How To Be A Bad Bitch 101

Thanks to the Internet, English has developed into a weird, baffling language. “Bitch” can mean a lot of things, like a female dog, or as an insult to a woman; “bad” means bad, no doubt. But combining those 2 and you get a “bad bitch”, one of the highest compliments you can give someone.

Straight men dream of having bad bitches by their side while gays and women are proud to wear the title (it’s not limited to heteronormative culture, mind you). And now, you will learn how to be a bad bitchJobandedu is here, on your side!

But First, What Does Bad Bitch Mean?

But first, what does bad bitch mean?
“Bitch” can mean a lot of things, like a female dog, or as an insult to a woman – Source: femmedinfluence

Knowing how to be a bad bitch first and foremost requires knowing who a bad bitch is. So instead of limiting the bad bitch to a simple definition, let’s find out all about this term.

Being Confident 

DUH! Confidence is a must-have for every bad bitch. If you want respect from others, start respecting yourself and stop second-guessing. Be confident in how you look because that’s nobody’s business.

So, eat whatever you want and wear whatever you’re comfortable in. As long as you don’t break any laws, don’t hesitate to give the middle finger to whoever tries to shame you for who you are. 

She Knows What She Wants And Isn’t Afraid To Get It

Girl, you’re in control now. 

Your life belongs to you and so do your wishes. What do you want to do with your time? What is your numero uno priority? And don’t even worry about being selfish, wishes and goals are supposed to be so. You are entitled to your happiness and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 

Now go get it, tiger!

A Bad Bitch Is Independent

A bad bitch isn’t afraid of being alone and won’t settle for anyone who doesn’t treat her the way she deserves
She knows her personal worth – Source: ignatiadi

This girl isn’t afraid of being alone and won’t settle for anyone who doesn’t treat her the way she deserves. She is above nonchalant and obsolete mindsets, and will never compromise her personal values. 

She Knows Her Value And Won’t Let Anyone Step On Her 

Are you going to sit around and cry over a guy that won’t text you back? Hell no! Next guy, please! First of all, a bad bitch doesn’t waste time with people who fail to refuse to realize what she deserves.

Secondly, although bad bitches do make the first move (as I said, they know what they want and aren’t afraid to get it), they won’t chase and wait for their feelings to be returned. Unrequited love is so last century, and unreciprocated feelings are better off thrown away!

Above all, bad bitches won’t let anyone bully them around. They’re the boss, so don’t even dream of bossing them around. They are always damn sure of themselves, so don’t even bother to gaslight them. Be bold!

Never Wasting Time On Others’ Opinions About Her

She is her own person, with her own beliefs and opinions. She is always open to new ideas, but don’t be surprised if she isn’t swayed after hearing them, especially ideas about what she should be and do. No one should have to deal with ill-meaning opinions and a bad bitch knows that better than anyone else. 

In other words, tempting to change is a bad bitch is a big nope, for she’s the only one that will decide to change or not. 

What Doesn’t Make You A Bad Bitch 

Being a bad bitch has its limits, and you should be careful; there’s a thin line between a bad bitch and a hateful one. In simpler words, this is a guide to how not to be a bitch, but a bad one instead. 

She Doesn’t Just Care About Herself

We’re all humans, and that means we need our families and friends. Bitches need friends, too, for she is human, after all. What makes her stand out is that she won’t hesitate to cut it off with bad friends or posers trying to get near her. 

Come here, wanna hear a secret on how to be a top-tier bad bitch? Stand up for the underdog. There’s nothing more badass than protecting those who can’t protect themselves. Thus, get on with it and respect is out of the question. 

She Doesn’t Step On Others 

While not letting anyone trample on her, a bad bitch wouldn’t do such a thing herself
She might not give a damn about those who don’t deserve her respect – Source: thoughtcatalog

While not letting anyone trample on her, she wouldn’t do such a thing herself. That’s a dick move and why does she have to lower herself to such a point just to get what she wants?

And although she might not give a damn about those who don’t deserve her respect, she has no reason to treat them like a low-life they are would do. 

She Doesn’t Disrespect Others For The Sake Of Being Bad

Being rude just to be cool doesn’t make you a bad bitch, that’s what makes you a try-hard. She is confident enough to not waste her time trying to make people think she’s cool.

She IS cool effortlessly. And guess what, she respects other people, as long as they respect her. So now you’ve learned another important lesson about how to be a bad bitch – don’t try, just be. 

A Proper Bad Bitch 

At this point, you should have already figured it out. Being a bad bitch is really simple:

Bad bitches don’t just grow on trees
Know your worth, queen! – Source: ytimg
  • Be confident and assertive 
  • Know your worth, queen! 
  • Figure out what you want and move your ass if you want to get it
  • However, don’t compromise your values for anyone
  • Listen, but don’t be swayed by unworthy opinions
  • Stand up for the weak
  • Don’t try to be bad, just be your uncompromising self

The Bottom Line

Bad bitches don’t just grow on trees. Being a bad bitch isn’t about looking hot and bitchy, it takes confidence and inner strength. Thanks to activists’ movements, the oppressed everywhere in general and women, in particular, are finally gaining the strength to fight for what they deserve and to be seen equally.

It’s time for you to be who you are, and screw whoever dares tell you how you should behave. 

In conclusion, go slay, bitches. Girls, don’t skip more vibrant posts for you here!

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