How To Pronounce Aesthetic: 12+ Most Beautiful and Ugly Words You’re Missing Out

Do you want to describe a soft and pleasant voice with the most beautiful words but are confused by the dictionary? Similarly, imagine you travel to beautiful countryside, where the scenery is wonderful and poetic like heaven, can you encapsulate it in 1 word to describe it? Let’s recreate all those beautiful things on paper with the most aesthetic words. Indeed, the way I describe them speaks volumes for their beauty: aesthetic. So how to pronounce aesthetic? What are those beautiful words? Let’s explore the beauty of English then learn how to pronounce aesthetic words.

List Of 10 Most Aesthetic Words


(adjective & noun)

How to pronounce aesthetic: /esˈθetɪk/


(adjective) showing artistic beauty.

(noun) the study of principles of beauty and art.

Example of aesthetic in a sentence:

  • Our new car is both aesthetic and functional.
  • Markedly, those students enjoy debating the aesthetic of the poems in Literature lessons.
How To Pronounce Aesthetic: 12+ Most Beautiful and Ugly Words You're Missing Out
What is your aesthetic? – Source: Pinterest



How to pronounce mellifluous: /meˈlɪfluəs/

Meaning: Describing a smooth and comforting sound.

Example of mellifluous in a sentence: Until now, he has always remembered he fell in love at first sight with his current wife because of her charming smile and mellifluous voice.



How to pronounce ethereal : /ɪˈθɪriəl/

Meaning: Extremely delicate, gentle, and light, seeming to belong to a fairy world.

Example of ethereal in a sentence: Naturally, her ethereal beauty and loving-kindness make her look like an angel in everyone’s eyes.

Ethereal - how to pronounce aesthetic
Angelina Jolie’s ethereal beauty once made our hearts bumping – Source: 



How to pronounce serendipity: /ˌserənˈdɪpəti/

Meaning: The occurrence of something fascinating or pleasant by chance.

Example of serendipity in a sentence:

  • I hope that serendipity will lead me to the right career path.
  • Our nature has created wonderful serendipity.



How to pronounce ineffable : /ˌɪnˈef.ə.bəl/

Meaning: So great, wonderful, or beautiful that no words can describe.

Example of ineffable in a sentence: It’s such an ineffable joy to receive well-deserved praise and reward from my boss after putting effort into the last quarter’s project.



How to pronounce petrichor: /ˈpetrɪkɔːr/

Meaning: The pleasant and distinctive smell appears when rain falls on dry ground.

More specifically, petrichor in Greek is a combination of “petra” (stone or rock) and “ichor” (blood of the gods in Greek mythology).

Example of petrichor in a sentence: It’s pleasant and relaxing to experience the petrichor in the air.



How to pronounce euphoria: /juːˈfɔːriə/

Meaning: An intense feeling of happiness and excitement.

Example of euphoria in a sentence: He was in a state of euphoria for days after winning the championship.



How to pronounce epiphany: /ɪˈpɪf.ən.i/

Meaning: A moment of the sudden feeling that you realize or understand, or suddenly something very important to you.

Example of epiphany in a sentence: 

  • Just as I was about to fold the test and accept that I would fail the exam, I had an epiphany and remembered some of the knowledge I learned.
  • Her doctor’s warnings about staying up late and skipping breakfast triggered the epiphany which inspired her to give up these two bad habits then stick to a healthier diet and lifestyle.



How to pronounce aurora: /juːˈfɔːriə/

Meaning: A natural appearance of colored light (usually reddish or greenish) in the sky. 

More specifically, it is the natural electrical phenomenon of streamers of light in the sky, generally near the southern or northern magnetic pole. 

You probably imagined the marvelous scene at that time, and this is also why many people name their daughters “Aurora”.

Example of aurora in a sentence: In the night, the aurora made a very brilliant and luminous appearance.

Aurora - how to pronounce aesthetic
An aurora night sky – how to pronounce aesthetic. Source:



How to pronounce idyllic: /aɪˈdɪlɪk/

Meaning: Pleasant, peaceful, and beautiful.

Example of idyllic in a sentence: Her idyllic and happy childhood inspired her to become a loving mother of 3 adopted children.

You may come across the above words in the dictionary. But don’t forget to update your dictionary with non-dictionary terms, which combine available words with suffixes. Here are two aesthetic examples:

Some Of The Beautiful Missing Words In Your Dictionary



How to pronounce heliophilia : 

Meaning: Love or attraction to sunlight, like a sunflower.

Example of heliophilia in a sentence: Sammi has heliophilia. Therefore, she opted to stay in a small house near the beach to soak up the sunshine every day.



How to pronounce ailurophile : 

Meaning: A cat fancier who absolutely adores cats.

Example of ailurophile in a sentence: The couple loves cats more than people, so these two ailurophiles decided not to have children soon.

Also, don’t forget to pay attention to some of these notes when playing with words:

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List Of The Ugliest Words In This World

Words are wonderful when they can encapsulate beautiful meanings or emotions in just letters. However, besides these above aesthetic words, English also has words that just give us goosebumps. I won’t describe each word as above, as we just want to go through these words quickly, right? But if you’re curious about what words can make us sick right at the moment we see them, play this video:

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