Girls’ Trip Shirts Ideas For Your Next Big Adventure With Your Favorite Girl Friends

You’ve probably heard of this, but let us say it once again, life is too short to worry about work and school. Fortunately, vacations are a thing to allow us to escape and swim on some beaches and camp in nature, or simply just a trip to somewhere like Gainesville to try out the dishes you saw on the Internet. And if you have your besties with you, then you can have a more fun time with them before you can go back stressing about school, work, or whatever it is you got going on in your real life. To make the trip more memorable, you can wear matching shirts or something. If that’s how you roll, then check out some girls’ trip shirt ideas that we got for you.

Have photos of yourself wearing some matching shirts on a trip. It would be fun to look at your photos or find the shirt you wore when you got older and remember all the good times. So, pick out what you should wear by looking at our girls’ trip shirt ideas.

Go On A Trip In Style – There’s No Other Way To Do It

So, now that you know how important it is to take a step back from life, adulting, and all the things that happen between them, it’s time to plan your next trip. Call your friends, pack your bags, and take the next bus, train, or flight going somewhere. While you’re at it, here are some girls’ trip shirt ideas you should consider to make your vacation more Instagrammable:

Pink Floyd Vintage Shirt

If you and your girlfriends are into rock and you actively listen to Pink Floyd or songs that make you feel like a baddie, then getting some for your trip will give you a groupies-on-the-road vibe. Pretend you’re on the way to see them in a music festival and blast out the band’s The Dark Side of the Moon album in your car. You can even take some Polaroid photos and sleep in motels by the road to give your trip a whole 60’s vibe.

But if you like the modern style or animated shirt, like Bojack Horseman T-shirt, we have many other choices for you.

Watching sunsets with your fave people is the best.
Make your trip look more Instagrammable by looking chic on the road. Source:

Britney Spears’ Baby One More Time Shirt

If you’re a Britney Spears fan, this shirt will give you the perfect attire for your trip. Her coming-of-age road trip movie Crossroads may not be the best road movie out there, but the soundtrack and other albums of the Princess of Pop would make perfect background music while you’re driving. Getting matching shirts would also show your love and support for her, especially now as she is finally free from the conservatorship. 

Feminist Shirt

Feminism is one of the re-emerging movements that people are dropping in daily conversations, and we should all be a part of it. Besides uplifting all kinds of women and supporting equality, you could show solidarity by wearing a feminist shirt. This one says “Feminist” with the rainbow colors making it the perfect girl trip t-shirts as it also shows support for the LGBTQ+ movement, which feminists should support and empower too. 

Life Is Good Shirt

Of course, you’re on a trip to have fun, and what better way to enjoy your trip than wearing funny girl’s trip shirts. This one shows a photo of a dog with the altered lyrics of The Police’s Every Breath You Take,” but the creators replaced some words with “snack”, “meal”, and “bite”. So, it says “every bite you take I’ll be watching you”. While the shirt may be for men, it shouldn’t matter, as you can get in a smaller size to show your tattoos and belly button piercing or just wear it like an oversized shirt.

How To Plan a Trip on a Budget : Girls Trip!

Life’s A Beach Shirt

If you’re going to the beach, then what better way to hype yourselves up than by wearing matching shirts saying Life’s A Beach! It’s a fun way to get yourself in the mood for some beach vibes, but don’t forget to take your sunscreen, sunglasses, and your bikinis with you to complete the look. Even a bottle of Rosé, but keep in mind the drinking restrictions, especially in Germany.

Eco-Friendly Save The Turtle Shirt

Now, if you will be going out in nature to have your trip, you can enjoy it better knowing you’re making a difference. So, wearing eco-friendly shirts with a message would be the best way to do it. Of course, you can wear secondhand shirts, but if you want matching shirts, then get one with a “Save the Turtles” to remind people you meet that plastic pollution is real. You can make a statement with these shirts.

Be A Lifeaholic

Gal pals for life. - girls' trip shirts ideas
Best friends forever. Source:

It’s alright to be a workaholic, especially if you’re building your dreams, but you shouldn’t let these things get to you or prevent you from enjoying life. It would help if you made your health and yourself a priority. So, start thinking about your next vacation and share it on your baddie story as soon as possible. We hope our girls’ trip shirt ideas list will help you.

If you’re still on the fence about getting out of the city and enjoying life, just remember the many benefits of going on vacations. Please do it for yourself and enjoy your life to the fullest. It’s easy to forget how beautiful this life is and go out there to see it, but if you need a reminder, then let this be it.

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