4 Best Black Scrubs For Women: 4 Scrubs You Can’t Miss (2023 Updated)

With so many different designs of black scrubs for women on the market, it may be tricky to determine which are the best. Thus, we’ve hand-tested some of the most recommended options and came out with the ultimate result. Keep reading for detailed reviews of the 4 best women’s black scrubs for nurses in 2023.

How To Choose The Best Scrubs For Women 

The 4crucial elements to make the best scrubs are comfort, functionality, price, and durability. Thus, you’ll have to sift through such factors when choosing a scrub.


Ask almost any medical professional what the #1 element they would like to have on their uniforms is, and we promise the response would be “pockets!” and “a lot of pockets.”

Nobody wants to work a full day without a pocket to keep their most-used belongings, whether that’s a smartphone, keypad, ID card, thermometer, or even a pen.

4 Best Black Scrubs For Women: 4 Scrubs You Can’t Miss (2022 Updated)
The best scrubs should have lots of pockets. – Medelita

And not just any pouches will suffice; there ought to be a bunch of them, each suitably situated and designed so that things sit comfortably in there without slipping out.


A higher price tag does not always imply top-class products. In fact, several of Amazon’s top-rated scrubs, such as Cherokee ones, are priced just under $40.

Others are much less expensive, such as the Just Love Women’s Medical Scrubs, which sell for only around $25. Although the dirt-cheap deals aren’t likely to be good, you don’t have to break the bank to get a nice piece for everyday usage. 

Just go with the mid-range options, and you’re good.


Because you will wear scrubs for the whole workday, comfort takes priority above anything else.

Comfort is also an important factor. - Medelita
Comfort is also an essential factor. – Medelita

These items should be flexible enough to provide unrestricted mobility and different tasks but not so slack that they look sloppy. In everyday routines, overly baggy scrubs may expose your underwear and more skin than you want.

Fitted, skin-hugging uniforms, on the flip side, might not be appropriate for the formal medical setting and may impede movements.


Scrubs’ durability is determined by the material and the fineness of the sewing and seams. Most long-lasting scrubs are made from polyester blended with cotton or rayon. Others may also include spandex. 

How Many Sets Of Scrubs Should I Buy?

Although the needs vary based on the user’s duty days and shift schedule, a standard healthcare worker working three shifts a week should have 3 pairs of scrubs. Many folks would prefer to get the fourth set on hand if they occasionally need to work an additional shift.

4 Best Black Scrubs For Women In 2023

Dagacci Scrubs Medical Uniform Women

Scrubs, like every other item of workwear, should fit properly. However, you wouldn’t want to spend extra on a tight fit. If that’s also what you’re thinking, Dagacci Scrubs Medical Uniform Women is for you.

Dagacci’s ultralight, well-ventilated scrubs provide a comfy stretchy drawstring and several pouches on both the top and bottoms, allowing you to have any needed items by your side any time and anywhere.

Dagacci’s scrub is our #1 product. - Dagacci
Dagacci’s scrub is our #1 product. – Dagacci

They are available in 22 different shades and sizes ranging from extra small to 5X-large, offering medical staff many choices. Furthermore, the polyester cotton blend provides maximum comfort when sporting these items.


  • Various sizes are available.
  • A reasonable price.
  • High functionality thanks to multiple pockets.


  • The unisex design might make it challenging to select the correct size.

Just Love Women’s Scrub Sets

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, these sets are perfect.

These healthcare uniforms for ladies are gentle on the skin, spacious, and provide a practical drawstring and stretchy waistband for an excellent fitting at the waist.

For extra-durable medical scrubs, they’ve utilized a high-quality combination of 55% cotton plus 45% polyester. Moreover, the enhanced stitches and sewing promise these sets will accompany you for years to come.

The second name on our list is Just Love Women's Scrub sets. - Amazon
The second name on our list is Just Love Women’s Scrub sets. – Amazon

These V-neck clinical scrubs outfits for ladies have 6 pockets for easy item storing while on duty. Moreover, these fantastic scrub sets are machine-washable; thus, you don’t have to sacrifice your day off doing the washing manually. This also minimizes the risk of color fading or fabric shrinking.


  • Practical drawstring waistband.
  • Diverse color choices.
  • Comfy material.
  • Lots of pockets.


  • The material is not as long-lasting as others.

Cherokee Infinity Women Scrubs Top Long Sleeve

For most, comfort is the most crucial factor, and this Cherokee long sleeve scrub top delivers precisely that. 

This long sleeve v-neck scrub offers a modern style, frontal yoke stitches, and an elastic ID badge clip on the right side. Moreover, the middle frontal neckline cutout, central back section, and sleeve cuffs are all rib-knit.

Cherokee Infinity Women Scrubs Top Long Sleeve is the next name. - Amazon
Cherokee Infinity Women Scrubs Top Long Sleeve is the next name. – Amazon 

Frontal and rear royal seams, with an inner waistband alongside the front stitching, are also included. There are 3 pouches on the scrub: 2 patched pockets on the front and one interior smartphone pouch on the side. Lateral slits round out the design.

Overall, this is a great option. Just be careful to wash them with cool water and air dry them to minimize shrinking.


  • Well-ventilated fabric. 
  • Excellent comfort.
  • Outstanding design.


  • Tight chest.
  • The material could be hard or thick in texture.

Dickies Scrubs Women’s Extreme Stretch 3/4 Sleeve

Since 1922, Dickies has produced high-quality scrub bottoms, workwear, and outerwear. Each Dickies workwear is expertly sewn to provide daily elegance and comfort.

Dickies Scrubs Women’s Extreme Stretch 3/4 Sleeve was considered trendy and well-fitting (if you discover the right size). Moreover, these ¾ sleeve scrub tops are lightweight and remove excess sweat efficiently.

Dickies Scrubs Women's Extreme Stretch is also a great option. - Dickies
Dickies Scrubs Women’s Extreme Stretch is also a great option. – Dickies

The material of these scrubs flexes easily, allowing for easy movements throughout the day, especially if you must bow and turn around a lot as a nurse. Dickies Scrubs Women’s Extreme Stretch 3/4 Sleeve sports that polished image and is tailored to accommodate most body shapes.

Simultaneously, Dickies Scrubs Women’s Extreme Stretch 3/4 Sleeve repels external contaminants such as lint and animal fur. The shirt is lovely, featuring 4 patched pouches and a v-neck pattern surrounding the neck.


  • A good bargain.
  • Flexible fabric for extra comfort.
  • Clean and polished design.


  • Hard to choose the right size.

Wrapping Up

That’s everything we have for you regarding the best black scrubs for women. For healthcare workers, this item is an indispensable part of their work; thus, having a decent one will further assist their performance. 

If you’re looking for some excellent scrubs, consider our options above. We promise they won’t let you down.

For other product reviews, visit our Review section. We’ve tried and hand-tested each product, from self-help books to face cleansers and bathing suits.

Note: This blog contains relevant Amazon products that we earn a small commission to fund our blog while not incurring any extra cost to you.  

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