An Ultimate Guide To Be A Dog Trainer – How Much Do Dog Trainers Make?

Why should you become a dog trainer? How much do dog trainers make? How to get started?

Do you love the idea of being chained to a desk at work? Perhaps no. How about hanging with dogs every day instead? That’s more like it. Many love dogs, and so enjoy this idea that they embrace the idea of pursuing a dog training career. If you are among these people, you are in luck. Right now, the job opportunity is available to all dog lovers.

Why Should You Become A Dog Trainer?

Firstly, the demand for dog trainers is high. The field of pet service has been quickly developing in recent years. According to Vocational Training HQ, the number of dog trainers is believed to increase by 11% in 2024. 

Even though more and more people have dogs as pets, few know how to connect with these furry friends. Yes, there is mutual love, but sometimes too much love can spoil a pup. Many untrained dogs can be a ticking bomb as they may have obedience problems, leading to multiple even more severe problems. People are tired of broken plates or even get fined because of their dogs’ behaviors. These are all troublesome occasions, but they create a massive need for canine trainers.

Even thought more and more people have dogs as pets, few know how to connect with these furry friends
Why should you become a dog trainer – Image by Pixabay 

Secondly, this job gives you the freedom and plenty of quality time with dogs. Most dog trainers are self-employed and can set a working schedule to suit themselves. As a result, the work does not tie you to a strict schedule or stressful work overtime with all the deadlines draining your energy. You can have time for friends and family as much as you deserve. 

Besides, working time with dog trainers means spending time with lots of dogs, which is enjoyable for any dog lover. All dogs are loving, and your job is to help them express that in the right way, from following orders to know how to hunt and protect cattle.

Finally, the dog training job experience is so rich that it hardly creates boredom. Imagine each day at work is another unique scenario, that is an opportunity to learn new things every day. No owners are identical, and their dogs either. Every consultation is a one-of-a-kind chance for a dog trainer to work with new faces, new dogs. They can experience new canines’ behavioral problems and find new suitable solutions for customers and their furry friends.

Dog training
Spend time with furry friends and earn money – Image by Pixabay 

How Much Can You Make As A Dog Trainer?

The annual payment for an obedience trainer varies greatly. It depends on various factors, namely experience, business skill level, and location. Average dog trainers in the US earn about $33,600 annually, while some other dog trainers can earn up to $53,000 annually ($150 per hour). In case you wonder, “How much do dog groomers make?”. Is it not higher than a dog trainer?

A dog trainer’s salary varies on their experience and business skills. When pet parents want their dog trained, they will find the prestigious and professional for the job. This means without a proper profile, a dog trainer may find it hard to find customers. Some certifications, years of experience under their belt, and their brand name spreading in the area can always make a big difference.

A dog trainer’s salary also depends on the location. More potential clients mean higher competition, leading to higher dog training income in bigger cities. For example, annually, New York dog trainers can earn up to $11,000 more than those in North Carolina, as more city dwellers are owning a dog and working full time. Even a dog walker salary NYC is higher than that in most other areas.

What Does It Take To Become A Dog Trainer?

You may love dogs, but to choose this as your career, you need more than that. Not everyone is suitable to work as a dog trainer. You need certain personality traits to do the job proficiently and succeed. 

One needs to be patient, confident, have communication skills to stay in the field. Each dog is different and learns at its own pace, and only responds to a competent trainer. Besides, a trainer must first get through a pet owner and guide them to get the job done. Those with mentioned personalities are more likely to thrive as a dog trainer.

How To Get Started Working As A Dog Trainer?

It does not require formal training or any specific certificate. However, education counts as a good start to be a canine trainer. A well-educated trainer can do the tasks more effectively and can find customers more quickly. 

Enrolling in a dog training school offering plenty of hands-on experience is beneficial. Certification from schools like ‘The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers’, ‘Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Behavior and Training’, or ‘International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants’ can all ensure in-depth training needed for a future obedience trainer.

Our Verdicts 

If you love dogs and have what it takes to be a professional dog trainer, then it is your time. Many dogs are now in need of a trainer’s help, and their owners would be more than grateful to have their furry friends trained by a professional individual. 

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