A Sample Of A Letter Of Resignation: 2 Ultimate Templates For A Better Exit

There are hundreds of results shown once you search for a sample of a letter of resignation. However, many of them are too general and couldn’t provide you with a clear path. Well, if that’s what you’re worried about, today’s article would clear all your concerns. 

Below, we will cover everything you need to know regarding your “I quit” letters. 

What Is A Resignation Letter? 

A resignation letter is an official notice to indicate your resignation from an organization or company. Typically, you should hand in this document after making up your mind and have a conversation with your boss. 

What Is A Resignation Letter?
A letter of resignation – Source: Red Fish Tech

However, the question is, “Is this paper necessary?” It depends on the work culture in your area. While most US companies don’t require this document, some traditional workplaces, such as Japanese-owned ones, suggest employees handing in notice templates.

Moreover, writing a resignation letter to inform your career leave is a professional action. Sometimes, this document can help with the final paycheck calculation.   

How To Write Your Notice Letter (Template Included) 

First of all, it’s necessary to know the basics of a resignation notice. A formal resignation letter typically includes: 

  1. Your decision to resign from work (brief explanation is optional).
  2. Your last day of work.
  3. A thank you for the opportunity and experience gained during your employment.
  4. Your assistance with the transition process.
  5. Signature and your full name

Then, you might want to decide by which means you deliver your notice: via emails or handwritten letters. While emails are more common and convenient nowadays, handwritten resignation letters would best show your professionalism and respect to the company. 

Below we will introduce two different resignation notice templates you can follow: One is for emails, and the other is for handwriting.

The Ultimate Template For Email Notices.

In most cases, we do not encourage quitting your job solely via emails as there could be misinterpreted information. See how to quit your job professionally here:

However, in irrevocable situations like the Covid-19 pandemic or remote working, email may be the only choice. Follow our template below to see how to write a resignation email

Start with writing a professional email subject line, and by that, we mean a concise one. Do not leave the subject empty or write a whole story in the subject line.  

The Ultimate Template For Email Notices.
Putting the whole essence into one subject line is a big NO – a sample of a letter of resignation. Source: Meme Generator

Owing to a clear subject line, your manager will immediately understand what your email is about. For instance, a great subject line could be [Your name_Resignation Letter]. 

Then, indicate to whom you send this email, inform your leave, and specify your last working day. As mentioned above, feel free to mention your reasons if you like. However, it’s best not to make it lengthy. 

Next, you should give a short thank you to express your gratitude towards the company and their given opportunity. Even when you don’t have great memories during your time there, giving a thank-you note would leave a professional last impression. This section is 100% based on your experience, so feel free to tailor it yourself. 

After that, make sure to let your boss know you’re willing to help during the notice period. End the email firmly with your hope to keep contacts and best wishes to the company. Also, make sure not to promise anything. 

The final template should be: 

Subject: Your name_Resignation

Dear Mr. (or Mrs.) [Your boss’ name],

I’m writing this email to inform you of my resignation from my position as [your current position] in [your company’s name]. My preferred last working day would be [the day you intend to leave].

It’s such a pleasure to work for your company. During my time here, I’ve learned special skills and experience regarding [you might list skilled and experience you’ve gained here] with which I surely bring along in my professional life. 

Please tell me if I could do anything to help with the transition process. I’ll be more than happy to assist the company during my remaining time here. Best wishes to the company, and I hope to remain in contact. 

Best wishes

[Your name]

The Complete Sample For Handwritten Letters.

Handwritten letters are pretty much the same as email ones, except that you don’t have to include a subject. Instead, replace it with your information, the date you’re writing, your company’s name, and their contact information on the top left corner before starting your letter. Let’s take a look at this template as an example:

[First Last Name]

[Your address]

[Your contact information like phone or emails]

[The date you’re writing this letter]

[The company’s name]   

[You company’s address]

[Your company’s phone or email address]

Dear Mr. (or Mrs.) [Your boss’ name],

This email is an official notice of my resignation from my current position as [your current position] in [your company’s name]. I’d prefer to work until [the day you intend to leave].

I’m so thankful to have a chance to work for your company. Throughout my employment, I’ve gained so much knowledge regarding [you might list skills and experience you’ve learned here], which will definitely help me throughout my career. 

I would love to offer help with the transition process. So please inform me what I could do to assist the company during my remaining time here. Wish you the best, and I hope to remain in contact. 

Best regards,

[Your signature]

[Your name]

A Sample Of A Resignation Letter: Do’s And Don’ts.

Now, to clarify even more what you should and shouldn’t include in a resignation letter, let’s take a look at this unprofessional notice below:

Dear Mr. Smith, 

My name is Mary Sue from the Sales team. I’m sorry to inform you that I would leave my current position as a Sales staff after two weeks. 

During my employment here, I felt isolated and couldn’t get along with the working environment. The working environment isn’t supportive, and I couldn’t communicate with my colleagues, which is a significant concern regarding the Sales Department. Moreover, I couldn’t see myself getting a promotion in the future. 

Therefore, I have searched for another job with a more visible promotion route and decided to resign from your company.

As my new position requires immediate takeover, I would like to inform you as soon as possible so you can rearrange your tasks better. I will try my best to finish my remaining work here. Thank you.


Mary Sue    

At a glance, you might think this letter is acceptable. However, it’s unwise.

First of all, the writer didn’t specify the day you leave. What if there are problems regarding the provisions of the last paycheck? The writer could be in a tricky situation with no written proof. Thus, a resignation letter should be all about specific notices. 

Secondly, the content is pretty bitter towards his/her boss as the writer rambles about how bad the company was in your eyes. For those who have negative impressions of their company, writing a letter like this seems to be an act of sweet revenge. 

Yet, it will deliver a negative image and cause the writer tons of trouble regarding resignation if his/her boss is petty. What if the contract demands two months’ notice, but the new job requires immediate presence? Or How would the writer react if his/her manager doesn’t give him/her a good reference letter? Primarily when the writer hasn’t found a new job, it would be a huge issue.  

Therefore, instead of pointing out all the bad things the writer experienced, he/she can either send the letter without reasons or make the explanations general. Here is a complete guide on what to do and what to avoid in a resignation letter: 

What to doWhat to avoid
Set a specific termination date (for example, on May 7th).Inform your resignation directly.Keep the letter positive even if you don’t like your company.Indicate your termination date generally (for example, about two weeks from now).Put your decision in a lengthy story. Frankly complain about your current job.

According to the guide, you could efficiently rewrite the above letter as follows: 

Dear Mr. Smith, 

My name is Mary Sue from the Sales team. I’m sorry to inform you that I would leave my current position as a Sales staff after two weeks from now. My termination date, as follows, would be May 20th. 

First and foremost, I appreciate that you gave me an excellent chance to work and learn as a member of the Sales Department. This experience has taught me a lot regarding customer service, teamwork, and communication. During my employment here, I’ve also received much support and help. However, due to personal issues, I have to resign from my work. 

I would love to offer any assistance during the transition period, and of course, I would try my best till the last day. However, I hope we could discuss further the notice’s amount if possible. Thank you.


Mary Sue

Methods To Give Reasons Tactfully.

As stated above, you don’t have to include a reason to quit your job. However, if you feel like giving one, here are several ways you can address your explanation.

You Have A Better Offer

This letter is to notice my resignation from [your company’s name] as I have received a new position whose company is a better fit for me and my career direction. Please consider this letter as my formal resignation notice. My preferred termination day will be [your final day of work].

I’m deeply thankful for all the lessons and knowledge I have gained during my employment at your company. With such incredible experience provided by your company, I’ve grown and become better day by day.

Move To A New Place 

Move To A New Place
Resignation due to relocation – a sample of a letter of resignation.Source: Andrewebarnes

I’m writing this letter to inform you of my leave from [your current position] at [your company’s name]. Next month, I’ll move back to France to take care of my parents.

Thank you for all of the incredible experiences I received during my time here. Please let me know if I could do anything for a better transition process. I wish to find another working environment as insightful, supportive, and kind as yours. 

Due To Family Issues

This letter is a resignation form informing my leave from [your current position] at [your company’s name]. My complicated family circumstances call for my time and attention at the moment and result in my resignation from this role.

I’m ready to provide any help regarding the transition period. Best wishes to your company, and I hope to remain in contact.

Due To A Change In Orientation  

Please accept this letter as my official resignation from my current position as [your current position] at [your company’s name]. I’d like to resign from [your final day of work]. Recently, I have decided to switch to another industry, and I’m looking forward to my career change.

I’m deeply grateful for your assistance and support throughout my time here. Owing to my experience in your company, I’ve learned precious lessons and knowledge. 

Please let me know if I could offer any help during this transition in the next few weeks.


We know writing a formal notice letter is challenging, especially if you don’t feel like you belong to your current position. We hope you have found the task a bit easier with our complete guide today. Try writing a sample of a letter of resignation and check it according to our templates above! Jobandedu bet you could master it in no time. Don’t overlook a wide range of catchy career-advice writings at no extra cost to you.

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