5 Best Online Beginner Drum Beats Classes To Rock Any Stage! (2023 Updated)

Mastering the drums shouldn’t break your bank, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be noisy. Thanks to the power of the Internet, you can learn to drum from the convenience of your house – without having to purchase a pricey electronic drum set. Indeed, this is possible with Jobandedu’s shortlist of the 5 best online beginner drum beats classes.  

Best Online Beginner Drum Beats Classes In 2023 – Compared

Online programs may help you learn fantastic drumming skills from the convenience of your own house. There are classes tailored for everybody, from complete novices to skilled drummers.

Course’s NameTargetCertificateOverall grade
Programming Amazing Drum Tracks: A Guide for Non-Drummer Beginners and those with little knowledgeNo10/10
Teaches Drumming and PercussionBeginnersNo9.5/10
The Ultimate Drum Programming Guide With Misha MansoorBeginners and those with little knowledgeNo9/10
Drum Programming Basics By Drum Programming Theory BeginnersYes8.5/10
Programming and Producing Drum BeatsBeginnersYes8/10

5 Best Online Beginner Drum Beats Classes – Detailed Reviews

Udemy – Programming Amazing Drum Tracks: A Guide for Non-Drummers 

You can find anything on Udemy, from art courses and crochets lessons to things like computer graphic classes and mechanical engineering programs. Thus, it’s no surprise that we can also find a quality “drum beats for beginners” course on this platform. 

Indeed, the first name on today’s list is Udemy’s “Programming Amazing Drum Tracks: A Guide for Non-Drummers.” This workshop will teach students everything they have to know to construct creative, sophisticated, and natural rhythms and blend the outputs for the best effect within your tracks.

Master practical programming and producing techniques from the professionals even when you have no drums. Additionally, this program requires no previous training and thus, is perfect for both complete beginners and amateurs who want to level their skills up. 

By completing it, you will compose and produce unique and catchy drum recordings while providing your compositions with the sharpness they need to pop out.

Udemy - Programming Amazing Drum Tracks: A Guide for Non-Drummers
Carl Eden will be your instructor. – The Metal Archives

Everything you need is a sequencing program that supports soft synthesizers and has a piano-roll interface (Cubase, Ableton, Logic, Sonar, Reaper, and similar music-making programs). 

In a nutshell, this course is a no-drum approach to constructing and composing amazingly detailed drum recordings. Professionalize and sell your songs.

In this program, you will discover how to:

  • Create incredible drum recordings that feel like a professional drummer performed them.
  • Mix like a master to help your drum patterns stand out and pop out of the song.
  • Allow your songs to be more attractive by adding a professional percussion effect.

“This is perhaps one of the finest drum programming programs on Udemy.” I gained a lot of knowledge here, and Carl is excellent at clarifying small details.”- Mark.S

Master Class – Teaches Drumming and Percussion 

Sheila E. grew up in a family of artists and worked with legends such as Marvin Gaye and Ringo Starr; Rolling Stone even ranked her among the best drummers in history.

She is now instructing you on how to develop a good groove. First, learn to play drums without a drum set and discover tactics for explosive leads and punches. Then, swing with the Escovedo’s and discover your unique rhythm, whether you’re a novice or an experienced composer.

This program will train you to develop your personal rhythms by dancing and tapping or making music using everyday items.
Shella E. will help you master the arts of drum programming. – The Women’s International Music Network

This program will train you to develop your personal rhythms by dancing and tapping or making music using everyday items. The training also teaches you the drum kit basics and instructs 3 essential warm-ups and underlying principles of singles, doubles, and paradiddles.

The training then deconstructs intermediate and sophisticated percussion skills for various music categories. You’ll also study time management, the link between your drums and bass, and how to effectively produce a fan-drawing track with a team.

It discusses when to go solo, when to freestyle, and when to stay restrained. You will discover what it needs to be a successful composer and how critical it is for you to plan and practice where to add the patterns.

Ultimately, the course examines the significance of exercising your mind as a music producer and how it might help you score more points.

The course includes:

  • Discovering your rhythms.
  • How to work with the drums.
  • Mastering drum patterns and beats.
  • Working with drum patterns in a song.
  • Solos and fills.
  • Developing as a music producer.
  • Training and conditioning.
  • Tips for composers.
  • Studying the Timbales in action.
  • Mixing it up with percussion.

LinkedIn – Drum Mixing: Techniques

You are ready to produce the final mix only after your drums have been established and other elements have been plopped down. 

Usually, this process could take beginners months to master on their own; however, with our Drum Mixing: Techniques course, you can grasp and apply the basics easily in just 2 hours. 

Indeed, throughout this session, Ryan Hewitt, a Grammy-winning recording engineer, will cover some essential strategies for composing drum rhythms and all the steps to a captivating mixed track. 

After sharing impressive recordings from the globe's top musicians, this program proceeds into the mixing process, exhibiting strategies for achieving a robust and radio-ready melody.
This famous class on LinkedIn is a beginner’s must-have. – LinkedIn 

After sharing impressive recordings from the globe’s top musicians, this program proceeds into the mixing process, exhibiting strategies for achieving a robust and radio-ready melody.

From there, it delves into EQ, compression, timing, reverberation, additional effects, and some crucial approaches for simultaneous compression and so on. 

Ryan uses an SSL 4000 in his music studio, but his approaches are adaptable to all DAW or consoles. The finished product is a fantastic percussion mix that can stand alone in any track.

In this course, you will learn how to:

  • Carry out Ryan’s composing concept.
  • Before you start mixing, double-check the phase.
  • Pan to generate a stereo picture and develop tracks’ complexity.
  • Create unique effects for each drum.
  • Build a groove by harmonizing inputs.
  • Add simultaneous compression, distortions, and reverb.

“This is definitely among my favorite classes I’ve found online, not just on this website. While it does cover the fundamentals to enable those who aren’t at an advanced level to get started, it rapidly delves into real-world skills and tactics. The program’s insights and expertise transcend what you would ordinarily acquire from basic music lessons. I’ve been utilizing a few of the techniques taught in this class for a while now.” – Travis Crofton. 

Promixacademy – The Ultimate Drum Programming Guide With Misha Mansoor

Misha will transform you into a Drum Programming master with this training.

From fundamental factors like program selection and DAW setup, through creating grooves and sounds that benefit your music, all the way to characterization and section refinement – Promixacademy covers them all in only one course.

Misha discusses the strategies he's honed in a decade of making metal as the world’s leading producer throughout the course.
Promixacademy’s Misha will teach you everything he’s gained as an expert. – Pro Mix Academy

Misha discusses the strategies he’s honed in a decade of making metal as the world’s leading producer throughout the course.

Misha will demonstrate his rhythm programmed for 5 tracks in 5 distinct Rock categories: 2 of his solo material named ‘Bulb’ and the Periphery hit ‘Blood Eagle.’

But wait, there is more than that!

As an additional perk, Misha creates a brand new track from the sketch in real-time, filled with the bassline, guitars, and drums, all directly shown on the screen.

Indeed, there is no faster approach to obtaining professional outcomes with your drum programming than gaining knowledge alongside one of the most accomplished composers nowadays.

In this course, you’ll learn how to:

  • Mix up the rhythms to get interesting transformations for various track parts.
  • Develop intriguing fills to increase excitement and intensity.
  • Employ multiple time markings to shift the vibe of your solo riffs dramatically.
  • Plan drum sections in a supplementary position (for example, in a guitar riff) vs. coming into play in highly syncopated parts.

Berklee College – Programming and Producing Drum Beats

The course Programming and Producing Drum Beats tells you how to write and produce great drum tracks for any kind of mainstream music.

You will study all facets of drum programming, from knowing individual drums in a standard metal drum setup and their part in a track to composing to arranging a multitrack drum recording. 

The program will also show you how to use sophisticated beat-making methods and procedures accessible in modern DAW software packages.

The program delves into the most popular drum playing methods
Gain your drum diploma from Berklee College of Music. – Berklee College of Music 

The program delves into the most popular drum playing methods, MIDI drum sequence tactics utilized by professionals, and the proper application of the compressor, EQ, and simultaneous effects when processing with drums. It also looks at how to approach samples like a percussionist so that producing natural and song-suitable drum machine patterns become instinctive.

Over the program, you will be required to create a series of drum machine patterns in varying genres, employing multiple creative approaches and ending with a finished production piece submitted in the course’s final week.

You will be capable of developing and producing refined, highly qualified rhythms once you have mastered the composing skills and knowledge learned from the course.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the many elements of a mainstream music rhythm, such as drums, tambourine, marimba, and digital sampling and sequences.
  • Write natural MIDI tracks using the dynamics of performing real drums.
  • Produce drum patterns with various MIDI devices and approaches, including real-time and preset rhythms.
  • Create syncopated rhythms and fills that complement the remainder of the beat and reinforce the framework of the track.
  • Recognize the basic beats and time signatures of mainstream music genres.
  • Use cutting-edge producing strategies to create beats of various genres.
  • Arrange percussion for optimum punch and presence with time-tested EQ, saturation, and simultaneous effects procedures.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, today’s reviews have helped you find the right beginner drum beats classes to kick-start your dream. With effort and will, nothing can stop you from being a truly artistic, original, and inspiring drummer. Good luck! 

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