How To Learn English On Instagram

Instagram offers a great learning environment for acquiring English language skills. The platform also enables you to keep current with trends and issues. Therefore, you can use the social network to keep up-to-date and brush up on your English learning.

By brushing up on your English language skills, you can also increase Instagram followers and make new friends. Instagram can serve as your one-stop platform to do all of this.

But, how to learn English on Instagram?

Why Instagram Is the Ideal Place to Learn English

Instagram is a great social media outlet as it is a visual platform – one where content represents videos and images. If you are a visual learner who wishes to improve on your English, Instagram is an engaging alternative.

After all, you have more fun when you can replace a boring and tired textbook with an online site that features quizzes, polls, and interactive games. Test your English knowledge, whether you’re on the go, on your smartphone, or away from class activities.

If you have any questions or need a quick response to an English language inquiry, you can get it on Instagram. You can seek help in the comment sections or send a direct email message to an Instagram account holder. Who could ask for anymore than that?

When you connect with other English language learners, you open up a new world – one where you can share your English language learning through stories or by chatting or commenting on the Instagram website.

English language learning is available for kids, business people, or adults who want to learn the basics. You will find that there is something for everyone who wants to boost his or her speaking or writing skills. You can find accounts that create content to address specific language topics as well. These subjects may include pronunciation, grammar, and word-building.

So, what accounts can you find on Instagram that will give you a better grasp of speaking or writing English? The following information will direct you to where you need to go or where to begin.

Is Instagram An Ideal Place to Learn English?
Instagram may be the game-changer in the way we learn English. Source: Unsplash

How To Learn English On Instagram: Tips for Becoming More Proficient in English

To learn any type of language skill, you have to maintain consistency. Instagram makes this easy to do. Don’t worry about being perfect when you sound out words or phrases, as you will get the hang of things if you get into the learning habit.

Pearson English Learning

If you are seeking to polish your general English skills, Pearson English Learning is a go-to solution. By following this account, you can review grammar explanations and learn words that will help you write and speak English more proficiently.

The site also provides quotes, which will help you stay motivated while learning. Pearson English Learning directs its services to people studying abroad, have moved to an English-speaking country, or wish to excel in their career. You can follow them @pearsonenglishlearning.

If you are preparing for the Pearson Test of English, you should get onboard Instagram to learn how to make better scores on the exam. By accessing the PTE account, you can get the leverage you need to score well in English reading and writing by covering grammar essentials and key English words.

Pearson PTE

English learners who wish to study abroad or wish to obtain a visa for travel will benefit greatly from following Pearson PTE. You can access the account @PTE.official.

Pronunciation With Emma

To improve your pronunciation, follow Pronunciation with Emma on Instagram. Emma features videos that help learners pronounce words better. Videos show participants how vowel sounds differ and the proper pronunciation of difficult words, such as quarantine. You also will learn the difference between similarly sounding words, such as “seat” and “sit.” Bone up your pronunciation skills at @pronunciationwithemma now.

The Green Forest School of English

If you wish to become more language fluent, you also need to devote time to increasing your vocabulary. The Green Forest School of English has set up an Instagram account that makes this a reality.

Students learn specific expressions, urban vocabulary, idioms, or colloquialisms that they may not learn in a regular English class. If you cannot devote a lot of time to study but wish to expand the English words you know, follow @english_vocabulary on Instagram.

Begin And Develop Your Own Personal Dictionary

To increase your vocabulary, you can also progress by beginning a personal dictionary. If you come across words you don’t know, add them to the dictionary and translate them. Follow up by seeing how many of the words you recall, then start applying them when you talk or write.

BBC Learning English

BBC has a strong following on Instagram
BBC Learning English is popular on Instagram. Source: Unsplash

BBC has a strong following on Instagram – about 3 million followers. You will like following this account as you can take part in quizzes and learn more about grammar. Video challenges are featured as well as discussions.

You can’t help but have fun as you learn, as British English idioms are covered that relate to fast food, the weather, and sports. Check the account out at @bbclearningenglish now.

Write English Daily

It also helps to write daily. After all, practice makes perfect. Again, you have to devote yourself to learning language. You can only improve by making it a practice. Even if you spend 5 to minutes per day on writing, you will see an improvement in how and what you write.

Maintain a Diary and Write Social Media Posts in English

Another way to  improve your writing skills is to maintain a diary. You might also consider blogging about learning English or living in an English-speaking country. It also helps to write social media posts in English.

Adapt Your Writing Style to Your Audience

English can be written in various types of forms – from diaries and essays to poems, tweets, and short stories. Therefore, it is important to consider the purpose of the piece you are writing. Think about your audience so you know how to adapt your style.

That is why it is important to always go over what you write and carefully scrutinize what you write. Make sure it makes sense to you and that you have not made errors. Always proofread anything you write.

Final Comments

Are you learning English? If so, have you tried to learn the language on Instagram? If so, do you have an account that has not been mentioned in this article. Share what you know here.

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