Grey’s Anatomy Drinking Game – Emotional Blast For A Party

Grey’s Anatomy Drinking Game seems to retain just the right mixture of an absolute emotional blast for a party. The medical drama, drinking, and games are fun on their own. Mixing these three elements is a great way to excite a small get-together where alcohol is involved. Well, if you find yourself a little too sober and no one has come up with an idea to get the party going, then get on board with Dr. Meredith Grey and the whole crew. 

Warning: The game is for more than 18 years old in most places (or 21+ if you are American). If you are underage, please return to Jobandedu for more interesting articles and peruse this one later.

What is Grey’s Anatomy Drinking Game?

Grey’s Anatomy, the name of the game, mindfully reveals the key components that intrigue curious minds. 

This medical-drama-inspired game sets when Dr. Grey and her colleagues come into your life. Over many seasons and hundreds of episodes, you are sure to feverishly follow the drama (and a lot of drama), from various romantic entanglements to natural catastrophes and shocking events. 

However, it does not matter which season you are on and how many times you have watched this film. Are the ultimate purposes of the party to heat up the intimate bond among friends and bring joy that lasts a lifetime? Pick an episode for random, get your drink, choose your person, and then let the game begin. It is time to take a sip and down some shots!

Grey’s Anatomy Drinking Game Rules

Ok, ladies and gentlemen. It is about time to start Grey’s Anatomy Drinking Game! In general, the gameplay is pretty simple, and I am sure you and your buddies will get a kick out of it. After choosing your favorite character in this popular medical drama, all you need to do is take a sip, a shot or finish your drink according to specific situations while watching the film. This game requires no skills (except for trying to stay sober kind of skill). It is also much more entertaining when people get drunk.

grey's anatomy drinking game - Emotional Blast For A Party

Watch Grey’s Anatomy and play a drinking game – Source: Pinterest

Have you grabbed your drink yet? If so, let me enlighten you on how to play Grey’s Anatomy Drinking Game via the best episodes.

#1 Take A Sip When Anyone…

  • Says “push one of epi”, “BP’s dropping”, “they are coding”, “can you close” or “hand a unit of blood”
  • Flings with someone in a closet or on-call room
  • Is involved in an argument with another person
  • Checks their pager
  • Mentions having kids
  • Gets punched or insulted
  • Goes on a rant
  • Goes to Joe’s Bar

#2 Take A Shot When Someone…

  • Says “It is a beautiful days to save lives”, “I love you”
  • Mentions Ellis Grey
  • Gets shirtless
  • Yells at someone else

Want more thrills? Let’s take a guess on whether a patient going in for surgery will make it or not. If you are wrong, take a shot.

Want more thrills? Let’s take a guess on whether a patient going in for surgery will make it or not. If you are wrong, take a shot.

Save ever-lasting memories when drinking – Source: Pinterest

#3 Chug Anytime

  • Someone dances, and don’t stop until they stop dancing
  • Someone drinks an alcoholic drink, and don’t stop until they stop
  • A patient has a seizure and don’t stop until the seizure stops

#4 Finish Your Drink When…

  • Someone sees a tragedy on their way to work
  • Someone dies or is about to die
  • Someone finds out they have a sibling
  • Someone cheats on their husband or wife and vice-versa
  • Someone calls another “my person”

Similarly, it does sound like music to the ears when a guy calls you cute. What does this mean? Check out the answer if someone calls you like that!

#5 Open A New Bottle When…

You feel like you are going to have your life ruined by Shonda Rhimes. Somehow she has striven to tell a story that makes you laugh out loud or burst into tears. Frankly, there is nothing better than taking an emotional ride with each character in this medical drama. 

Grey’s Anatomy Drinking Game

Have fun with buddies – Source: Pinterest

“So go ahead… argue with the refs. Change the rules. Cheat a little. Take a break and tend to your wounds… but play. Play. Play hard, play fast, play loose and free. And play as if there’s no tomorrow. It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game”, said Dr. Meredith Grey ( It is better to have something to take away after getting the most out of a nice TV show like Grey’s Anatomy The name of the game

Meredith’s quote seems to complete the episode full of drama in the end perfectly. She talks to herself in episode 22, season 2 of the TV show, but I prefer the thought that somehow she is giving us a lesson. A long-lasting lesson inspires us about youth and life. Just do the things you like, and enjoy your time, that’s all. I suppose it is probably the reason why many people keep talking about the TV series to date. 

Now, let’s talk a bit, my beloved readers. Did you enjoy the drinking party? If your answer is “Yes”, then I am sure you are living your best life.

When The Party Is Over 

Does Grey’s Anatomy, the name of the game, knock you down with a hangover? Highly possible, but it goes without saying that you have made memories that last a lifetime. With the simple game rule, this drinking game totally fits a small get-together involving alcohol. Let me say that despite being a game, there is nothing called loser or winner here. Grey’s Anatomy Drinking Game simply keeps you engaging in a sentimental story. If you are into such heart-touching experiences, then you will love the best rainy day movies.

Have fun playing this drinking game, and don’t forget to drink responsibly! 

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