Bernie Mac Net Worth: A Talented Yet Short-lived Comedian

If you’re a fan of standup comedy, you might have heard of Bernie Mac. Unfortunately, despite his successful career, which brings Bernie Mac net worth to the top of the industry, he has quite a rough life. Read today’s post if you want to know more about this talented yet short-lived comedian. 

Who Is Bernie Mac?

Bernie Mac was a stand-up comedian and actor from the United States. He experienced childhood carrying on comedy performances for his pals and acquaintances, and when he was in his twenties, he started doing stand-up in Chicago.

When he reached his thirties, he became the winner of the Miller Lite Comedy Search, after which his reputation skyrocketed. He continued participating on HBO’s Def Comedy Jam and portraying cameo characters in many films, including “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle,” “Ocean’s Twelve,” and “Transformers.”

He also appeared for 5 years on Fox in the famous TV series “The Bernie Mac Show.” He participated in the “Kings of Comedy” event and traveled around the United States. Unfortunately, he died in 2008 when he was only 50, ending his meaningful life.

Bernie Mac Profile

Full NаmеВеrnаrd Јеffrеу МсСullоugh
Віrth Dаtе5 Осtоbеr 1957
Dаtе оf Dеаth9 Аuguѕt 2008
Віrth РlасеСhісаgо, Іllіnоіѕ, Unіtеd Ѕtаtеѕ
Неіght1.89 m
Wеіght90 kilograms
Wіfе/ЅроuѕеRhоndа МсСullоugh (m. 1977–2008)
РrоfеѕѕіоnСоmеdіаn, асtоr, аnd vоісе асtоr

The Successful Life Of A Talented Yet Short-lived Comedian

Tough Life Of A Chicago Boy

Bernard Jeffrey McCullough (also known as Bernie Mac) came to life on Oct 5, 1957, in Chicago, Illinois, to mom and dad Mary McCullough and Jeffrey Harrison, who afterward separated.

During Bernie’s childhood in Chicago alongside his mom, his passion for comedy sparked. According to Bernie, his heart was torn one Sunday when he saw his mom sobbing but couldn’t figure out the underlying reasons.

Bernie Mac was torn apart by his mom’s suffers since he didn’t know where they came from and felt so helpless that he couldn’t alleviate them. Then, his mom turned on The Ed Sullivan Show to watch Bill Cosby, a fledgling entertainer. The cries were overtaken by a smile, followed by a giggle.

Bernie Mac has a tough life as a kid
Bernie Mac has a tough childhood. – Pinterest

The comedy lifted her suffering for a couple of seconds. Her son’s as well. “I told myself, ‘I will become a standup comedian, so my mom never has to tear again,'” Bernie Mac admits. “I dislike misery.” Since then, he’s been bringing others smiles and laughs.

Soon after that, he found out that his mom suffered severe cancer, which she hid from her children for as long as possible, not allowing her hardship to be passed on to them.

Bernie went to Florida after turning 16 years old after his mother died to live with his dad. However, his dad and big brother passed away soon after, adding to his hardship. Thus, he eventually moved back to Chicago, in which he completed his study in 1975 from Chicago Vocational High School.

To The Big Stage And Screen

His journey to the big stage isn’t all smooth and happy. Before becoming a successful comedian, Bernie used to work as a bus driver, cook, janitor, mailman, and skilled carrier. 

Yet, his passion for comedies had never died. Instead of giving up, Bernie started to gain experience and further developed his comedic abilities throughout this hard life stage by performing on weekends at various bars such as Chicago’s Cotton Club.

Mac managed to win the Miller Lite Comedy Search at 32, which allowed him to establish a larger fan base. And then, after a spectacular appearance on HBO’s “Def Comedy Jam,” his fame further skyrocketed.

To The Big Stage And Screen - bernie mac net worth
Def Comedy Jam is his first kick to the industry. – Center Stage Comedy

The show gained him a name for being courageous since he managed to temper an angry audience after Martin Lawrence’s failed efforts.

After his early success, Bernie started performing for bigger events, alongside famous entertainers and artists such as Redd Roxx, Natalie Cole, and Dionne Warwick. As the headline performer, he finally started selling out events.

Mac had been applying for minor parts in blockbuster movies while growing his stand-up business. Some of the movies he had participated in are  “House Party 3” in 1994, “B.A.P.S.” in 1995, and “Friday” in 1996.

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Later that year, the nation chose Bernie to portray the protagonist in the Apollo Revival of “Wiz.” After that, his appearances in blockbuster movies kept growing, including a leading character in “The Players Club” and a cameo appearance in “Ocean’s Eleven” featuring Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Julia Roberts in 2001.

Other characters he used to take are:

  • Stan in “Mr. 3000” 
  • Bosley in “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle” 
  • Gin in “Bad Santa,” “Guess Who?” 
  • Bobby Bolivia in “Transformers.” 

After Mac’s funeral, they introduced 3 postmortem movies starring Mac. They were “Madagascar 2: Escape 2 Africa,” “Soul Men,” and “Old Dogs.”

Step Into The TV Field

Bernie also achieved accomplishments in the TV area. In 2001, Mac earned his FOX self-titled comedy due to his business potential. The Bernie Mac Show accompanied him as he took on a father’s duty to Bernie Mac nieces and nephews when his sister went into rehabilitation.

The series gained professional and audience acclaim, earning an Emmy Award and a Peabody Award. The program was also awarded the Humanitas Prize for promoting humanitarian rights via literature. Mac’s portrayal in the program was also named among the “50 Greatest TV Dads of All Time” by “TV Guide.”

bernie mac net worth
The Bernie Mac Show was a huge success. – SHADOW & ACT

Bernie’s work, in particular, was praised, as he was shortlisted for many Emmy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, and Kids Choice Awards for his interpretation of the fictitious character of himself. In addition, he has received multiple NAACP Image Awards, a Prism Award, a couple of Satellite Awards, and a BET Comedy Award.

Die At The Age Of 50

At the age of 50, this talented man passed away. Many people have questioned, “Bernie Mac how did he die?” A few months before his passing, Mac had revealed that he had suffered from sarcoidosis, which triggered major swelling in his lungs.

After getting sent to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago for pneumonia, Mac experienced heart failure and died on Aug 9, 2018.

Seven days following his death, people held a public memorial at the House of Hope Church, which drew approximately 7,000 people, including Ashton Kutcher, Samuel L. Jackson, Chris Rock, Steve Harvey, Don Cheadle, and so on.

On Mac’s internment, WCIU-TV broadcast an original program called “A Tribute to Bernie Mac,” which featured talks with a few of Mac’s relatives, acquaintances, and coworkers.

I Ain’t Scared Of You: A Tribute To Bernie Mac Film – Bernie Mac net worth

Eight years after Mac’s passing, pal and coworker Steve Harvey hosted a program on his tv series commemorating Mac’s achievements after Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel named Nov 14 “Bernie Mac Day.”

In Mac’s memory, the headmaster of his previous high school, Chicago Vocational High School, declared that the faculty’s auditorium will be titled “Bernie Mac Auditorium.”

After his passing, the “Rolling Stone” periodical has called Bernie among the 50 Greatest Stand-Up Comics of All Time. In addition, Rhonda Gore, Mac’s wife, was actively committed to founding the Bernie Mac Foundation, which funds studies into the treatments and cures of sarcoidosis.

Bernie Mac Net Worth: How Much Does He Earn Throughout His Life

As of Dес 2021, Bernie Mас has an estimated net worth of more than $15 million, higher than his coworker – Rodney Dangerfield. Most of his assets came from comedian shows, ТV programѕ, аnd ѕеrіеѕ hе took part іn, аnd frоm thе “The Bernie Mac Show” thаt lasted from 2001 to 2006. 

Тhе Веrnіе Мас Ѕhоw got this talented comedian roughly $300,000 each еріѕоdе. Meanwhile, the “Guеѕѕ Whо” film made about $102 mіllіоn, аnd thе one thаt got out following hіѕ passing “Оld Dоgѕ” earned $97 mіllіоn.

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Wrapping Up

With his talents and dedication to work, Bernie Mac net worth is unsurprisingly top of the industry. Although he passed away, his wife, Rhonda Gore, still carries on Bernie’s meaningful journey with the Bernie Mac Foundation. This foundation will assist in studying sarcoidosis to help those suffering from this dangerous condition.

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