Celebrities’ Family Drama – 9 Most Shocking Stories In Hollywood

Hollywood celebrities have an unofficial side job: to keep their family members in check. Failing to do that, they will be the next face on the cover of entertainment magazines among the celebrities’ family drama news. From their net worth to their love life and even relationship with family members, anything about a Hollywood celeb will attract attention. Let’s check out the nine most scandalous celebrities’ family drama in Hollywood!

The Joy-Anna Duggar Instagram Scandal – Celebrities’ Family Drama

Being a famous person on social media means each of your social posts will count. The whole controversy against Joy-Anna Duggar and her husband started when they announced a new app they joined. The Duggar family chose to join Parler – a free speech social media channel where user’s rights are of the highest priority. 

It might sound harmless, but the couple received much negative feedback. Most people know of Parler for promoting conspiracy theories supporting Conservative candidates. Although Parler’s original target was to have an open space for everyone to speak up, it soon became a Facebook rival. 

The Joy-Anna Duggar Instagram Scandal - celebrities' family drama

The Dugger family is happily together. Image: Little Things

In other words, while Facebook was muting Donald Trump, Parler was calling everyone to join it to support Trump. However, the Duggar family’s support for Republican candidates, and especially Trump, was not new to the public. They once mowed Trump’s name into their lawn to show their support.

Unfortunately, as a result, Joy has lost one of her sponsorship deals. From her public post on Instagram, a fan informed the brand DIME Beauty of Joy’s conservative values. Her post has caused the brand to immediately discontinue the cooperation with Joy due to different political values and beliefs. The incident, however, did not stop Joy-Anna from enjoying her conservative hobbies such as hunting. 

Hunting posts again caused even more discomfort among fans of the Dugger couple. Meanwhile, Joy-Anna quit Counting On to dedicate herself to her marriage and raising her children. Now that she is away from the spotlight, hopefully, Joy-Anna will learn from this Joy-Anna Duggar Instagram scandal and be more careful with social media.

Kristen Wiig Net Worth And MoreCelebrities’ Family Drama

Born in 1973 in New York, Kristen Wiig is now single with a vast net worth. Wiig’s career started as soon as 2005 with her appearance on SNL. She then stayed on the show as a full member until 2012. Besides, Wigg is famous for her co-writing and starring in Bridesmaids, which collected over $280 million worldwide. After leaving SNL, she took on a role in Ghostbusters and later in the movie Zoolander 2. 

Throughout her career, Wiig has received 18 nominations for movies, 4 of which she won awards. These four awards include Women Film Critic Circle Award, “Best Female Action Hero”. Furthermore, she won an infamous “Golden Raspberry” award for “Worst Supporting Actress” in 2017. 

9 Most Hollywood’s Scandalous Celebrities Family Drama

After one divorce, Wigg doesn’t want to marry again. Image: Hollywood Reporter

Regarding her personal life, the comedian got married for four years to actor Hayes Hargrove. The couple parted ways in 2009. Though Wiig managed to overcome the family drama to maintain her SNL work, the divorce changed her mind about marriage. Wiig answered in several interviews that she wanted to marry again. The family drama sure broke her heart in a way. 

However, Kristen Wigg kept on working hard. Today, she has a net worth of approximately $25 million. Her net worth is mainly income from Ghostbusters, Zoolander 2, The Martian, and her appearance on SNL. Kristen is still coming back in more movies like “Despicable Me 3”, and we can expect to see more of her great works in the future. 

Robert Wagner’s Involvement In His Wife’s Death – Celebrities’ Family Drama

Wagner, best known for his roles in TV shows like “It takes a thief” or “Hart to Hart”, has something to do with the drowning of his wife. Wagner got married to Natalie Wood in 1957, but they got divorced just five years later. Wagner then went on one marriage after another. 

Indeed, Wagner claimed in his own words that he had multiple affairs with very popular entertainers. Though quite adventurous with his relationships, did Wagner cause his first wife to drown to death? Natalie Wood, Wagner’s first and third wife, drowned in 1981. The couple was on a yacht with two more people, and nobody seems to know why Natalie just fell into the water and lost her life. 

Robert Wagner’s Involvement In His Wife’s Death

Wagner and Wood during their loving days. Image: post-gazette

In his memoir “Pieces of My Heart”, Wagner claimed he indeed had a heated argument with his wife on that tragic night. This argument caused two nearby witnesses to hear the screamings of a woman. The case was on trial several times, with the police eventually listed Wagner as a person of interest. Despite his involvement in this case, Wagner went on to date and married another actress in 1990. 

Though we have no idea whether Wagner has anything to do with his wife’s death, we certainly know that Robert Wagner’s net worth is enormous. He has valuable real estate that he sold to the right people at the right time. That has helped to increase his net worth to around $20 million these days. All in all, Wagner’s case would be one of celebrities’ family dramas’ most deadly. 

The Love Story Of Sarah Marshall & Matt Ryan – Celebrities’ Family Drama

Did you know that NFL player Matt Ryan is married to an athlete? Ryan’s wife is Sarah Marshall, who met Ryan during their freshman year in college. During that time, Sarah was quite a good athlete. Maybe because of their mutual love for sports, they enjoyed hanging out with one another during college. It only took a few months before the couple started dating officially. 

The couple took their time to know the other half well enough before tying the knot in 2011. Sarah doesn’t pursue becoming a professional athlete and now works as a sales consultant. In 2018, the couple had their best presents when they had twin sons. They named their sons Marshall Thomas Ryan and John Matthew Ryan. 

The Love Story Of Sarah Marshall & Matt Ryan - 9 Most Hollywood’s Scandalous Celebrities' Family Drama

The couple always appears happily together. Image: International Business Times

Currently, Matt Ryan’s annual salary is around $30 million. But there are more to his net worth. Matt has a base salary of $20,500,000, a cap hit of $33,50,000 and a dead cap value of $63,400,000. Together with his wife, Matt also owns a $3.7 million penthouse condo and multiple assets. 

But where is the celebrities’ family drama in this fairytale-like love story? Well, surprisingly, the couple’s siblings are also married to each other. Matt’s brother is married to Sarah’s sister, and they have three beautiful children. Things just can’t get any better for Sarah Marshall & Matt Ryan!

Dodie Levy-Fraser After All Scandalous Years – Celebrities’ Family Drama

Many people can remember Dodie Levy-Fraser for nothing but her marriage to Michael Landon. Contrary to Dodie Levy-Fraser, Landon was the original Hollywood sweetheart. Before her marriage to Landon, Dodie Levy-Fraser was unknown.

Landon and Levy-Fraser tied the knot in 1956 in a low-key wedding ceremony. Sadly, they only stay married for four years. Landon was taking up roles after roles, and his career was on the rise. Besides, he was falling for another woman despite still being married to Dodie. They divorced in 1962, and Landon waited only a few months to remarry in 1963.

Dodie Levy-Fraser After All Scandalous Years - celebrities' family drama

 Dodie Levy-Fraser and her famous husband, Michael Landon. Image: celebsuburb

Till the end of their lives, both Landon and Dodie had three marriages with different spouses. Dodie Levy-Fraser passed away in 1994 at the age of 61. At that time, Dodie’s net worth was around $500,000. Despite her first marriage to one of Hollywood’s most iconic actors, Dodie’s key income source was her profession. 

Lil Nas X And His Unknown Boyfriend

The “Old Town Road” star was in the spotlight in 2019 when he came out as gay. Since then, he has voiced up about his journey to accept his sexuality while working hard in his music pieces. Fans are curious whether Lil Nas X is dating anyone, and the singer tells them just that.

In a recent interview, Lil Nas X revealed that he is indeed dating. Even though there is no official news about who Lil Nas X’s boyfriend is, we all know he is a lucky guy. The two are not yet in a serious relationship, and they want to keep it private. The 21-year-old singer might have dated quite extensively, and he always chooses to keep the details to himself.

Lil Nas X And His Unknown Boyfriend

Lil Nas X knows what secrets to keep for himself. Image: HuffingtonPost

Unfortunately, fans won’t know how Lil Nas X’s boyfriend may look like and even whether they are still dating at the moment. The singer sure wants his fans to focus on his music, not his love life. 

Tracy Morgan’s Never-ending Dramas

Tracy Morgan rose to fame with his show in 2004 and the TV series ‘Tanked’ from 2012 to 2018. The actor had one hell of a scandal in 2011 for his comments against the LGBT community. He appeared on the Nashville Show and gave some very homophobic references and expletives. Though Tracy Morgan published his official apologies publicly, this incident did damage to his popularity. 

Speaking of celebrities’ family dramas, Morgan might have the best piece of them all. His mother had called on him for financial help in 2012 because of her illness and unemployment. Morgan gave his mom quite a deal of $2,000. Morgan has outraged the whole family, and they immediately brought it to the press. 

Tracy Morgan’s Never-ending Dramas - 9 Most Hollywood’s Scandalous Celebrities' Family Drama

Tracy Morgan – a star with never-ending dramas. Image: Canal Midi

At the time, Morgan was playing the role of a very loving son. His role was someone who put his life on hold, just to take care of his dying father. Meanwhile, Morgan, the actor, only offered his mother the amount of $2,000 when she cried out for help. Morgan’s sister also raised her voice against Morgan, saying that he is not a good brother like he acts. 

Morgan’s life dramas didn’t end there. A fatal accident almost claimed his life in 2014. The actor went into a coma while his friend passed away. This devastating incident had left a significant impact on Morgan’s life. However, hopefully, he will keep releasing good works for his fans. 

The Fuss Between Anthony Fauci & Randy Rainbow

What does Anthony Fauci have to do with Randy Rainbow – the political song parodist? Anthony was only doing his job as the national infectious disease expert. Randy made a fake appointment with Anthony to find a cure for no other but President Donald Trump. He did this by singing in a spoof of a song from “West Side Story.” 

Randy complimented Anthony for being calm and precise with his raspy, sexy voice. Saying that Anthony relies on only science and facts, Randy asked the expert to find a treatment against Donald Trump, who he called the “worst infection of them all”. 

The Fuss Between Anthony Fauci & Randy Rainbow - celebrities' family drama

Randy Rainbow made fun of the President. Image: DNA Magazine

Till today, the 4-minute long video on Randy’s youtube channel has gained almost 2 million views. With 59 thousand likes and more than 4,500 comments, Randy’s video is indeed popular among his fans. 

Will Smith’s Relationship With His Father

Willard Carroll Smith, Sr. – father of actor Will Smith- passed away in 2016. Willard Carroll Smith, Sr. worked as a refrigerator engineer during his lifetime and served the army. He was a U.S. Air Force veteran in Pennsylvania. Willard Carroll Smith, Sr. had four children, one of whom is the famous actor Will Smith. 

celebrities' family drama

Willard Carroll Smith, Sr. was a great father. Image: The Mirror

Speaking of his beloved son Will Smith, Willard Carroll Smith, Sr. always used loving words. He thanked the Lord for Will’s success and said that he loved Will’s first movie most. In his son’s memory, Willard Carroll Smith, Sr. was a tough father but not oppressive at all. Willard Carroll Smith, Sr. always tried to keep his children in line while working tirelessly to provide for the family. 

Undoubtedly, Willard Carroll Smith, Sr. was one of the significant reasons why Will Smith becomes who he is today. Will Smith is now father to one son and one daughter and has happily married his wife for years. Thanks to Willard Carroll Smith, Sr.’s positive impact, Will Smith leads a good life to become a great father figure to his children. 

Final Thoughts About Celebrities’ Family Dramas

Celebrities are just like anyone among us, with family dramas and all. Some are lucky enough to find true love and enjoy a happy life together. While others are miserable because of the family struggles and also be in the spotlight for such issues. Celebrities’ family dramas are just as gripping as their love life, and the public needs new headlines every day. It is tough being a Hollywood celebrity, but most celebs try to stay for the hefty paycheck. 

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