Heartwarming Gifts For A Mentor: 11 Perfect Gift Ideas To Thank Your Mentors

The relationship between mentors and mentees is special. Indeed, mentors act as a guide, guiding both the mentees’ personal and professional development. Therefore, it’s no surprise that you want to thank your mentor with gifts. If you’re looking for a few appropriate gifts for a mentor, this article of Jobandedu is for you.

Below, we’ll introduce 11 heartwarming gift ideas for your mentors. 

The Strong Bond Between Mentors And Mentees

Mentorship is a strong link between two people in which a mentor (the one with more knowledge or experience) instructs and nurtures the other person (a mentee). This relationship could either be professionally or personally related, but in general, it supports the mentees both mentally and knowledgeably. 

The Strong Bond Between Mentors And Mentees
A mentorship’s nature is nurturing and coaching. – Source: AW360

However, its nature is far beyond achieving certain skills or mastering specific tasks. Instead, it’s all about building a solid trust between the two parties so the mentees can feel safe to ask for advice on their problems. 

Figure out three critical factors contributing to a successful mentorship here: 

Indeed, a successful mentorship is a strong bond in which both sides dedicate and appreciate one another. However, for some, showing their appreciation towards their beloved mentors solely in words is not enough. And that’s why today, we’re here with a list of best gifts for a mentor.

How To Choose Gifts For A Mentor

Picking a gift for your mentor isn’t like getting a present for your best friend. As mentors are more of a teacher than a friend, it is always worth considering a few critical factors below when choosing your mentor’s gift. 

Go For A Meaningful Gift.

As stated above, mentors make a considerable impact on your growth, both professionally and otherwise. And higher chances are they do not require any payback in any form for valuable lessons they gave. Instead, it’s their pure goodness.

How To Choose Gifts For A Mentor
A meaningful gift worth a thousand words. – Source: The Today Show

Therefore, when selecting a gift for your mentor, do not go for a random present or feebly pick one as it’s a sign of disrespect. Otherwise, a thoughtful present would be a better choice. Whether it’s big or small, affordable or a bit expensive, your mentor would highly appreciate your effort. 

However, we do not recommend a fancy present. Sometimes, it could appear like you’re trying to pay your mentor for doing something they did out of goodwill. Furthermore, giving a costly present would likely form an obligatory sense which is a huge thing to avoid in this kind of relationship.

Consider The Nature Of Your Mentorship.

Your mentor could be anyone: your boss, your professor, or your counselor. If your mentorship is somewhat personal, you might not need to consider the nature of your gifts too much. In the end, you guys share a close rapport and understand one another well enough.   

However, what if your mentor is your manager? In this case, make sure to avoid personal or fancy presents. Higher chances are that extravagant gifts appear like you’re asking for a favor or benefit from your employers. We bet you don’t want your colleagues to misunderstand and spread rumors about that.

Pick The Right Occasion.

Some might wonder why they have to wait for an appropriate event just to give appreciation gifts? 

Well, first and foremost, giving a present out of the blue might make the situation a bit odd, especially when your mentorship is not that personal. Moreover, similar to why you should avoid pricey presents, a sudden gift, sometimes, might seem like you’re currying favor. Therefore, pick an appropriate occasion or give a proper reason to give your mentor a gift. 

You can hand your presents on many occasions such as a goodbye party, an end-of-course dinner, Christmas, or birthdays. Thus, it’s not challenging to find a proper event to show your appreciation.

Wrap Your Present In Beautiful Packaging.

Last but not least, go for a decent wrap. Given the valuable experience and knowledge they bring to your life, excellent packaging is the least you can do.

Top 11 Best Gift Ideas For A Mentor

Now, if you’ve read our guide above and still haven’t come up with an idea, then you might want to scroll down for more detailed suggestions. We’ve compiled a complete list of gifts for your mentor for different occasions.

Mentor Appreciation Gift Ideas

A Thank You Mug

As its name implies, a thank you mug is a mug with a thank you message. There are hundreds of thank you mugs’ designs out there to choose from, and you could quickly get one of these cups both online and offline. However, the best thing about this gift is that your mentor can use it every day. 

Top 11 Best Gift Ideas For A Mentor
A thank you mug is one of the best thank you gifts for professors – Source: The Drifting Bear Co 

Moreover, some manufacturers also allow buyers to customize designs, texts, and photos on the cup. Thus, feel free to come up with a unique and meaningful message. Your mentor might remember you years later!

A Personalized Pillow

Similar to a thank you mug, a personalized pillow offers endless options with the wordings. You can either mention your mentor’s name, a quote, or a wish to him (or her). This piece is one of the sweetest appreciation gifts for your mentor at the end of the day.

A Thank You Gift Basket

On a more formal note, a thank you gift basket is favorable. 

In detail, this basket is a personalized gourmet bundle that is full of delicious treats. You can either pick the goodies on your own or buy a complete set. Furthermore, you can wrap the basket with a ribbon to add customized messages and wishes to your mentor. 

A Thank You Gift Basket
A thank you gift basket is one of the most formal gifts for a mentor. – Source: Tons of Thanks

Due to its formal appearance, a thank you gift basket would be one of the most fantastic mentor appreciation gift ideas. Also, if you want to play it safe, a basket of tasty treats is a great choice. 

A Thank You Card

Responding to the spirit of the saying, “I might be small but I’m mighty,” a thank you card is our following recommendation on the list.

Indeed, it is a simple yet effective way to show your appreciation towards mentors. Nowadays, thank you cards’ designs are easily accessible. Feel free to pick one that suits your preferences or DIY a card with meaningful texts. Higher chances are that your mentor would love your present a lot.

Refer to this video to know how to DIY a thank you card: 

An Inspirational Quote Print Wall Art

Inspirational words are a powerful way to arouse emotions. Search or come up with an inspiring quote (or message), print it out, then frame it. This unique present might catch your mentor’s attention immediately.

A Personalized Pen Set

A personalized pen set is the ultimate present to any mentor. Most of the time, these sets are incredibly professional and might be the all-time favorite thank you gifts for professors. Moreover, some stores even allow you to etch a personal message on top.

A Personalized Pen Set
A personalized pen set is formal and deluxe. – Source: Giftr  

Therefore, if you’re looking for a sleek and safe present for your mentor, you cannot go wrong with this one.

Mentor’s Gift Ideas On Personal Occasions

A Planner

If your mentors usually have too many things on their plate, consider giving them a planner. 

Mentor’s Gift Ideas On Personal Occasions
A planner would be of great assistance to their work. – Source: The Financial Diet 

As today’s planners are usually stylish and compact, users can easily carry them around in a bag. Moreover, they also do a great help in planning and organizing tasks and events. Thanks to this practical gift, your mentor could arrange their time efficiently and never miss their work.

A Water Bottle

In an office environment, water bottles are helpful. If your mentor prioritizes personal hygiene and doesn’t want to drink water using the same cups as others, a water bottle is the right decision. 

Nowadays, you can easily find cutting-edge bottles with heat retention. These products would usually retain your drinks at specific temperatures for hours. Some even offer reheat technology. Moreover, the design of a water bottle is usually compact, so users can easily carry it in their bag.  

An Interesting Book

Our final suggestion for today is an interesting book. From our point of view, almost no mentors refuse to read a good book.

Stephen King used to say, “Books are a uniquely portable magic.” And indeed they are. Not only does a good book broaden your mind, but it also helps you relax after a hard-working day. 

gifts for a mentor
Stephen King’s saying about books. – Source: PortableMagic

However, the definition of a good book does vary from one to another. Therefore, make sure you grasp your mentor’s preferences before purchasing.  


We know choosing appropriate gifts for a mentor isn’t easy, especially when there are many things to consider. However, believe us when we say heart matters the most. Regardless of the price or the size of your present, your professor would feel moved when receiving your heartfelt gifts.  

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