Dr Elizabeth Dr Pol & Dr Emily – “The Incredible Dr Pol”

Who is Dr Elizabeth from Dr Pol? When did Dr Emily join Dr Pol? There may be such questions about “The Incredible DrPol’’ – a unique program attracting so much attention from the audience worldwide. If you’re seeking to answer these questions, just keep on reading this article. 

“The Incredible Dr Pol”

The Incredible Dr Pol” has been a world-renowned reality show on the National Geographic Wild channel. Premiered in 2011, this show received an enthusiastic welcome from audiences of different ages because of its fantastic content. 

It tells about the veterinary work of the main characters – Dr Pol with his family members and employees. “The Incredible Dr Pol” is more and more appealing thanks to the participation of Dr Elizabeth and Dr Emily. Both of them were considered the best employees of Dr Pol and became famous stars in this reality television. However, Dr Elizabeth and Dr Emily suddenly left Dr Pol because of their personal reasons. Moreover, they are thought to share different perspectives from Dr Pol’s in some matters. 

“Dr Pol” cast who has left the show? Where are they now?

Dr Elizabeth from Dr Pol

Who is Dr Elizabeth Dr Pol?

Dr Elizabeth was born in 1973 in Lamar County, Georgia. She loved animals so much when she was a child. Therefore, she decided to choose the College of Veterinary Medicine to pursue her passion. 

Having graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine, she worked in Dr Pol’s clinic for two years from 2016. By this time, she seized her chance and became a favorite character in the show. She took part in nine episodes; however, she silently disappeared from “The Incredible Dr Pol” in 2018 without any explanation. This made her fans a bit disappointed when they would no longer see her on TV anymore.

Dr  Elizabeth from Dr Pol

Dr Elizabeth from Dr Pol. Image: gazettereview

Why did Dr Elizabeth Dr Pol leave “The Incredible Dr Pol”?

Dr Elizabeth left the show due to a series of unfortunate events on the eve of Christmas 2016. Like other families, Dr Elizabeth, her husband, and her children celebrated Christmas together. With so much joy, her husband, Robert Grammar, drank much alcohol, which resulted in his ill health.

Therefore, he asked her to give him some medicines to treat those symptoms. However, the tablets she gave her husband were Butorphanol, a powerful narcotic drug normally used as morphine. Dr Elizabeth said that he injected a half milliliter of the Butorphanol. Just a few moments later, he suddenly lost his awareness and passed out. He was taken to the hospital, but he could not survive after a few days of emergency at the hospital.

Dr Elizabeth and her husband

Dr Elizabeth and her husband. Image: realitystarfacts

She was depressed, and she locked herself in her room without meeting anyone after her husband’s death on Christmas Eve. The great loss from her husband’s death was a pain that broke her down.

The police carried out an investigation into her husband’s death and found out that she tries to commit suicide. She helplessly lay on the couch with glassy eyes, and in her arm, there was an IV whose bag was hung from the ceiling. After that, they took her to Monroe County Hospital when she was timely treated. She pulled through but then was transferred to the psychiatric ward of Macon Medical Center to treat her psychological disorder.

Due to this problem, the investigation lasted for many years without valid results; thus, it could be possible that she would not be in prison. From then, she decided to go into retreat and keep away from the media. She also wanted to forget all these bad and terrible events in her life.

How is Dr Elizabeth Dr Pol’s current life?

No one knows what Dr Elizabeth from Dr Pol show is currently doing, but the rumor has it that she’s working as a doctor in Animal Amour Veterinary Hospital and Pet Lodge in Hampton, Georgia. If it is true, she is possibly trying to restart her better new life after the sad events. We hope that many good things will come to her.

Dr Emily from Dr Pol

Who is Dr Emily?

Dr Emily was born in 1984 and brought up in Warner Robins, Georgia. She got married to Tony in 2007, and they have one daughter and two sons. She graduated from the University of Georgia’s College of Veterinary Science in 2010 with a degree in veterinary medicine. 

After that, she started to work as a vet in a private clinic in Newberry, South Carolina. So when did Dr Elizabeth return to Michigan? When did Dr Emily join Dr Pol?

Dr  Emily's love for animals

Dr Emily’s love for animals. Image: thecelebsinfo

From 2010 to 2015, she worked as a professional veterinarian. That job helped her gain more useful and precious skills in the veterinary field. Having more confidence, she decided to attend the real television show “The Incredible of Dr Pol” in Michigan and became an excellent member of Dr Pol’s team in 2015. 

After that, Dr Emily and Dr Elizabeth became counterparts who worked together with Dr Pol. She was an outstanding character that attracts all eyes. She became a famous vet worldwide and earned a lot of money from each episode, around $ 18,000. 

Why Did Dr Emily Leave “The Incredible Dr Pol”?

The fact that Dr Emily left the program is a great regret in the hearts of the fans and the team implementing the “The Incredible Dr Pol” show. So what was the reason she chose to leave the show?

Over a long time, Dr Emily always felt exhausted. She is a vet, a celebrity on the reality TV show, but she is also a three-children mom. She had to participate in a program that attracted the public and her fans and fulfill the responsibility of a wife to her family, a mother to three children.

Depression, stress, and fatigue caused her to intend to commit suicide even though she took antidepressants regularly. Because the depression was getting worse and worse, she decided that she would stop working at the clinic and leave the reality show “The Incredible Dr Pol”.

“The most important thing is everyone’s health” (Gareth Bale, 2020), and money sometimes cannot exchange for health. Therefore, the decision to leave the program to focus on mental stability and improving her health is the right decision for Dr Emily. 

How is Dr Emily’s Current Life?

After leaving Dr Pol’s clinic and the show The Incredible Dr Pol, she spends a lot of time with her family, especially her three lovely children. Perhaps she found what she has been looking for to get rid of her nightmare. 

Currently, Dr Emily Thomas is working as a veterinarian for small animals. She relocated with her family to land a job in Virginia. Besides, she also manages her Vlog, Twitter, and YouTube channel to introduce cute little animals and her daily life.

Dr Emily and her family

Dr Emily and her family. Image: dremilythomasvet

Perhaps, Dr Emily’s current life becomes more relieved because she does not have to face work pressure. She can do her favorite job of caring for small animals. Leaving the program gives her more time for her small family. This is the light at the end of the road for her to overcome the extreme obsession she experienced. We hope that Dr Emily will lead a happier life.

Final Thoughts About Dr Elizabeth & Dr Emily 

After all, both Dr Elizabeth and Dr Emily have gone through several vicissitudes and now, they lead a better life. It’s such a regret when “The Incredible Dr Pol” doesn’t have the silhouettes of these doctors. Still, the show must go on, and hopefully, there will be passionate and devoted people such as Dr Elizabeth Dr Pol, and Dr Emily. 

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