What’s Behind The “Filthy Frank It’s Time To Stop” Meme?

“So you have been using this meme over and over again, but have you ever questioned where it came from? No? It’s a very irresponsible way of spreading an image on the internet. Today, let me re-educate you, start by explaining the origin of this photo…”

Nobody can understand every single meme exists. You probably have bumped into (and used) countless of them over the years. From the “Keep Calm” mug on your working desk to the “Challenge accepted” shirt, Filthy Frank’s It’s time to stop or simply just Shia Labeouf being Shia Labeouf, meme is everywhere. You discover it through comments on Facebook or words of mouth. You change its context and adapt it for your own purposes. This process is what makes a meme a meme. 

It’s the same case with Filthy Frank It’s Time To Stop. Even if you don’t know what it is called, you must have seen this GIF more than once. It spread on the internet at a faster speed than Captain Marvel’s, to the point that most of us nearly forget where it even came from. Today, we will trace back to the origin of this legendary GIF. Obtaining this piece of information won’t make you become more responsible but will make you cooler since age is just a number. Well, I guess!

* inserts Filthy Frank It’s Time To Stop meme * 

Filthy Frank It’s Time To Stop- Source: Giphy

Who Is Filthy Frank?

The person in the meme (and behind it) is George Kusunoki Miller, a Japanese singer, comedian, Internet personality, and Youtuber. He is often known by his online aliases Filthy Frank or Pink Guy. 

Filthy Frank established his Youtube channel in 2011, namely TVFilthyFrank. The channel was known for offensive, shocking, and nasty humor. Frank filmed himself, his buddies, and bizarre creatures living in his house, but he was still the protagonist in his own series. While some internet users considered the channel “absolute garbage”, others worshipped Frank, saying he was “the edgiest man on the internet”. 

In December 2017, Frank shut down the channel, stating that he wanted to focus on his music career. Under the stage name Joji, he then started working on serious music and obtained certain success, part of it was thanks to his pre-existed fame as a Youtuber. In November 2018, his debut album Ballads 1 was ranked no.1 on Billboard Top R&B/Hiphop Albums. He was the very first Asian artist to achieve this. 

About It’s Time To Stop Meme

On December 24, 2015, after receiving many requests to upload greenscreens, Filthy Frank uploaded various greenscreen shots to his alternative channel, TooDamnFilthy, and personal website. Among them, the most popular one was “It’s time to stop”. The video was 19-second long which showed Frank shaking a huge clock repeatedly while uttering: “It’s time to stop! It’s time to stop okay? No more. Who the f*ck are your parents? I’m gonna call Child Protective Services. It’s time to stop.” 

It’s time to stop original video

Within only two months, the video quickly received over 900,000 views. As it is open for free use, internet users began to adapt it for their purposes. 

How Did Filthy Frank It’s Time To Stop Spread

Youtuber Popsicle Juice and Creepypasta Archives were the first to present videos mentioning It’s Time To Stop. Both of them were uploaded on December 25, 2015, featuring compilations of Filthy Frank green screen shots that were available on his website. Unfortunately, as of now, these channels were shut down.

A few days after, many Youtubers also uploaded edits and parodies of the scenes on Youtube, as well as various edits of the “It’s time to stop” shot alone. The best-known clip featuring the shot was from the Youtube channel Pyrocynial on January 1, 2016. The clip reached 400,000 views as of February 2016. It’s a reaction video about a game show host on a kid’s show, and he was flirting with the kids a little too much. According to Pyrocynial, “it’s time to stop, or I’m gonna call Child Protective Services”. Makes sense, huh? 

Pyrocynial’s video featuring “it’s time to stop” shot

At the same time, the phrase “It’s time to stop” also had several results on Tumblr. Users began to cut the “It’s time to stop” shot out of the original video and made it a reaction GIF for personal use.  

Aside from the reaction GIF, the image macro of Filthy Frank shaking the giant clock with an overlaying text that said “It’s time to stop” was also used as a reaction image in many social media platforms. It is just the same case as the “Stop posting” meme. Internet users also combined the image with different characters whose ability involves time controlling/travelling, such as those from “Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure”.

How Did Filthy Frank It's Time To Stop Spread

A Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure parody – Source: Know Your Meme

Some Of The Best Compilations

The Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure fandom couldn’t get enough with the meme since Dio Brandon, the main antagonist of the series bore the power to stop time and was, well, abused as a child. Here is the Dio version of Filthy Frank It’s Time To Stop:

It’s time to stop – Dio version

What to do when your mate cannot cover you in Team Fortress 2? It’s time to stop. 

Reserve Shooter

There is no better chance to insert this meme while Among Us with friends. Just stop.

Among Us It’s Time To Stop

And well, I’m not a fan of Powerpuff Girls 2016 as well, so I can sort of understanding this: 

It’s time to stop – Reaction to new Powerpuff Girl reboot


So it’s time for us to stop now. Most internet memes have specific jokes that are associated with their backgrounds. For Filthy Frank It’s Time To Stop, though it’s not the case. The meme is way too applicable, and you can use it in almost any situation. Therefore, it is not really necessary to know where it’s from, but who knows, this strange knowledge can be useful for you sometimes! 

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