Top Career Opportunities At Federal Agencies

If you have a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations, political science, or related fields, you have an excellent chance to apply to work for the Government. Unless you are a Muhammad Ali, you will not likely get an invitation without knowing all the requirements and application process. This article will reveal and guide you on top career opportunities at federal agencies such as Council on Foreign Relations jobs and other relevant positions. 

Council on Foreign Relations Jobs

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is an independent, nonpartisan membership organization. CFR was founded in 1921 and chose to take no institutional positions on matters of policy. The Council’s ultimate goal is to become a resource for people to better understand the foreign policy choices of the United States and other countries. 

CFR welcomes government officials, journalists, educators, students, civic and religious readers. The CFR members come from very different backgrounds, such as Condoleezza Rice, Robert E. Rubin, and Angelina Jolie. 

CFR Positions in New York

CFR offers international jobs for Americans thanks to its worldwide network. However, within the United States, the Council On Foreign Relations jobs are available in New York or Washington, DC. Here are the top job opportunities for you to pursue in these two big cities. 

In New York, CFR recruits the following positions.

Research Associate Positions 

PositionsQualifications and other requirements
Research Associate in Asia StudiesA Bachelor’s degree in International Relations or a related field, with high academic achievements
Advanced Mandarin Chinese language skills and a concentration on Chinese studies
At least one year of related experience and strong research, proofreading, and editing skills. 
Research Associate in International EconomicsAt least a Bachelor’s degree in economics
Excellent written and verbal communication skills and a proven interest in economics 
Great research skills to research global financial markets, the digital economy, and economic policies
Research Associate, in Russia StudiesA Bachelor’s degree in International relations, political science, or a related field
High academic credentials and have done coursework in U.S. – Russia relations
Advanced Russian language skills are compulsory
The ability to research with materials in the Russian language
Research Associate in the Digital and Cyberspace Policy ProgramBA degree in Computer Science, Political Science, or International Relations, with high academic credentials
Strong organization skills, along with excellent verbal and written communication skills
Top Career Opportunities At Federal Agencies

Angelina Jolie on international law and justice at the CFR, in Oct 2008. Source: thenewamerican

Foreign Affairs Staff

Foreign Affair is the preeminent publication on international affairs and U.S. foreign policy. From Staff Editor to Assistant Director and Senior Editor, great careers depend on your expertise.

The available positions at Foreign Affairs in June 2021 are:

PositionsQualifications and other requirements
Assistant Director, Foreign Affairs Media RelationsAt least 4 years of related experience in media relations
Proven knowledge of the current U.S. foreign policy and international affairs
A Degree in International Affairs, Communications or similar is a plus
Advertising Operations AssociateGraduate in business, marketing, management, or relevant field
At least one year of administrative experience, preferably with high-level executives
Independent, self-motivated, detail-oriented
Experience in Adobe Creative Suite is a plus
Associate EditorExceptional writing and editing skills
Three years of editorial experience in print and web
Familiarity with online and print journalism
Strong computer skills are preferred
Social Media and Audience Development EditorBachelor’s degree in international relations or a related field
Prior experience with institutional social media accounts 
Preferably experience with visual media and web analytics
Staff EditorAt least one year of editorial experience in print and web. 
A strong understanding of foreign policy and international affairs
Collaboration skills and time management skills
Assistant DirectorAt least four years of experience in media relations
Excellent writing skills along with consensus-building skills
Proven ability to work with tools like Sailthru, Trendkite, Cision, and databases
Ability and willingness to work flexible hours
Council On Foreign Relations Jobs

President Biden at one CFR event. Source: standard

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CFR Positions in Washington, DC

In Washington, DC, you can also apply for the research associate position and choose your area of interest. There are three areas: International Institutions and Global Governance, Middle Eastern Studies, or Korea Studies. Besides, you can apply for the staff editor position at the Think Global Health project or as a program associate for the Washington External Affairs. 

Research Associate Positions

Research Associate PositionsQualifications and other requirements
Research Associate in Middle Eastern StudiesBachelor’s/Master’s degree in International Relations or Political Science.
Experience with Middle Eastern Studies and fluency in Hebrew.
At least one year of administrative experience along with solid research, writing, and editing skills.
Those who used to live in Israel or Arab would be strongly preferred. 
Research Associate in Korea StudiesBachelor’s/Master’s degree in Asian Studies/Korea Studies.
Excellent command of Korean and a demonstrated academic work on foreign relations of Korea.
Ability to use statistics, Korean-language sources, archival materials, etc. to research.
Associate positions in International Institutions and Global Governance (IIGG)A degree in Political Science or International.
Relations with high academic credentials.
Expertise in multilateral institutions and international organizations.
At least one year of related experience

Staff Editor

In June 2021, CFR is looking for a new Staff Editor for Think Global Health. In January 2020, Think Global Health is an online magazine examining how health is shaping economies, societies, and people’s lives worldwide. So far, the magazine has published more than 300 articles, attracting more than two million views. These articles also have been shared with major news outlets like New York Times and the Washington Post. 

To apply for this position as Staff Editor, you need a Bachelor’s degree in international affairs, journalism, global health, life sciences, or a related field. You also need to have a minimum of two years of work experience, along with solid writing, editing skills. The position would require a team-oriented attitude and the ability to handle different projects simultaneously. To do so, you should be able to work with HTML, Photoshop, Adobe, InDesign, and more.

External Affairs Associate

Last but not least, there is a job opening as Program Associate for Washington External Affairs. The position will assist in engaging members of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives and their staff. To be qualified for this position, candidates should have experience working in congressional or government relations. Besides the must-have soft skills, the Program Associate should also be entrepreneurial and multi-task independently. 

National Security Council Jobs

The National Security Council (NSC) is among the most critical organizations in the U.S. government system. If you are looking for National Security Council jobs, you can visit the White House website and send in your resume and a cover letter. You can choose to work in specific fields, such as communications, Information Technology, Legal, Legislative, Management/ Administration, Public Engagement, and Protocol. 

After that, you can consider the areas you like to work in. There are many choices, but you should choose one field that suits both your expertise and interest. If you have experience working for the government, you should list the agencies or entities you have worked for. The required information is very straightforward and available on


The Council On Foreign Relations jobs asks for a sense of devotion for the United States and its people. Indeed, working for the federal government enables you to create an impact on others’ lives. Along with weighty responsibilities, you will work alongside great minds and get to know great people. It would be a meaningful part of your career that would help change your life and values.

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