. Horses can work well on their own or in a group. Suppose you’re interviewing for a position that involves working independently. In that case, this response is a fantastic approach to demonstrate that you’re adaptable and capable of completing tasks in various settings.


“I’d be an octopus if I were an animal since I’m clever and innovative.” Because intelligence is one of my strengths, I’m akin to an octopus.”

The octopus is clever, so it’s a perfect pick if you want to emphasize your intelligence. This response is helpful for a position that requires creativity and attention to detail. If you’re looking for a position as a software engineer, for example, picking an octopus will make you appear to be a good match.


“I would be a Giraffe if I could be any animal because I am very peaceful and controlled, and I have amazing vision. Not only am I honest, but I’m also kind and self-sufficient.”

We all know giraffes are animals with great height and can see things far off in the distance, symbolizing remarkable foresight. They also possess skills that make them observant creatures and analyze how all the teammates contribute to a project. Apart from being vigilant, they are gentle, patient, calm, and composed animals.  They have an outstanding work ethic when they reach great heights without harming others. They also know how to handle social relationships and duties.

Tallest Giraffe Named by Guinness World Records – Source: engoo.com.vn


“I would be a monkey if I could be any animal since monkeys are clever and good problem solvers.”

A monkey may appear to be an odd animal to compare oneself to, yet they have many desirable traits for someone seeking a position that demands collaboration and ingenuity. The monkey is an example of an animal in which the good traits outweigh the bad ones.


 “I’d be a beaver because I’m a hard worker who is always committed to accomplishing the job correctly.”

 Beaver is a hardworking creature. Beavers do work hard all year to build their dams. While you don’t have to be looking for a construction job to use beaver as a response, every job values beaver’s qualities – hard-working, precision, and resilience.


“I’d be a mouse if I were an animal since I’m resourceful and adapt well to any situation.”

Mice are adaptable creatures that can be found virtually anywhere. Most people think of mice as unpleasant guests, especially if they’ve discovered one in there. Still, considering how effectively mice adapt to their circumstances, they are a great pick if you’re applying for a job that requires flexibility.


“I’d be an elk because I can quickly assess the competitors and be devoted to my teammates.”

Although the elk is not a usual response, it might be helpful for someone looking for a sales job or anything similar. Elks are acutely aware of their environment, especially when a threat is present. It’s part of your duty as a salesperson to keep an eye on the competitors, but you also have to be loyal to your brand and coworkers.

Dos and Don’ts

  • Do consider the sort of job you’re interviewing for before you answer.
  • Be creative and go beyond the box, but make sure the animal and the work position are connected.
  • Focus on the characteristics of the animal and how they relate to the job.
  • Prepare to tell the interviewer why you chose that particular animal.
  • Choose one or two traits that you and the animal you have in common.
  • Make your answers succinct and get right to the point.
  • Don’t drive the attention to the animal’s flaws.
  • Don’t avoid answering the question, don’t say you wouldn’t want to be any animal.
  • Don’t let your sentiments for the animal get the best of you.

Other Related Questions

In addition to the question in this article, the interviewer often has a long list of other questions. You can refer to the article Best Tips To Ace The Most Common Questions In An Interview for more tips to answer interviewers’ questions.

Other Related Questions - "If You Were an Animal, What Would You Be"
Well preparation is the key – Source: cafef.vn

If You Were A Dessert, What Dessert Would You Be?

This question asks how you feel about yourself and your capacity to think creatively. An excellent response will contain a comprehensive explanation of why you chose the answer you did. If the question is amusing, your response might help you build rapport with the interviewer.

Consider the following scenario: “Strawberry shortcake would be my dessert of choice. A good strawberry shortcake includes unique layers with varying textures that all complement each other. My family life might be the biscuit, my hobbies could be the cream, and my successes could be the strawberry since I have strong values that I can build upon with my many interests and experiences.”

Which Year Of Your Life Do You Wish You Could Go Back To?

You can use this question to share information on unique experiences that you may not have had the opportunity to share in other parts of the interview. Reflecting on your history might also help you communicate with your interviewer about your motives and finest moments.

Consider the following scenario: “I’d want to go back in time to the year I graduated from college. Many of my friends went abroad to follow their dreams, so it would be great to see everyone again. I also believe I would have enjoyed writing my dissertation more if I had known it would be published.”

Where Would You Prefer To Live If You Could Live Anywhere?

Use this question to discuss your goals. Consider locations or countries that might be a good fit for your hobbies and beliefs. If at all feasible, tie your decision to why you’re interested in the job you’re looking for.

Consider the following scenario: “Living in a port city is something I’d like to do. I like living in a neighborhood with lots of fun things to do. when I have good inspirations, I produce my best work.”

What Would Your Autobiography’s Title Be?

This question allows you to evaluate your accomplishments and values in a way that reflects your personality. One approach to address this question is to consider your long-term professional objectives.

Consider the following scenario: “My autobiography’s title would most likely relate to my family and friends. Because my job and personal ties are so essential to me, I may call it The People I Call Home.”

Our Final Thoughts

If you’re ever asked in an interview, ’If you were an animal, what would you be?’ you now have a long list of creatures to choose from. Remember that there is no right or wrong answer to this issue, and how you market your chosen animal is more essential than the animal itself.

There has never been a more competitive employment market. If you’ve passed the first round of interviews and satisfy all of the initial qualifications, the second interview’s questions are the last obstacle to conquer. Individuals with excellent qualifications and skillsets are lined up for the position. You can refer to How To Nail All Questions At The Second Interview to nail your interview.

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