After 17 years, the “success” of White Chicks still remains a mystery. Just in case you don’t know, this movie only received a rating of 55% on Rotten Tomatoes and 5.6/10 on IMDb. It received nominations for five Razzies, including the Worst Picture, Worst Actress, Worst Director, Worst Screenplay, and Worst Screen Couple. Yet, it was the same movie that had a budget of $37,000,000 and grossed $113,086,475, which was impressive at the time. Despite all the criticisms, everyone seems to remember White Chicks. Until now, I still see the “Hasta la vista, Schwarzenegro” scene being used as a meme here and there. 

But what is the reason behind this paradox? While critics considered White Chicks awful and sporadic, how could this movie still manage to earn such a secure place in audiences’ hearts? To answer these questions, user gnakash on IMDb wrote: 

“This movie is simply funny, it aims to make you laugh and no more. Anyone who dissects the plot and puts the acting and screenplay of this film under a microscope is missing the entire point. Of course, this kind of comedy will never be nominated to an Oscar or Cannes, but it is just delightful to relieve stress with this type of silliness.”

Best movies like White Chicks

This moment has become legendary – Source: Screen Rant

So for all the jokes and laughs it delivered, the film has aged well. “Is White Chicks On Netflix?”, you ask? Yes, it is currently available for many regions, including Canada and Mexico. However, if you have watched this cult classic a few times and need other movies like White Chicks to shut down your brain after a stressful day, there are still many choices!

List Of Movies Like White Chicks. 

Below are our recommendations for movies like White Chicks in chronological order: 

  • Uptown Saturday Night (1974)
  • Big Momma’s House (2000)
  • Miss Congeniality (2000)
  • One Night At McCool’s (2001) 
  • Sorority Boys (2002)
  • The Heat (2013) 

Uptown Saturday Night (1974) 

Though being released 47 years ago, this action-comedy never gets old. It follows Steve Jackson (Sidney Poitier) and Wardell Franklin (Bill Cosby), a blue-collar pair searching for a lost winning lottery ticket. 

Sure, this 70s show doesn’t have a huge budget, and it will take a while for us to get used to the old-fashioned slang. Once you get over those, though, you will see that Uptown Saturday Night is a true gem. Sidney Poitier and Wardell Franklin made a great duo, even though they are, errr, not on a good term in real life. The way they kept pace with each other is harmonious, but I still have to say that Cosby was a bit weaker than Poitier in this movie with some of his overacting. Uptown Saturday Night also had two of the most stunning actresses ever filmed: Rosalind Cash and Paula Kelly. 

Uptown Saturday Night 1974

Uptown Saturday Night – Source: Amazon

Regarding the plot, it is not an exaggeration to say that Uptown Saturday Night sets the standard for the “buddy” genre. All the comedy situations were meant for both protagonists to shine. There were quirky and oddball hustlers, grifters, corrupted politicians, gangsters, and cheap floozies, all brought to life by a smart and well-connected storyline. It is definitely a movie for you if you are trying to find comedy movies like White Chicks and want some 70s nostalgia.

Movies Like White Chicks – Big Momma’s House (2000) 

Big Momma’s House introduces us to FBI agent Marcom Turner. Tough and quick-wit, he is entitled “the master of disguise”. One day, Marcom decides to take on the most challenging mission ever: Impersonating the crabby Southern granny Big Momma. Using some small tricks, his transformation into Big Momma is complete. He even adopts the bulky septuagenarian’s daily routine, from cooking soul food to delivering babies to “testifying” in the nearby church.

Big Momma’s House trailer

Martin Lawrence is normally not an excellent actress, but a likable guy, and the role of Marcom Turner resembles him in real life. Looking at Lawrence’s portrayal, you can feel a sense of comfortability: Instead of acting, he was just expressing himself. That explains why all the comedy comes naturally, as a Redditor said, “even his goofy faces are enough to make us laugh”. Men dressing up as women is old-fashioned and dull in general, but the way Lawrence delivers makes it funny and even hysterical sometimes. 

The plot is chaotic and all over the place, but the film has a bunch of laugh-out-loud scenes and smart humorous situations. I love the part when Marcom was stuck in the restroom behind the shower curtain while the real “Big Momma” was taking a dump a few feet away. The comedy of this movie works, so we can excuse the storyline’s drawback and just enjoy the fun. 

Aside from Big Momma’s House, there are also two sequences: Big Momma’s House 2 (2006) and Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son (2011). All of them are available for purchase on Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, and Vudu. 

Movies Like White Chicks – Miss Congeniality (2000) 

The story of Miss Congeniality unfolds when a terrorist threatens to bomb the Miss United States pageant. The FBI has no other choice but to find a female agent to pose as a contestant. Despite her lack of elegance and girliness, Gracie (Sandra Bullock) is the only suitable one. However, she always prides herself on being “one of the guys”, and the thought of dressing up terrifies her. 

Miss Congeniality trailer

Among actresses, Sandra Bullock was not one that often starred in Oscar-winning movies. However, every project she chose became iconic in pop culture, and Miss Congeniality is no exception. Though Bullock is usually elegant and charming, the tomboy image fits her appearance perfectly (this can also be seen through her portrayal as Annie Porter in Speed). She also has a gift for comedy: Her facial expressions, body language, and comedic timing are all on-point. Overall, Bullock’s performance is excellent all the way through her transformation, from the awkward FBI agent to the gorgeous lady in the beauty contest. 

The plot can get a little silly and predictable at times, of course, but it’s for the sake of entertainment. With a simple storyline, clever hooks, and Bullock’s warm humor, Miss Congeniality can deliver plenty of good laughs, and it’s all that matters. 

The movie is now streaming on HBO Max and Netflix. 

One Night At McCool’s (2001) 

Another crime comedy to spice up your Saturday night! Randy (Matt Dillon) is working as a bartender at McCool. That night, lawyer Carl (Paul Reiser) happens to chill there until past closing. Things start to get chaotic when a criminal case occurs, and detective Dehling (John Goodman) arrives. The dead body ties these three men together, but not as much as a gorgeous young woman who introduced herself as Jewel (Liv Tyler). 

Parts of the film’s success come from the cast. Our actors fit their character perfectly: Matt added a touch of charm and arrogance to the role, even though Randy was supposed to be the least prominent character. Reiser was good as the kinky, squirmy Carl. Meanwhile, Goodman was curiously amusing. Even Liv Tyler, though didn’t have much chance to shine like the male cast, managed to inject Jewel with her own charisma and flamboyance. “She reminds us of Mena Suvari’s intimate performance in ‘American Beauty.”, user Movie-12 wrote on Rotten Tomatoes. 

One night at McCool's 2001

Liv Tyler as Jewel – Source: IMDb

The storytelling of One Night At McCool’s is intriguing: It is told from three different points of view of three men. All of them surround Jewel, and her clothes are relative to the person telling the story. While Randy viewed Jewel as an awakening to his dull life, to Carl, she was nothing more than a pair of sexy legs, and Dehling considered her a mesmerizing creation from God. This way, audiences can know each character and understand them deeply while unfolding the story from different aspects. 

Overall, for me, One Night At McCool’s is one of a few dark comedy movies that work. It ends in a surprisingly funny climax, which received critical acclaim on both Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb. 

The movie is available on Netflix USA. You can also purchase it from Amazon Prime Play or Vudu. 

Movies Like White Chicks – Sorority Boys (2002) 

In this hilarious drama, we are following Dave (Barry Watson), Adam (Michael Rosenbaum), and Doofer (Harland William). This fraternity playboy trio, totally broke, decides to do an unbelievable thing: Masquerading as ladies. Their vulgar trick soon backfires when they get a crash course in the opposite sex. 

Sorority Boys trailer

The biggest point for Sorority Boys is neither the cash nor the plot but the jokes throughout the movie. If you expect a lame cross-dressing comedy with plenty of gross jokes about farts and women’s bodies, consider it again. Even though Sorority Boys does have a couple of boob shots, the jokes were witty, engaging, and on-point. For me, it was great to see how typical guys would react to being in girls’ shoes, and even greater when the situation is depicted in an inoffensive way. In the end, our protagonists eventually learn to treat women with respect. 

This is the kind of comedy that you can enjoy without feeling guilty. You can purchase Sorority Boys on Amazon Prime, Google Play, or Vudu. 

Movies Like White Chicks – The Heat (2013) 

Truth be told, when I saw Sarah Bullock in FBI costumes, I immediately thought to myself: “Ah, just some other movies like Miss Congeniality”. Soon after watching The Heat, though, I realized it was a mistake. The Heat has its own way to make audiences tick, and it wouldn’t be such a hit at the box office if it wasn’t unique and interesting. 

The plot surrounds FBI agent Sarah Ashburn (Sarah Bullock) – an experienced investigator with a great reputation. Inevitably, that comes with her arrogance. As opposed to Sarah, sarcastic and fiery-tempered Shannon Mullins (Melissa McCarthy) relies on her instinct and streetwise to deal with criminal activities. Despite their differences, these two yin and yang find themselves working together to capture a drug lord — and becoming the last thing anyone expected — friends.

The Heat trailer

There might be a reason Bullock agreed to take on another FBI role: Through comparisons between Gracie and Sarah, she had a chance to show off her flexibility and considerable acting muscles. These two characters are completely different: Gracie is sarcastic and awkward, while Sarah is overly serious, professional, and superior. Even when portraying as the stiff and dull Sarah, Bullock still had her way to make us laugh, which surely deserves recognition. 

Furthermore, she shared amazing chemistry with McCarthy. The two complemented each other perfectly, and none of them overwhelmed the other (even though Bullock definitely had more acting experience than McCarthy at the time). 

There is a lot of vulgar humor – as expected in this kind of movie. At the same time, though, there is a lot of witty humor that will leave you thinking for a long time. If you want to find a movie that will give you glimpses of police work’s brutality, The Heat is 100% suitable. However, in case you just come for laughs, it is right for you too! 

The Heat is not available on US Netflix, but it is now streaming on Hulu. You can purchase the movie from iTunes or Amazon Prime as well. 

Movies Like White Chicks – Final Thoughts

After a long stressful week, laughing your heart out is the best way to relieve stress and refresh your mind. These 6 movies like White Chicks will help you with that. Some of them might be thought-provoking, some are simply hilarious, but they are meant for you to have fun. 

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