Top Equine Jobs Near Me That Excite Horse Lovers

When it comes to horse jobs, what do you usually think about? Just a horse farmer, a horse rider, or even a farrier? In fact, there are many more equine jobs than these commonly known ones. There are many potential job opportunities in the equine industry for people who desire to expose horses as professionals. But what are currently popular equine jobs near me? Keep reading our career advice to figure out “horse farm jobs near me” and choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life.

Why Should I Consider Equine Jobs Near Me?

Satisfy Your Passion

Satisfy Your Passion
Let’s follow your passion and get make money with horses – Source: Pinterest

If you are looking for your dream job, and equestrianism is your passion, working with horses is probably the right fit. Don’t miss the following “horse farm jobs near me” list. 

There are various roles available in the equine career that fit every personality and skill set. Let’s read on and make money with horses!

Unique Working Environment And Experience

Equine jobs offer unique experiences, including an animal companion and an almost entirely outdoor working environment. Following an equine career, you will constantly get exposed to the fresh air at the horse farm and immersed in nature.

Unique Working Environment And Experience
Equine jobs offer very unique experiences – Source:

Relatively High Income

The salaries of equine jobs are relatively high. You can refer to the wages of several typical equine jobs mentioned in the next section. What could be better than doing a job related to your hobby and getting a huge salary out of it?

What Are Popular Equine Jobs Near Me?

Let’s find out “What are horse farm jobs near me!”

Horse Trainer

What Does A Horse Trainer Do?

Horse training is an art. The training process begins when the horse is young. 

When working with juvenile horses, the horse trainer needs to get the animals accustomed to wearing saddles and bridles, then teach them to accept a rider. Once the horse is familiar with human contacts, the equine trainer then teaches it with a rope. The trainer will tie the string around the horse’s head, run around in a circle while training the horse to listen to commands such as stop, go, run, etc.

With older horses, the horse trainer will help enhance their strength, flexibility and hone the skills taught by previous trainers.

What Does A Horse Trainer Do? - Equine Jobs Near Me
The trainer leads the horse to run around in a circle – Source:

How Much Does A Horse Trainer Earn?

According to, the average horse trainer wage in the US is $37,496 as of March 29, 2021. The wage range of this job is from $32,924 to $42,472.

Salary ranges can vary widely depending on several key factors, including education, certifications, experience, and additional skills.

Riding Instructor – Equine Jobs Near Me

What Does A Horse Riding Instructor Do?

Another typical job in the list of “equine jobs near me” is horse riding instructor. Riding instructors’ mission includes ensuring the horse’s and rider’s safety anytime. They teach their students more than just how to ride; a riding instructor shows healthy horsemanship techniques and shares equestrianism enthusiasm.  

What Does A Horse Riding Instructor Do? - Equine Jobs Near Me
A riding instructor teaches more than just how to ride – Source:

Let’s have a look at how riding instructors Teach Beginner Riders:

How Much Does A Horse Riding Instructor Earn?

In the US, the average wage for horse riding instructor positions is between $27,746 and $38,628 per year. These numbers may vary based on opportunities for advancement and skill level, location, and years of experience.

Equine Nutritionist

What Does An Equine Nutritionist Do?

As an equine nutritionist, you need to have adequate knowledge of horse nutrition and their digestive system to develop the proper diet. 

In more details, the development of a horse consists of many stages, and not all horses have the same condition, size, and weight. An equine nutritionist needs to know how to develop an individualized diet, improve equines’ fitness, and avoid potential health problems.

What Does An Equine Nutritionist Do? - Equine Jobs Near Me
An equine nutritionist can address equine diet concerns – Source:

How Much Does An Equine Nutritionist Earn?

The average income of an equine nutritionist in the US is $49,481. Equine Nutritionists make the most in San Francisco at $74,736. The average compensation is 51%,  greater than that of the US. Equine nutritionists earn the most in San Francisco, with an annual gross income of $74,736, which is 51 percent higher than the national average.

Equine Therapist

What Does An Equine Therapist Do?

An equine therapist’s primary role is improving living standards for elderly horses with arthritis and providing rehabilitation for younger injured horses.

Some injured horses cannot totally recover through medical treatment; they still need equine rehabilitation therapists. These highly educated therapists will work with animals to alleviate musculoskeletal problems. They will help the horse regain its strength and stamina by applying massage, tailored workouts, and other therapies.

What Does An Equine Therapist Do? - Equine Jobs Near Me
A equine therapist helps the horse recover its strength and stamina – Source:

How Much Does A Equine Therapist Earn? – Equine Jobs Near Me

As of March 29, 2021, the average hourly pay for an equine therapist in the US is $24. The salary range fluctuates from $22 to $26.


What Does A Farrier Do?

Another profession included in the list “equine jobs near me” is a farrier or blacksmith. As a farrier, you will trim and shoe the hooves for horses. A typical farrier has to provide thorough care for equine feet, including regular horseshoe maintenance and addressing any potential lameness problems.

How Much Does A Farrier Earn?

According to, a typical US farrier earns $24,009. As of March 29, 2021, the farrier’s income range falls between $19,419 and $28,984. 

If you are keen on this equine job, check out how to be a horseshoe maker and make money with horses:

Conclusion – Equine Jobs Near Me

If you love the horse and have passion for this job, don’t miss the “equine jobs near me” list and Jobandedu‘s recommendation. Keep following your dream job, and make money with horses!

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