“Closed Mouths Don’t Get Fed” – What Is The Meaning Of Speaking At The Right Time?

We are separated from wild animals by our ability to communicate. However, not understanding how to use language exactly may significantly impact communication effectiveness. Do you ever find it difficult to express yourself in a given situation? Does this make it difficult for those around you to consider your actual needs? Read the tips in today’s topic “Closed mouths don’t get fed” to help you develop your communication skills and even improve your life and take chances.

How could we understand that “closed mouths don’t get fed“?” What is the significance of words? Learn how to speak up at the appropriate time and place by reading the article below.

“Closed Mouths Don’t Get Fed” - What Is The Meaning Of Speaking At The Right Time?
We are separated from wild animals by our ability to communicate. Source: qs.com

What Does “Closed Mouths Don’t Get Fed” Mean?

According to the Urban Dictionary, Closed Mouths Don’t Get Fed is a saying popular among adults, meaning if you do not open your mouth you will not get what it is you want.

In other words, if you don’t speak up what you want or your opinions, there’s no way to have someone else know what you really want. Without asking for it, you’ll never get it!

The Power Of Words 

Speakers and listeners are both influenced by the words they use. Indeed, words have the potential to improve or degrade human-to-human contact efficiency in both positive and negative ways. As a consequence, thoroughly comprehending its meaning will assist you in better communication.

The Impact Of Words

The way you talk has a significant influence on how you feel! A kind word from another person may make your day or make you feel down. In certain extreme cases, terms can destroy the faith, hope, and motivation of others. That is why words have two sides: they can either lift a person into ecstasy or push them into an abyss.

Some sayings stay with you for the rest of your life. Words will remain in someone’s mind for a long time, even though the speaker has forgotten them. In contrast, criticism could lead to despair, insecurity, and a lack of motivation. 

Instead of scolding and using coercion, Jewish mothers often praise their children and inspire them to complete the task at hand. This encourages kids to become more self-reliant and self-assured. Indeed, words have the power to change someone’s life for the better and vice versa.

Closed Mouths Don’t Get Fed: When Should You State Your Opinion?

Closed Mouths Don't Get Fed: When Should You State Your Opinion?
Know how to express your opinion. Source: Pexel.com

To completely solve a dilemma, you may need to demonstrate and protect your point of view. For instance, in case you are stuck in a bad situation that jeopardizes your honor, you should speak up and use your own words to your benefit.

When Emotions Are Being Trampled

Stuff will occasionally spiral out of our control. However, we should use words to communicate our feelings and moods to the other person to address issues in the most effective way possible. In most cases, everyone respects and adores you more if you express your feelings and thoughts in a straightforward, moderate manner.

When You See Wrongdoings

If you can act, you must speak out about social injustices. It is not because you think that these injustices have nothing to do with you that you turn a blind eye. When you have a dilemma, and no one can save you, what will you do?

For example, when you stay silent about corruption, you might be saying that you agree with it. Speak up for what is right. At the same time, you should use your words to assist those who cannot protect themselves, which can shield them from painful feelings.

When Asked About Personal Opinions

When someone asks for your opinion on a subject, it means they are interested in what you’re going to say. So, when you’re asked, speak up; that’s when you’ll be heard, and the other party will respect your input. Simultaneously, listeners can gain a greater understanding of your viewpoints and perspectives, as well as higher regard for you. So, if you’re asked, don’t be afraid to express yourself.

Being Quiet May Play A Vital Role In Daily Communication

Closed mouths don’t get fed?

Recognize that silence does not always indicate compliance with what the other person is doing. Here, serenity aids your ability to concentrate on listening and absorbing information more effectively. However, it must be used with the appropriate people at the proper time. While words are no longer needed, saving speech can be a favorable option, but it can also be devastating if done incorrectly.

When Should You Be Quiet?

When Should You Be Quiet?
Why and when should you be quiet? ( Source: unplash.com)

The Silence When Information Is Not Clear

Communication’s primary purpose is to relay vital knowledge. As a consequence, you must think about the quality of the details you want to convey. Your reputation would be enhanced if the information you share is accurate. As a result, if the information is false, you should remain silent, listen carefully, and just say what you know.

Don’t Hurting Others

Don’t Hurting Others
Scolding is not good for resolving issues in most cases. Source: apicms.thestar

Being quiet during discussions helps one remain calm and avoid saying things that are hurtful to others. Rage can lead us to say something that can destroy good relationships. Therefore, when you are upset, take a step back.

when you are upset, take a step back.
Silence to listen. Source: Freepik

Keep Silent If It’s Necessary

When you do not know what to say, don’t push yourself to keep talking. Being silent will also help to relax the mood and give you time to decide what you want to say and how to say appropriately and allow the other person to understand you better.

Silence Before Indelicate Statements

Anyone can be insulted, criticized, or provoked by others at any time. Silence is an intelligent response in such cases. When your mind is in a mess, being quiet will help you keep calm then express your thoughts to the other person more clearly. It also allows you to appropriately monitor your actions and words in front of any circumstances.

Stop Slandering Someone!

Silence allows you better to monitor your behaviors and reactions to certain events. It is better to remain silent if you are attempting to defame others. The reality is that no one is flawless at all, and everybody has their own weakness, including you. And, though you might be right, speaking out when you know your idea will hurt others is not wise.

Our Final Words About “Closed Mouths Don’t Get Fed”

Learning to talk takes just a few years, but learning to say what we need to speak at the right time takes a lifetime. Your ability to control your voice reveals who you are. Simultaneously, using the right words at the right moment will enhance a person’s life. As a result, always keep your words underhand, and note that speech control leads to a better society. Remember this famous quote: “Closed mouths don’t get fed,” and learn to monitor your voice effectively.

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