7 Best Paying Jobs In Basic Industries In 2023

Picking a job is a pivotal step that will have long-term impacts on your future. A possibility you might not have thought about is the sector of basic industries. While you might think these jobs don’t pay well, a few options are worth considering due to their stability and promotability. If you’re looking for the best-paying jobs in basic industries, Jobandedu’s post is for you. 

What Are Basic Industries?

Basic industries are those that primarily concentrate on exporting essential products and services. Most governments record import and export data, with a priority on crucial fields. 

Most popular basic industries are ones that supply raw materials to different sectors. Those raw materials are employed in the production of end products. Typical sectors include iron, steel, metallurgy, mills, papers, and timber.

What Do Basic Industries Jobs Pay?

The actual hourly wages or pay for a position in the basic industries differ according to job positions and sectors. But most positions are well-paid.

For example, truck drivers gain an average yearly salary of  $70,307 in the US. Meanwhile, in 2020, the annual average pay for agriculture and food specialists was $68,830, as reported by the US BLS. 

Additionally, in 2020, entry-level positions in agribusiness, angling and hunting, forestry and preservation, and mining earned from $28,530 to $42,350.
Basic industries’ positions are well-paid. – Digital Business Grow

Additionally, in 2020, entry-level jobs in agribusiness, angling and hunting, forestry and preservation, and mining earned from $28,530 to $42,350. 

As you can see from the numbers, basic industries generate high-paying positions that provide financial stability and satisfaction.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Basic Industries? 

According to the BLS, there are around 24,504,000 positions open in basic industries within the US. By 2030, experts predict this figure to grow by 2.7%. From metal processing to food sciences, the phrase “basic industries” refers to a broad scope of jobs directly related to raw materials.

Is Basic Industries A Good Career Path?


There are various reasons why working in the basic industries is considered desirable. This professional route will offer you job stability, among other advantages. Some of the reasons include:

  • The first advantage is that you may discover a well-paying and satisfying job here. 
  • You may choose from various employment options based on your preferences. Apart from that, workers in basic industries are subjected to harsh (maybe hazardous) conditions. 
  • Raw materials are constantly in short supply. As a result, your salary will continuously climb.
  • These jobs are among the most demanding jobs as they necessitate on-the-job experience. They are, however, an excellent choice for people seeking stability. You won’t have to stress about unemployment because there are many alternatives.

7 Best Paying Jobs In Basic Industries In 2023 

The rates of the jobs below are primarily from credited sites like ZipRecruiter, Indeed, and Glassdoor. 

Agronomists ($72,758/year – Average)

Farmers and agronomists collaborate to cultivate and gather fruits and vegetation on a big scale. This job offers a decent salary, will test your leadership skills throughout your professional life, and deliver steady and rewarding work.

Drilling Engineers ( $93,909/year – Average)

Drilling engineers are among the most generously compensated employees in the basic industries. Their duty is to help petrochemical geologists oversee and control the exploitation of raw gasses and petroleum.

Just by doing this, they may make a 6-figure salary annually. You must have strong interpersonal skills and pragmatic, on-the-job expertise to work in this industry. They are among the top paid professions in the basic sectors due to their strict requirements.

Metallurgists ($85,958/year – Average)

As its name implies, this person deals with various metallic materials. They partner with miners and regularly tour the treatment facilities where the mined materials are processed.

For this job, you should have a good grasp of metals, chemistry, and safety competencies.
Metallurgists earned a high annual income. – The Financial Express 

You should have a good grasp of metals, chemistry, and safety competencies for this job.

Officers of Health and Safety ($97,827/year – Average)

When recruits start their apprenticeship in the basic industries, they are often briefed about the hazards and dangers of their professions. People who deal with metals, big agricultural machinery, or chemicals must be trained to prevent possible injuries.

Health and safety supervisors are responsible for supervising and documenting on-the-job safety techniques and procedures at each facility.

Added Business Services ($81,427/year – Average)

If you have majored in business and want to work in the basic industries, you can secure one of the highest-paying positions when working for added business services.

People having in-depth knowledge of business, production, marketing, and economics are crucial in basic industries. If you possess any of those skills, you will have no problem landing a job in the basic industries.
These jobs also offer an impressive annual income. – National Bank

In-depth knowledge of business, production, marketing, and economics is crucial in basic industries. If you possess any of those skills, you will have no problem landing a job in the basic industries.

Synthetic Chemist ($83,154/year – Average)

A synthetic chemist usually researches in laboratories. This expert is adept at working in diverse fields, such as dietary supplements, medicines, and industrial chemicals.

Synthetic chemists use chemical synthesis research, experimentation, and modification to solve major challenges. They are among the finest paid occupations in the basic industries due to the academic nature of their job.

Petroleum Geologists ($109,384/year – Average)

Petroleum geologists typically operate in the fields, the laboratory, or offices. Petroleum scientists use surveying devices to collect geological evidence and undertake seismic research. They would then write a summary for other experts, including petroleum engineering departments. 

Project Manager ($116,000/year – Average)

When it comes to project goals, notably scale, performance, punctuality, and adherence to assurance tasks, the project manager will be professionally in charge of the Execution Phase.

They are responsible for the project's financial and time management, which involves task scheduling and monitoring, predicting, analyzing, calculating, and financial planning.
A project manager oversees the project’s progress and ensures everything is on track. – Civil Abhyaas

They are responsible for the project’s financial and time management, which involves task scheduling and monitoring, predicting, analyzing, calculating, and financial planning.

They also report information, evaluate the efficacy of management procedures, implement corrective steps, and provide comments to enhance future initiatives.

Wrapping Up 

Basic industries might be your go-to if you don’t have impressive academics yet still want job stability. But that’s not to say their paychecks are low. Many of the positions in these industries are among the most generously compensated ones. Take our top 7 best paying jobs in basic industries, for example.

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