What should you consider when defining unfamiliar terms? Fortunately, we design this section for those who have ever been in awkward situations just because of unknown job-and-edu terms. Or you are just curious to know why people use that particular phrase. Then this Glossary is for you, from the history of phrases, where it comes from, to how you can use it. Luckily, this section will include everything.

Actually, abundant lexical understanding allows you to access and understand the greater extent of job-and-edu topics. Bad terminology is the enemy of good thinking. You may miss interesting and useful information or even misinterpret it. Using the correct words is more important than most people think.

Moreover, it can be life-changing by helping you win your college essay, your job application form with perfect terms and vocabulary. Or in a more practical way, you can reply appropriately with confidence in specific situations.

A word, then a sentence, a who knows what comes next? It’s like adding water to tea, you can earn great success just by doing little details right. Learn from proven wisdom, thorough research, and reports from accredited individuals: professors, professionals, linguists, headhunters, and entrepreneurs.

What is the difference between a dictionary and a glossary? We provide a list of glossaries that will debunk the common, misunderstood terms and explain phrases and idioms in the simplest manners. Take small steps and grow your knowledge foundation step by step.

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