‘Can I Come Into The Out Now’? Best Quotes In Movie Home

Can I come into the out now?

“No. This is what you get for stealing planets and abducting people.” 

The conversation that you have just read reveals the first encounter between two individuals of different races: an alien and a young human girl. However, rather than a conflict, an adorably frivolous story about friendship and family is about to be told. Welcome to Home, a surprisingly moving tale from DreamWorks.

About Movie Home

Home, released in 2015 by DreamWorks, opens up an alien attack of the best species ever running away in the galaxy: the Boov. In contrast to what I have been picturing extraterrestrial creatures, these aliens come with an adorable look and feel, even a bit cowardly. However, it is totally understandable for a movie targeted at children, and I began to laugh my a** out during the opening minutes of the movie. 

The Boov are constantly on the move. They are always in search of the best planet to hide away from the chase of a planet-destroying alien – the Gorg. Unluckily, these intergalactic cowards make a fresh start on the third planet in the solar system. Thus, the Earth becomes the next destination for a great nomadic race of the Boov. 

There is no deal with humans. These aliens, led by the daffy leader, Smek, turn off the gravity and abduct people in giant bubbles. They quickly send humans to Australia with no effort and turn the continent into a suburban prison colony. Gone are the days when humans rule this planet. The aliens looking like a combination of a jellyfish and an eraser now reign over the world. 

About Movie Home - Can I Come Into The Out Now

Oh and Tip In The Slushious Car – Source: Moveek

Home Gratuity Tip Tucci (voiced by Rihanna) is the only human girl that luckily escapes from this migration. Driving in the car on her own, Tip tries to get out of the city and find her mom, who is whisked away with the rest of humanity. The unexpected alien attack undoubtedly leads to her initial mistrust with Oh (voiced by Jim Parsons), a misfit running on his own alien race. 

Guess what happens if the two run into each other? You can find the answer by getting into the following part. An unpredicted encounter begins, opening up memorable quotes and moments.

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Best Quotes and Unforgettable Moments in Home

#1 ‘Can I Come Into The Out Now?

This is one of my favorite quotes in the movie Home. 

Let me say that the encounter between the two lovable characters starts when Tip locks the alien in a convenience store cooler. With a degree of suspicion, the young girl refuses to release the purple alien though he cutely stares through the glass and asks the quote repeatedly. 

“No, you cannot come into the out now. You can never come into the out ever again.” said Tip.

It is important to know that, at that time, Oh is trying to flee his fellows due to his e-vite to the whole universe, including the Gorg. Being adept in gadgets and useful tools, Oh wins Tip’s trust by reconfiguring her damaged car into a flying one running the store snack’s machine. The two rapidly become friends (although it is not easy) and decide to set out on their journey to Paris to find the whereabouts of “My Mom”.

Best Quotes and Unforgettable Moments in Home - Can I Come Into The Out Now

Can I Come Into The Out Now? – Source: Pinterest

I hear the impressive quote in the last moments of the movie once again. It is when Oh locks Home Gratuity Tip Tucci in her flying car and decides to prevent Gorg’s attack in Australia on his own. 

“Gratuity Tip Tucci can’t come into the out now!”. The lovable purple alien talks to his companion and then heads towards the nasty Gorg. Somehow, the quote does sound like the last farewell to his beloved friend, or further, his family member. 

#2 “You Lied To Me.”

“No, a lie is a bad thing. I did a thing so you can live.”

This is another quote in this emotional ride. Winning one’s trust is difficult, but once you lose it, people will never trust you again. What if I lie to someone for the sole purpose of one’s well-being? Is it a bad thing? 

Well, in Home, Oh lies to Tip. He ensures Tip that he knows where “My Mom” is, but actually, he doesn’t. He convinces Tip to take the last flight back to Boov’s planet with him, but Tip realizes his purpose (due to his colored changing skin). 

Oh doesn’t know how family means to Tip since he doesn’t have one. He can keep her safe and sound, but she will never be happy without her mother. 

Misunderstanding and separation of the two friends come as a decrescendo of the symphony. Warming hearts and jerking tears are what I find when watching this unforgettable scene. Hopefully, they will be friends and be back together again. 

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Other Quotes

There are also many other remarkable quotes in the films. Let’s take a look!

Oh: “Now we can go find My mom.”

Gratuity ‘Tip’ Tucci : “My mom”.

Oh : “That is the thing that I said”. (IMDB.com)

Oh : Now, I am prepared to accept your traditional gestures of human gratitude.
Gratuity ‘Tip’ Tucci : Actually, our tradition is to punch you in the nose. Hold still!
Oh : No, your gratitude is implied. (IMDB.com)

Gratuity ‘Tip’ Tucci : It’s not infested. He’s my pet. His name is Pig. Don’t touch him.

Oh : Now, he is vibrating. Is he going to explode?

Gratuity ‘Tip’ Tucci : No, he is just purring.

Oh : Why do you have this thing? Is it useful? Does it give meat or milk?

Gratuity ‘Tip’ Tucci : What? Ugh. No, you just have pets. For fun, and companionship.

Oh : You have me for companion on the ship. (IMDB.com)

Something To Take Away

I feel like I am having the time of my life when watching Home. Somehow, director Johnson has tactfully managed to convey his messages to audiences at a young age. It is nice to see a DreamWorks animated film headlined by a black female character, which can be considered a rarity when the movie is launched. 

Something To Take Away - Can I Come Into The Out Now

Call Me Tip – Source: Youtube

It seems that Home takes the definition of friendship a further step. The heart-touching movie removes all the barriers and discrimination in friendship among children. Friendship is regardless of skin color, gender, and origin. Having watched 180 minutes of this meaningful animation, I eventually find a pure intimate bond between the two different individuals of two races: humans and aliens. 

Oh and Tip have passed their time together. They share joys and sorrows, from which mutual understanding, care, and sacrifice blossom. 

The Last Words

Can I come into the out now?’ from Home reveals a story about a beautiful friendship between a young girl, Home Gratuity Tip Tucci, and an alien, Oh. After all, they are friends again. Humans and aliens eventually get on well with each other, and the Boov no longer have to run away. 

Some may find the film corny. Some may ask how to distinguish the DreamWorks brainchild from countless animated movies with focused family and friendship storylines. 

Home seems to have nothing different from numerous alien-inspired titles. You can easily find the same story of a beautiful friendship in such well-known films as Lilo & Stitch or E.T. For me, an original story does not matter. I will still enjoy the movie if it tells a memorable journey in a different way. Home focuses on the side of the sentiment, and I assume it is not a bad thing. For evidence, the film gradually captures a sense of gentle but real and touching experiences, like Tip’s desperation when her mom is whisked away.

All in all, Home does make me appreciate one thing: family and friends are precious gifts. 

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