2021’s New Exercising Trend (Including The Best Chloe Ting Work Out Program)

Exercising is now back to people’s busy lives as one of the hottest trends. According to Statista, in 2020, the keyword “Online workouts from home” witnessed a 3800% increase compared to the previous years. If you’re wondering why you should catch up with this trend, today’s post is for you. Jobandedu’ll also introduce the most effective Chloe Ting work out program if you decide to give this trend a try. Summer is on our way.

Why Should You Try The Exercising Trend?

Every section of your body benefits from exercising

Although a few people believe working out is only for men as they’re stronger than women, exercising helps everyone and is for everyone. Indeed, working out is a beneficial activity that everyone should frequently engage in to live better and feel better. 

According to the CDC, working out reduces the chance of getting certain chronic conditions such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, and hypertension. Moreover, exercising can also help you maintain a healthy and aesthetic figure.

Likewise, training stimulates the production of chemicals in our system, which could induce us to be better. Furthermore, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine, workouts can also help to cure insomnia from which the young generation tends to suffer.

2021’s New Exercising Trend (Including The Best Chloe Ting Work Out Program)

Working out comes with plenty of benefits. Source: Artibees

Maybe it doesn’t matter now, but your body will appreciate your current workouts in the future. 

According to Harvard Medical School, there is also a strong connection between exercising and aging. They believe that frequent workouts can slow down the aging process and prevent age-related diseases.

For instance, osteoporosis (calcium deterioration) might become a severe issue when you grow older, which early weight-bearing training can help avoid. In addition, any activity like skipping, jogging, or brisk strolling in this situation could serve to sustain stronger bones.

Exercising is a way to give love to yourself

Self-care depicts all activities in which people treat themselves like at-home spas, self-help books, or manicures. And exercising is also a form of it.

According to 75% of People Magazine’s survey participants, all self-care activities, including exercising, can help people relieve stress and be more positive. Your stressful college life would thank you!

Exercising is a way to give love to yourself

Exercising is also a form of self-love. Source: Freepik 

Indeed, according to a study published by Nova Southeastern University, sometimes, individuals who suffer from light depressive symptoms and low self-esteem could also feel better after engaging in exercises. 

Additionally, exercising may also offer them a feeling of achievement and pleasure in reaching a target — much like winning a 100-meter run. And do we have to mention being able to post smoking hot photos Snaps?

Chloe Ting 2 Week Shred 2020: The Best Exercise For Shred Abs  

Who is Chloe Ting? 

As stated above, workout-related keywords have become so popular these days. If you’ve contributed to those numbers, higher chances are you’ve encountered the name “Chloe Ting” and her ideal figure. 

Chloe Ting is a popular fitness Youtuber who owns a well-proportioned body that every girl wishes to have.

She exercises a lot and even expertizes herself as an online trainer. Indeed, she has gained quite a reputation in this field, including 20.9 million Youtube followers and 3.3 million fans on Instagram. 

Her workouts are famous for being extremely practical and time-saving, while this hot Youtuber dedicates herself to an expanding range of fitness programs and challenges. 

She even possesses a personal website where she stores and updates all her training. And that’s also why her programs are great for those who want to catch up with the latest exercising trend. Basically, she has workout sets for everyone.

Chloe Ting 2 Week Shred 2020: A Detailed Review

Among all Chloe Ting workout programs, people regard her 2-week shred 2020 as the most effective one.

The training content

The set includes 3 to 4 clips with songs that make you feel like a baddie who can do anything to achieve her goals, and each lasts about 10 – 15 mins. The whole program takes around 14 days, yet you can have a few rest days if necessary.

Chloe excels at her program construction: Her exercises are more fun and target specific muscles such as belly and thighs. Although this program repeats some of her old clips, she presents them in different forms. As a result, many participants claim that they feel like the time passes a lot quicker.

Chloe Ting 2 Week Shred 2020: A detailed review

A closer look at Chloe Ting’s 2 Week Shred 2020 challenge. Source: Beginning the Adventure

Even though the program’s diversity is fantastic, it is not for fragile beginners, which many learned the hard way. Indeed, Chloe provides over a hundred routines, but many agree that the 2-week shred exercise is one of the toughest.

Her extended workouts, which run around 3 and 4 weeks, provide a relatively slow pace and intensify after every day’s training.

The tension is considerable due to the shortened time frame specially designed for this two-week exercise. Fortunately, Chloe provides alternatives for most clips, which is a true blessing on days you don’t feel too active.

Moreover, she also offers additional recordings before and after exercise to enhance and alleviate the possible pains and aches. While these sessions are voluntary, they’re advisable for muscle tension relieving.

Chloe Ting

Chloe Ting’s 2020 abs training in 2 weeks – Chloe Ting

These sessions balance HIIT and cardio, explicitly concentrating on abs, biceps, and waistline. Consequently, this shred training results in people’s weight loss, shape rectification, and core enhancements.

The program’s results

Many people report having positive results after following this 2-week program. Most agree to achieve better health and fit at the end of 14 days. 

For some people who pair the program with a diet, the results are visual and evident with strong ab lines. 

However, for some, the results aren’t that clear and intense. Yet, they do gain faint 11 abs’ lines and a stronger core. Therefore, consider a healthy diet during these 14 days if you want to reach optimal outcomes. 


A result of Chloe Ting workout – Best Chloe Ting Work Out Program. Source: Reddit

One more thing to note is that this exercise doesn’t go well with those who have weak knees or any heart diseases as many movements require a strong lower body and have fast reactions. So, if you see yourself in those two groups, please find other programs that are more subtle, like the 2021 Summer Shred Challenge or the 2021 Hourglass Challenge.


Exercising is indeed one of a few benefits that lockdowns give us. Not only does it boost our physical and mental health, but it also kills the boredom and stress during the pandemic. 

If you now want to try out the trend yet don’t know how to start, consider checking out some Chloe Ting work out programs. She has a wide range of exercises for both beginners and pros with different intensity levels. Don’t just prepare colorful summer trip clothes and miss out on your summer body. Work now to show those belly piercing and DIY tattoos.

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