How Long Does Manic Panic Last? Secret Of Classy Dyed Hair

You tent to refresh yourself with new hair color but scary to be costed dearly? Give it a go with Manic Panic hair dye! This budget-friendly product’ reputation has shown no signs of cooling down for years.

What’s more, Manic Panic Semi-Permanent Hair Dye could be a great solution if you do not like to keep your hair color for too long. It is a non-toxic hair dye (does not consist of PPD, ammonia, paraben, and peroxide) that adds to your hair nutrients and protein to replenish moisture. Yet how long does Manic Panic last? How to win your hair the sexiest look after dyeing Manic Panic?

Depending on the hair condition and how you treat your hair, conventional hair dye products can last a long time – even up to 2 or 3 years with minimal fading, whereas Manic Panic just lasts about 4 to 6 weeks.

Just like piercing your ears at home, dyeing your own hair is a cost-effective and stylish way. If you’re keen on using Manic Panic and aspire to last it longer, don’t overlook these handy tips and tricks!

Why Should I Use Manic Panic Hair Color?

Manic Panic has emerged since 1977 and is at the forefront of the hair industry’s beauty trend. So far, in the global beauty industry, this brand has been in existence for more than 40 years and has built its name as a pioneering brand.

Manic Panic’s producers always value their clients’ feedbacks. From there, they try boosting the quality and renewing the products to keep up with the latest trend. This brand confirms that they will bring clients the best services with the slogan: “We don’t just sell it, we live it!” said Snooky and Tish – owners of Manic Panic.

Manic Panic Hair Dye is good at supplying moisture and splendor to hair without any dangerous elements (paraben, ammonia, PPD, and peroxide) or animal by-products. What’s more, with a slew of fabulous colors and low expenses, Manic Panic Hair Dye is what many younglings adore, notably those who frequently change hairstyles. 

How Exactly Do I Color My Hair With Manic Panic?

Have no intention to stay long with bleaching hair with bright tone? Manic Panic is worth your time as its color just lasts in a short time. For the best results, your hair needs pre-lightening (also known as bleaching) to a light yellow color before dyeing Manic Panic. Conventional wisdom recommends bleaching hair to level 9 or higher to achieve the most honest hair tone. Bear in mind that some varieties bring no effect on unbleached hair. 

For illustration, Blue Steel is a notorious dye tone for its freshness and chic look. Nonetheless, you must be very careful to dye this tone. Through some manic panic blue steel reviews, you might as well bleach your hair to the lightest blond of level 10. Otherwise, you will not get any results.

With virgin hair (natural/unprocessed hair), after dyeing with Manic Panic Hair Color, the hair tone may vary by texture and hair volume.

Through some manic panic blue steel reviews, you might as well bleach your hair to the lightest blond of level 10
Pre-lighten (bleach) hair to level 9 or higher – Source:

Darker/warmer shades will work best on hair that is bleached to a darker blond tone in advance.

Toward Pastel shades and all shades of gray (Alien Gray, Amethyst Ash, and Blue Steel), your hair needs bleaching to level 10 platinum yellow first.

Follow these dyeing steps with Manic Panic Hair Color:

  • Wash your hair with a deep clarifying shampoo for pre-dyed hair. Do not use conditions in this first step.

Of note, giving it a go with Manic Panic Prepare to DYE Clarifying Shampoo sounds great. It is a perfect pre-dye deep-clean product to prepare hair for color better. It will remove all excess oils and promote a healthy scalp. Beyond that, Manic Panic Prepare to DYE Clarifying Shampoo helps protect your hair from UV rays effectively.

  • Dry your hair with a dryer to ensure hair’s porosity (hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture).
  • Apply Manic Panic to your hair.
  • Comb through your hair to ensure that Manic Panic dye deeply saturates in your hair.
  • Use a plastic cap to cover your hair.
  • Use a hair heater (dryer) while waiting for the Manic Panic to penetrate your hair (wait 30-45 minutes) as it boosts the penetration to get your hair a stunning color.
  • After the waiting time, rinse your hair with clean water again, use a towel to dry your hair.
  • Last but not least, enjoy your new classy hairstyle.

10 Best Tips On How To Dye & Use Manic Panic:

Manic Panic Unbleached Hair – Bad Or Good Result?

Popping up stunning is a dream of all teenage girls. Without a doubt, getting a new shining color on hair can be one of the 50 exciting things to do when you get bored.

A light-colored tone will require you first to bleach your hair to light blond to shorten the color-up time. For instance, with Hot Hot Pink tone, the dyeing process only takes 30 mins on bleached hair. The new color is bright and sexy (left pic). 

Meanwhile, after 2 hours of dyeing Pink tone on unbleached brown hair (right pic), the final color seems natural. Both got outstanding results. It’s up to you! 

Manic Panic Unbleached Hair - Bad Or Good Result?
Hot Hot Pink Tone on bleached and unbleached hair – Source: pinimg

Is Lasting Time The Same For All Manic Panic Colors?

The ways Manic Panic Hair Color fades are not the same at all. But provided that you know how to treat your hair well, the color can last longer (even more than 6 weeks). 

Is Lasting Time The Same For All Manic Panic Colors?
The ways Manic Panic Hair Color fade are not the same at all – Source:

Overall, Manic Panic darker tones take longer time than pale tones, as follows:

  • Classic categories: color retention can be as long as 6 weeks on hair bleached in level 8 to 10 blond tone (E.g.: Manic Panic Rockabilly Blue)

Classic High Voltage Semi-Permanent Hair Dye – Manic Panic Rockabilly Blue Hair Dye Color
This one is one of the most ultra-powerful blue hair dyes that will ultimately leave a cool tone on virgin or unbleached hair. Conventional wisdom recommends lightening hair to a light level 9 blonde and toning hair before using this hair-dye color.

  • Cream Tones categories: probably last up to 2 weeks for blond level 10 (E.g.: Blue Angle Creamtone)
  • Amplified categories: can last on 8-10 level blond hair tone for up to 8 weeks (E.g.: Bad Boy Blue Amplified, Blue Moon Hair Amplified)

Manic Panic Blue Moon Hair Dye Color Amplified is a cool-true blue dye. To avoid undesired hues, you might as well lighten hair to a very light level 9 blonde or even lighter tone before applying it.

Notwithstanding, the color’s lifespan relies much on dark or light hair color shade, hair condition, washing, or hairstyling equipment used frequency, exposure time to sunlight, salt, chlorinated water, and so on.

How To Help My Color Last Longer?

how to last my color?
Take note several tips that do the trick in lasting your hair color. Source: Unsplash

Be mindful that PH-neutral shampoos can help neutralize the hair before applying color and protect the new hair color after dyeing. Next, it will be a flawless hair-care routine if you dive into a shampoo specifically for dyed hair. 

The best shampoos for colored hair should be paraben-free and sulfate-free. Also, products consisting of a high amount of oils or sodium chloride are not suitable for maintaining hair tone, either. 

Use only a little conditioner after using shampoo and rinse your hair in cool water one more time. Attention! Avoid rinsing your hair in warm and hot water as the hair cuticle (which holds the pigment) will extend, allowing the dyed color to float and fade faster.

Discussing how to keep hair color longer, a hair expert from New York, America – Manic Panic owner – Tish said: “For color maintenance, I recommend washing hair only once a week and only use shampoo when necessary.” Indeed, washing your hair too often will partially cause hair to lose the requisite moisture and discolor.

Things To Avoid During Dyeing Manic Panic Hair Color

During Dyeing

You should wear rubber gloves during dyeing and put some old shirts or towels on clothes to avoid dye smudging to your outfit. It’s going to be hard to remove the stains once they get on your skin or clothing.

Even when the process of dyeing is complete and Manic Panic is dry, bear in mind that the dye could still stain your shirt’s collar and back.

Furthermore, Manic Panic can stain anything porous (similar to your hair!). Do not put Manic Panic hair color in areas prone to staining, such as sinks, leather, garments, furniture, etc. as Manic Panic often “color” wherever it falls into. You ought to cover plastic wrap, plastic bags, newspaper, or tin foil on these areas to prevent hair dye from staining. 

Do not rinse freshly dyed hair in the shower. Manic Panic color may splash, staining walls and bathtubs instantly.

Also, note that this product is not recommended for eyebrow or eyelash dyeing. Direct contact with naked eyes will cause cornea injury. In case of eye dye sticking, wash immediately with warm water, then contact a doctor to handle it promptly.

While Taking Care Of  Your Hair Color

How Long Does Manic Panic Last? Secret Of Classy Dyed Hair
How long does Manic Panic last? – Source: bluebanana

Owning a new hair color is pleasantly delightful. But please take note these minor things to keep your hair color last longer.

Hot Hair Care Oil

Hot oils are also familiar to people who own dry, brittle, and easily damaged hair. They serve as saviors to make hair smoother and shinier. But they are not appropriate for dyed hair at all. During the hot oil treatment, the steamer’s heat can cause the hair cuticle to expand, making the hair colorant quickly fade from your hair.

Alcohol-Based Hair Care Products 

Many alcoholic hair products, such as hairspray, mousse, or gel, are not very hair-friendly. Despite helping styling your hair, the alcohol in these beauty products will dry out hair and even affect the dyed hair color.

Therefore, it is better to use good-quality non-alcoholic products instead of alcoholic ones to prevent adverse effects on colored hair. 

Use Deep-Cleaning Shampoos

Lately, many kinds of shampoos are used for deep cleaning, meaning that shampoos’ detergent amount is pretty high. The more detergent agents there are, the quicker it removes hair color. The more detergent agents there are in shampoos.

Expose Hair To The Baking Sun

Baking sun not only makes your hair lose the requisite moisture easier but also causes hair color to fade quickly. Hence, it is crucial to use umbrellas or caps to protect your hair against the scorching sun while going out.

Besides, a product with the right SPF (sun protection factor) for dyed hair is vital for better caring.

Chlorine In Swimming Pool – Dyed Hair’s Enemy

Chlorine In Swimming Pool - Dyed Hair’s Enemy
Chlorine is always the dyed hair’s foe. Source: Unsplash

If you have ever gone to regular swimming pools, you probably know how frizzy your hair was after contacting chlorine there. Chlorine is sufficient for keeping pools safe, yet it is never a hair-friendly companion.

Tying your hair up neatly when swimming can minimize the time it exposes to water and chemicals in pools. After getting out of the pool, rinse your hair with clean and free-chlorinated water, use a conditioner to restore hair’s softness, then let it dry naturally.

Straightening, Drying, Curling

Restrict the use of straighteners, dryers, and curlers, or your hair would be even more damaged. You’d better prioritize cold bending and cold drying as alternatives due to the lower hair damage rate.

Our Verdicts

Jobandedu already revealed all the secrets for: “How long does Manic Panic last?” and “What are tips for keeping Manic Panic longer on hair?” In case you have any more problems while caring for colored hair, comment below for details! 

Manic Panic said: “If someone says you’re weird, say thank you!” Do not hesitate! Try setting off your new journey with rainbow hair at once and enjoy your new life moment. Enjoy your College Life too! 

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