19 Unique And Funny Anything But A Cup Party Ideas For A Perfect ABC Party

At some point in time, you will get invited to an anything but a cup party. Not only a great way to let loose, have fun, and meet new friends, this ABC party is where you get your creative juices flowing. Just forget a drinking vessel that ends with ‘cup’. It is time to come up with unique, hilarious, and eye-catching anything but a cup party ideas.

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What Is An Anything But A Cup Party?

This college-themed party is exactly what its name suggests: no cup allowed. That said, going to this ABC party means that you need anything but cups. Let’s think first. What will you bring to this freaking fun party as your cool container? A flower pot? A dog bowl? Or a boot? Anything could be possible, and just your creativity is limited. I did see a friend bringing a super soaker and still can’t stop giggling when thinking about that. Frankly, the party is really something freaking awesome!

Anything But A Cup Party, How Did It Go Viral?

anything but a cup party may be one of the most memorable parties that we know today. But not everyone knows how this college-themed party went viral. In 2014, a photo of a friend group having fun with different weird containers got popular. (Unluckily I can’t remember what it looks like). People like their party concept so much that it became part of the ‘must-to-do’ list during summertime. Without a doubt, there will be pictures posted on social media.

Anything But A Cup Party Ideas To Make Your Night Unforgettable

This party is exactly where creativity is required. As the name suggests, the rule is simple: use other things to drink instead of regular cups. While there are many ideas on the Internet, being creative and unique is the key. With that in mind, we find some interesting inspiration. Scroll down not to miss out on any freaking cool anything but a cup party ideas

Fruits And Vegetables – The Best Choices For Green Teenagers

If you are looking for something friendly-environmental to bring to the anything but a cup party, fruits and vegetables can be good choices. You need to cut them in half and make yourself a nice makeshift bowl. Check out your refrigerator or your garden, and you will find some exciting ideas. 

  • Coconut
  • Watermelon
  • Jackfruit
  • Avocado
  • Pumpkin, etc.
Anything but a cup party ideas
Anything but a cup party ideas – Source: MyRecipes

Or, you can let natural things inspire you. Give the following ideas a shot!

  • Seashells
  • Costrel
  • Bamboo, etc.

Why Not Household Liquid Containers?

You don’t need to look further, as many household liquid containers in your house may work their magic at an ABC party. Check out the following list and choose your favorite one!

Anything but a cup party ideas
Anything but a cup party ideas – Source: Popsugar
  • Honey jar
  • Dog bowl
  • Hollowed candle
  • Bulbs
  • Tube light
  • Plastic bag
  • Frying pan
  • Baby feeding bottle
  • Blender
  • Teapot
  • Empty gas can, etc.

Party Warning and Tips

Now you may have some great anything but a cup party ideas. But before the guests arrive (in case you host the party), here are some tips and tricks to take away. 

  1. Prepare some towels and garbage bags if the makeshift bowl cannot contain the liquid and start spilling.
  2. Do not bring too many valuable things like a designer bag or jewelry. You may not want to mess with a drunk guy about a missing handbag, which may be likely to be used as a drink container.
Tips for anything but a cup party
Tips for anything but a cup party – Source: Pinterest
  1. Use a tub of jungle juice or a classic keg so that your guests will end up drinking throughout the night.
  2. Make sure you have plenty of food. You won’t want your friends to get hungry.

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Anything But Clothes Ideas

If you are exploring ‘anything but’ party options but have no idea about anything but clothes ideas, you are missing out. Although every party is different, they share something in common. Both anything but a cup party and anything but clothes party are called ABC parties, which can let your creativity shine through.

As you can imply from the party’s name, the rule is as simple as it sounds. It is time to come up with something creative and sexy without clothes! You will usually find girls in black garbage bags or such, so stay away from that idea if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Here are some fabulous anything but clothes ideas from College Life team that can help you out.

  1. Caution Tape

Are you looking for something cheap but still impressive? Give caution tapes a shot. You can make them bikinis, shorts, or dresses. Be creative and see what outfit you can surprise your friends.

Anything but clothes ideas
Anything but clothes ideas – Source: Twitter
  1. A Loofa

Girls are instantly familiar with loofas of different colors, but what if we turn it into a fantastic costume for a party? It is high time you showed off your DIY skills. It will take you some time, but trust us; your outfit will pay off. 

Anything but clothes ideas
Anything but clothes ideas – Source: Twitter
  1. Pizza Box

It’s time for bathing suits or unusual sexy swimsuits! Be outlandish! Be cool in the Pizza Box! It may be the easiest option for guys as you do not need to cover your top. Just wear the pizza box as your pants.

Anything but clothes ideas
Anything but clothes ideas – Source: Pinterest
  1. Paper Bag

Make use of your grocery bags, a string and tie them all together. Also, gift wrapping bags will be an excellent idea to fashion a nice outfit.

Anything but clothes ideas
Anything but clothes ideas – Source: Pinterest
  1. Cards

Classic anything but clothes ideas can come from some decks of cards. It would help if you also had tape to keep them together and nicely finish an outfit. Oh wow! May this idea suddenly recalls the far-out and hilarious Dumb And Dumber Suits?

Anything but clothes ideas
Anything but clothes ideas – Source: Pinterest
  1. Body Paint

Just if you are feeling adventurous, try out body paint. Sometimes you do not need anything as clothes as your body is the best outfit.

Anything but clothes ideas
Anything but clothes ideas – Source: Mysanantonio

The Last Thought

Anything but a cup of party is one of the best ingredients of your college experiences. Hopefully, you can find something that sets you up for the party’s success. But don’t forget to party responsibly and lock up your belongings somewhere. Have fun partying!

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